Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tournament Lists and Pictures

So I figured I'd put up a few notes from the weekend with some pictures.  There is no way I'm going to be able to write up battle reports without pictures, but I can give some rough ideas of how it went.

First off the list that I ended up taking.

Daemon Prince, Wings, MoT, Bolt of Change
Dreadnought, Missile Launcher, Heavy Flamer, Extra Armor
3x Terminators, 3x Combi Melta, 1x PF
3x Terminators, 3x Combi Melta, 1x Chain Fist
9 Thousand Sons, Icon, Gift of Chaos, Rhino
9 Thousand Sons, Icon, Gift of Chaos, Rhino
9 Lesser Daemons
3 Obliterators

Pretty much a fluffy bunny list, but I've played it enough (minus warptime of course) and it looks good.  I was curious to see how the new powers would work out (hint: not impressive).  I figured I'd likely go down 0-5 but look great doing it!

Game 1: Jon's Space Wolves

3 WolfGaurd, 1x Combi Melta, 1x PF
5 Wolf Scouts, Mark of the Wulfen, Meltagun
8 Grey Hunters, 1x PW, 1x Melta Gun, Mark of the Wulfen, Rhino
8 Grey Hunters, 1x PW, 1x Melta Gun, Mark of the Wulfen, Rhino
6 Grey Hunters, 1x Melta Gun, Rhino
5 Grey Hunters, Razorback TL Lascannon
5 Long Fangs, 4x Missile Launchers
5 Long Fangs, 4x Missile Launchers
5 Long Fangs, 4x Missile Launchers

Not a surprising list to see, maybe adding Nyjal instead or more troops or upgrades on the WG, but otherwise an expected SW appearance at a tournament.

The game:  Well my shooting worked well early and his didn't.  Oblits were able to neuter two of the Long Fang squads early and I didn't take much retaliation fire most of the game.  He did have an awesome time with his 5 man squad in finishing off both my lesser dameons and one of my terminators in combat in seperate rounds.  Nyjal took a psy wound early.  At the end of 5 I had the game locked up as a win, but I was sloppy in how I left off (too close to him).  The game went on to 6 and I feared the W would move to a L.  But luck was on my side this turn as he failed a key run roll and Nyjal failed his second psy test and croaked.  I might have still won regardless, but the game was mine to lose if not for some critical failiures in his last turn.  This was a fun game I think for both of us and set a nice tone for me for the tournament.

Game 2- The 'Overpointed' Bugs

I'll keep this brief since this ended up being at 1800 point list.

Tervigon, Catalyst, Toxin Sacs
Tervigon, Catalyst, Toxin Sacs
20 Genestealers w/ Broodlord
20 Genestealers w/ Broodlord
Trygon Prime w/ Regeneration
Trygon Prime w/ Regeneration
Trygon Prime w/ Regeneration

So I'm looking at this going 'there is no way I'm going to get through those MCs' never mind all the genestealers as well.

The game: Even though I lost this game, and despite the ridiculous points,  I'm really most upset because this is the only game I felt like I made a critical tactical failure.  It was DoW and I went second, and I walked by oblits too close to the board edge.  I wanted to get a clear shot on his Tervigon, and I thought 'this is 16", he probably can't assault me."  Queue the music for the 18" assault the genestealers pulled.  Had I kept my distance I would have had a chance to get some flamer action going perhaps.  It might not have changed the result but I am still kicking myself.

I was locked in combat with MC and sons and with no warptime could not manage to get enough force weapons attempts, and the one I did failed.  Also I had several chances to spawn the MC but alas failed do so as well.

Despite all of that if the game had ended on 5 we were tied and it would have gone to VP (which I shockingly would have probably lost since he had 1800 pts).  But on to turn 6 it went and it was a big loss.

Game 3- Joel's Chaos Marines

Sorcerer, MoS, Lash
Sorcerer, MoS, Lash
7 PMs, 2x Melta, PF, Rhino
7 PMs, 2x Melta, PF, Rhino
7 PMs, 2x Melta, PF, Rhino
2x Oblits
2x Oblits
2x Oblits

I actually didn't grab a picture of the army, but it looks great.  It is another fellow's army that you can see on his own page:  http://www.frontlinegaming.org/portfolio-items/frankies-plague-marines/ 

The Game:  If my victory against the SWs was because of a few critical dice failure on Jon's part, this victory to me was Joel's 'death by a thousand cuts.'  The dice did not want to have anything to do with him, and I played well and rolled average.  There isn't much more that can be said.  I will say his lash was more useful than my powers, despite Bolt of Changing one obliterator and Spawning another.

