Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bumpy Week, Productive Weekend

So it has been a bit of a bumpy week.  A few challenges at work, plus I've been under the weather and heading to bed by 9 most nights.  This hasn't left much room for hobby stuff.

I've also given more thought to the upcoming tournament and I've decided to just play my 1ksons.  They will lose horribly more often than not but they look great and I'll hope to score well in painting/win that catagory.

I did have some time this weekend to get a few things under way.

Since settling on my 1ksons I've had a few loose end to tie up on them.  For one I picked up some Micro Sol which I've heard really helps with decals.  I've gone through the army and added decal to shoulder pads where I can.  It looks... meh ok I guess.  I'm not 100% sure decals were the right call.

In addition I decided to take those painted cogs I had for the display board and glue them together.  Now they look a bit more dynamic and I can use them as objective markers as well!

It is a bit hard to tell in this picture but i'm slowly getting the boxes done. They already had the astro grey, now I'm just hitting them with white. It is a surprisingly slow process.

Anthony also needs a little help to get wrapped up for the tournament.  So this weekend I assembled and magnetized his Libby Dread and hit it with primer.  My hope is to get him painted up Mon & Tues, apply the dip Wed, then hit him with the sealer and base him on Friday.  Certainly pushing it but... well it is what it is.

I also knocked out a real quick and easy display board.  I was thinking of looking for some bits to add but I didn't really know how his army would fit so I kept it plain as can be really.

While I was out in the garage I figured I'd just knock out a couple of terrain bits as well.  I had gotten both of these with a gift card after xmas.

First we have a pack of craters.  This is an easy job of just hitting them with some grey primer and than washing the dip over them.  I'll hit them with some clear coat in a few days.

I had also picked up this ruin set as well.  I was wondering if I could use it as terrain as well as get it to be part of the display board for the Imperial Fists.  I have some time now to figure out how I'd make that work.  I had managed to get this assembled during the week.  Today I hit it with some rough coat and then primer.  I've never used the rough coat before so that will be interesting to see the final result.  I want to spend some time painting this before applying dip, so this well be shelved for a bit now.

Last and certainly not least I decided to paint some spawn.  With Warptime being kicked in the balls I figure I might as well just have fun and see if I can Gift of Chaos some dudes on the table.  That meant needing a few Spawn to have just in case I manage to actually get that off at all.  This is not the greatest shot becaue the guys are drying to the bases.  I'll grab some better shots (maybe with the lightbox) later in the week after I hit these guys up with some clear coat.

So there you go.  I bit of hobbying done this weekend.  I've got a bit of work to try to get that dread and the display board finished.  I'm not sure if I'll manage a game on Friday, but honestly I'm not sure what good that will do either.   Besides I might want the time for any last painting preparations!

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