Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Razorbacks and Thoughts

So I've been working on my Imperial Fists over the holiday.  I've pretty much wrapped up the terminators but I'm not happy with the dip (I didn't shake it well enough so it is light) so I'm going to work on those again before I post pictures.

I also knocked out my Razorbacks. Here's some work in progress pictures.

Just the primer color with the silve base.

Certainly the tracks are the most time consuming part of these vehicles.  Just trying to get somewhat a complete cover of the wheels and treads is quite a challenge.

A bit further along with some base colors.  The white is based with Astronomicon Grey and is later built up with watered down layers (about 7) of white.

Finished basing, and I've added one of the Imperial Fists bits from the many drop pod kits I have.

Another poorly lit shot of the base coat.

And now with the dipping brushed on, dried, and dullcoated. 

Another shot.  You can see how poorly constructed some of these old models were, but what can you do.

Once I was done with these I saw how light the terminatros were.  Over all I'm pretty happy.  I may go back later if I ahve time and and some Mithril Silver to highlight and do those rivets.

I also managed three games today!  The first two games were with my Imperial Fists, and both were losses.  The first game was against a BA list in dawn of war and single objectives.  I think I just played it wrong from the begining (chose to go second, deploying poorly).

The second game was against bugs and was 5 objectives and corner deployment.  Again I think I deployed poorly (too far forward) and in the end could not kill enough troops and also had the swarmlord on me.  I probably should have stayed farther back and tackled those guys first, rather than being up closer and trying to kill the Hive Gaurd.

Then I switched to my BA just to give them a whirl against the same bug list.  We decided to play kill points and long objective.  I thought I would get creamed this game, and when only 2 of 5 squads came down (and no priests) I fell into my bad habit of vocally saying as much.  I should know better.  In the end my Godsquad (Sang Gaurd, Libby, Dante, Priest) just started clearing off a good clip of his army, while his Swarmlord didn't end up being as effective this game.

So what does this mean for the tourny?  Honestly I don't know.  It seems like the BA are indeed better.  They are certainly more flexible, and while some hordes may cause issues at 1500 I'm probably not bad off with them.  The paint job is just a rush job, but I'm looking at them again and wondering if I can do some highlights and details to get more out of them.  But their display base is kinda boring though it is magnetized which is cool.  I'm not sure what I can do to spruce it up a bit other than filling in 'objective' type bases for the blank spots.

The Imperial Fists certainly made a poor showing today, but it was my first real time out with them.  I think I can learn from these mistakes and get better with them over the next few weeks, but over all it is a pretty straight forward game plan.  As has been pointed out they are just an army that stands and shoots, and most people end up building lists thinking 'how do I A) kill marines and B) blow up tanks.'  I'm certainly still motivated to knock out the rest of the painting,  so I guess we'll see how they look and how a few more games go with them.

Then there's alway my beautiful but uncompetitive 1ksons.  I am just not convinced a two day tournament is going to be something I'm going to enjoy going into day 2 after probalby getting mopped up in day 1.  They may be better off waiting for the next one day tournament... but they are still an option.

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