Game 4-  Steven's Templar

5 Assault Termies, 2x LC, 3x TH/SS, Furious Charge, LRC w Smoke
5 Shooty Termies, 2x CML, Tank Hunters
5 Initiates
5 Initiates
5 Initiates
Typhoon Speeder
TriLas Pred, Smoke
TriLas Pred, Smoke

The Game:  This was a game I though I might be able to win if I could get to those troops, but I knew that many terminators were going to be a problem.  Things started well early with my DP and a termicide squad destroying his two predators.  But before the DP could wade into those 5 man squads a bolt pistol took the first wound the the f'n TYPHOON said 'I'm not goin down like a punk' and went to town and took the last 3 Ws in 1 round of shooting.  My other termies could not pop the LRC and that led to trouble for most of my troops.  This is another game that had the game ended on 5 it would have gone to VP (which again he would have had me easy) but on turn 6 we was able to move troops to objectives for a clear win.  Still it was a fun game!

Game 5- Julian's GK

Venerable Dread, TL Autocannon, Pysbolt
Venerable Dread, TL Autocannon, Pysbolt
Venerable Dread, TL Autocannon, Pysbolt
6 Purifiers- 2 Psycannon, 2x Halbred, 1x Hammer, Rhino w/ Searchlight
6 Purifiers- 2 Psycannon, 2x Halbred, 1x Hammer, Rhino w/ Searchlight
5 Purifiers- 2 Psycannon, 2x Halbred, Rhino w/ Searchlight
5 Strike Squad- 1 Psycannon, Rhino w/Searchlight

Not that there are any great match ups for 1ksons (slogging marines on planet bowling ball?) but this was one army I knew would pretty much be my doom.

The Game:  You know we were playing for fun when we didn't even pick the 'kill this target' until the end of turn 1.  Oops.  We rolled off to be fair, we both got dreadnoughts, but mine had already died!  Comedy gold!  The next turn Crowe took his 2nd wound (first was from DP) from my exploding rhino and died.  Comedy gold!   His Dreads ended up in CC with 1ksons who had no ability to kill them. The dreads were killing 2-3 sons a round from failed saves and failed fearless saves.   Comedy gold!  I was thoroughly whooped on this game but we did a lot of laughing.  At the end of 5 it might have been a tie (we didn't bother measuring distances to objectives) though I would have lost VP certainly and it went on to 6 for a solid loss.

So those were my games.  Overall I can say I do like playing my 1ksons for fun but they are (wait for it) horribly uncompetitive.  I mean they struggled before the warptime nerf and now even more so.  I honestly think I may go back to warptime on the aspiring sorcerers w/ meltabombs.  For one the getting punk'd by dreads was an eye opener.  Spawning was pretty much usless, and really the warptime for the chance to land those force weapon hits are more valuable, even if it is roll all the dice.  Sure they can win the occasional game but it takes bad luck really on the opponents end most of the time.

Of course that's assuming I play these guys anytime soon.  With the next tournaments on the horizon I'm definitely looking at my more competitive lists to take, and then we'll be into 6th edition.

Here are some other pictures of some cool looking armies at the event.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Still a little shocked.

So tournament was a ton of fun this weekend.  I played 5 people I've never played and 5 different dexes as well.  I only managed to go 2-3 which was actually what I was thinking would be pretty great for my 1ksons.

But there were some other great looking armies there also, so I was thinking it was going to be a toss up in the end.

Then the result were read out and I was stunned.

** New picture see my notes below.

Like... what?  I mean when I didn't get paint (or 2nd best) I was wondering if maybe I got some other booby prize for 'fluffiest army' or something ridiculous like that.

But there you have it, paint, sports, and the player choice 'Fav Army' pulled my sorry ass to the overall top.  It was called out and all I could think was 'really' and I started clapping.  Then I realized I look like an idiot clapping and tried to graciously accept my gift card.

So there you go.  These guys should probably just retire now until a new book comes down the pipe.  Dundracon is coming up and I think I'll just take the same 1850 ork list from last year.

But for the Bay Area open I'm really torn now.  I'd like to try to win games, but it also has a decent painting compoenent.  So this is now the front of my gaming mind currently.

I've grabbed a few pictures and will post some short synopsis of the games throughout the week.

** So it turns out the 5-0 bug player was 300 pt over.  Oops.  I played him round 2, didn't even think to question his list.  I know he was planning on bringing another army and it was all last minute list writing minutes before the tournament.   A bit of a bummer on the day, but obviously still fun games.  I've put the 'official' result up now rather than my cell picture.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Last Painting Bits

So I wrapped up a few projects last night.  First I finished up Anthony's Libby Dread.

He came out pretty well and there is nice magnet option if we want to change weapons or pull of the sarcophogus to make him a Furioso.  Of course that part I did not get to yet.

I also wrapped up the Spawn and cleaned up the display board.

So I'm as ready as I will be now I suppose.  Unfortunately I'm sure I'll get murdered most games, worse than ever with the loss of warptime.  Oh well, here is hoping I get a great painting score! :)

Just waiting for some games tonight for a last practice game, and also to pull my BT out to look ahead to future events I'm working to get on the calendar.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bumpy Week, Productive Weekend

So it has been a bit of a bumpy week.  A few challenges at work, plus I've been under the weather and heading to bed by 9 most nights.  This hasn't left much room for hobby stuff.

I've also given more thought to the upcoming tournament and I've decided to just play my 1ksons.  They will lose horribly more often than not but they look great and I'll hope to score well in painting/win that catagory.

I did have some time this weekend to get a few things under way.

Since settling on my 1ksons I've had a few loose end to tie up on them.  For one I picked up some Micro Sol which I've heard really helps with decals.  I've gone through the army and added decal to shoulder pads where I can.  It looks... meh ok I guess.  I'm not 100% sure decals were the right call.

In addition I decided to take those painted cogs I had for the display board and glue them together.  Now they look a bit more dynamic and I can use them as objective markers as well!

It is a bit hard to tell in this picture but i'm slowly getting the boxes done. They already had the astro grey, now I'm just hitting them with white. It is a surprisingly slow process.

Anthony also needs a little help to get wrapped up for the tournament.  So this weekend I assembled and magnetized his Libby Dread and hit it with primer.  My hope is to get him painted up Mon & Tues, apply the dip Wed, then hit him with the sealer and base him on Friday.  Certainly pushing it but... well it is what it is.

I also knocked out a real quick and easy display board.  I was thinking of looking for some bits to add but I didn't really know how his army would fit so I kept it plain as can be really.

While I was out in the garage I figured I'd just knock out a couple of terrain bits as well.  I had gotten both of these with a gift card after xmas.

First we have a pack of craters.  This is an easy job of just hitting them with some grey primer and than washing the dip over them.  I'll hit them with some clear coat in a few days.

I had also picked up this ruin set as well.  I was wondering if I could use it as terrain as well as get it to be part of the display board for the Imperial Fists.  I have some time now to figure out how I'd make that work.  I had managed to get this assembled during the week.  Today I hit it with some rough coat and then primer.  I've never used the rough coat before so that will be interesting to see the final result.  I want to spend some time painting this before applying dip, so this well be shelved for a bit now.

Last and certainly not least I decided to paint some spawn.  With Warptime being kicked in the balls I figure I might as well just have fun and see if I can Gift of Chaos some dudes on the table.  That meant needing a few Spawn to have just in case I manage to actually get that off at all.  This is not the greatest shot becaue the guys are drying to the bases.  I'll grab some better shots (maybe with the lightbox) later in the week after I hit these guys up with some clear coat.

So there you go.  I bit of hobbying done this weekend.  I've got a bit of work to try to get that dread and the display board finished.  I'm not sure if I'll manage a game on Friday, but honestly I'm not sure what good that will do either.   Besides I might want the time for any last painting preparations!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Games, Faqs, & Updates

So even thought I was traveling for work most of last week I've been plodding away at 40k.  Two Fridays ago I got some games in with my Imperial Fists.  They once again lost to Anthony's BA and I managed a tie in the game pictured above with Dave's bugs thanks to it being just single objective mission.

This last week I decided to bring out my 1ksons and played against Anthony's BA and was just smashed.  We even played the missions that are going to be used (Adepticon) but it was no matter.  I just can not get that army to perform very well.

Now there are more Faqs put up over the weekend and there is some great stuff in some of those.  Sadly for Chaos it is just really more kicking in the balls.  Hooray the dread can only fire in 45 degree arc, but warptime now has to roll ALL dice, not just picking and choosing.  Lash also has to roll to hit.  I guess they were worried that the meta was JUST CRAZY POWERFUL for this horrible chaos codex.  I can only imagine.  So now warptime is just positively horrible.  I'm not sure what to do for my dust buckets now.  Maybe try the Spawn power on the Aspiring Sorcerers but no power on the DP.  Sigh, who knows, but they are definitely off the table for the tourny at the end of the month.

On the other hand my BA got un Fuq'd if you will.  They clarified the whole 'combat squad/reserve' thing which makes DoA good/better again.  Also don't need to roll to hit with Blood Lance which makes my libby a little more potent as well.

But the army still isn't doing it for me.  The paint job isn't that great, and I guess I could spend a few days trying to clean it up but... meh.  Maybe because I know Anthony will bring out his BA I'm just wanting to bring a different army.

So that brings me back to my Imperial fists.  I spent last week finsihing up the Speeders.

And now I could pretty much call the army done, though granted I'd like to do some touchups, paint up the rivets on the vehicles, and do the display board.

The only problem is it can't win a game to save it's life.

So I got to talking about it with the boys and I think I'm light on troops and I really need them to 'do something.'  Otherwise it's near 400 pts that isn't really helping at all.  So I'm now thinking of making a little modification.

First we need to take this out of the army.

It is basically taking away one terminator and one 5 man squad and razorback.

In return I beef out my two remaining squads to 10, give them each a missile, melta, and combi melta.  The plan would be to pretty much combat those squads all the time.  I lose a razrorback, but I gain two missiles a turn, a little more scoring potential, and some melta for when armor closes in on me.

As an added bonus I had 15 spare points, so I gave the libby a storm shield.  Hopefully that will help keep him alive and make that squad that is now one termie less just as survivable.

So late yesterday I started hacking some bits together.  The one thing I don't have is combi meltas.  After rummaging through the bit box I came up with this.

Not horrible, it kinda has that wonky look that some of these oop models have since it is an OOP bolter and pistol together.  The pistol made me think of the infernus pistols on the BA so I figured 'why not?'

I hated to cut the arms of the done sergeants but now the arms are magnetized so I can swap weapons.  The paint is a little heavy on these unfortunately but when finished it should look fine.

If I hated to cut the arm off the sarg it was killing me to drill a hole in the libby's arm for a Storm Shield.  His arm is so small that the magnet unfortunately protrudes a bit.  So when he goes no shield he will have a big blue magnet on his bracer!

I had a number of Storm Shields to choose from but in the end I went with the same OOP shields I used on the termies because it was the smallest.  With the arm extended I thought it would be best if I didn't look like I had just added a ton of weight to his arm.

So there you go.  I went from 'nearly done' to 'a bit more painting.'  I'm hoping to get the 6 guys and the new gear painted this week.  That will leave me next week to do the display board and if I have the time paint the rivets.

And if not there are the BA ready and waiting (if not a bit ugly).

Monday, January 2, 2012

Quick Painting Update

So today was the last day of my time off work for the holiday and I tried to make the most of it.

I had worked on the Predators on Friday night and had those ready for dipping.

The Dreadnoughts I knocked out today and did them in the same dip session.

I also took out my terminators and Libby to get a little more dip on them since they had turned out pretty light since I didn't shake the can so well.

On the other side of the desk I have my new picture frame which will become the Display Board.  With it are the rest of the models for the 1500 pt list.

So not bad, just the two speeders left to go!  Now just about everything could use some touching up.  I'd like to add some yellow highlights on the troops and some mithril silver rivets to the vehicles.  I think that would add quite a bit to the overall appearance.

Fist things first for now I'm just going to try to work on those speeders.  If I can get those done this weekend that puts me in great shape.  Even with me traveling a bit next week I should have plenty of time to knock out the display board, and go through and get some details on the whole army.

Maybe even a few practice games between then and now too!