Monday, January 16, 2012

Games, Faqs, & Updates

So even thought I was traveling for work most of last week I've been plodding away at 40k.  Two Fridays ago I got some games in with my Imperial Fists.  They once again lost to Anthony's BA and I managed a tie in the game pictured above with Dave's bugs thanks to it being just single objective mission.

This last week I decided to bring out my 1ksons and played against Anthony's BA and was just smashed.  We even played the missions that are going to be used (Adepticon) but it was no matter.  I just can not get that army to perform very well.

Now there are more Faqs put up over the weekend and there is some great stuff in some of those.  Sadly for Chaos it is just really more kicking in the balls.  Hooray the dread can only fire in 45 degree arc, but warptime now has to roll ALL dice, not just picking and choosing.  Lash also has to roll to hit.  I guess they were worried that the meta was JUST CRAZY POWERFUL for this horrible chaos codex.  I can only imagine.  So now warptime is just positively horrible.  I'm not sure what to do for my dust buckets now.  Maybe try the Spawn power on the Aspiring Sorcerers but no power on the DP.  Sigh, who knows, but they are definitely off the table for the tourny at the end of the month.

On the other hand my BA got un Fuq'd if you will.  They clarified the whole 'combat squad/reserve' thing which makes DoA good/better again.  Also don't need to roll to hit with Blood Lance which makes my libby a little more potent as well.

But the army still isn't doing it for me.  The paint job isn't that great, and I guess I could spend a few days trying to clean it up but... meh.  Maybe because I know Anthony will bring out his BA I'm just wanting to bring a different army.

So that brings me back to my Imperial fists.  I spent last week finsihing up the Speeders.

And now I could pretty much call the army done, though granted I'd like to do some touchups, paint up the rivets on the vehicles, and do the display board.

The only problem is it can't win a game to save it's life.

So I got to talking about it with the boys and I think I'm light on troops and I really need them to 'do something.'  Otherwise it's near 400 pts that isn't really helping at all.  So I'm now thinking of making a little modification.

First we need to take this out of the army.

It is basically taking away one terminator and one 5 man squad and razorback.

In return I beef out my two remaining squads to 10, give them each a missile, melta, and combi melta.  The plan would be to pretty much combat those squads all the time.  I lose a razrorback, but I gain two missiles a turn, a little more scoring potential, and some melta for when armor closes in on me.

As an added bonus I had 15 spare points, so I gave the libby a storm shield.  Hopefully that will help keep him alive and make that squad that is now one termie less just as survivable.

So late yesterday I started hacking some bits together.  The one thing I don't have is combi meltas.  After rummaging through the bit box I came up with this.

Not horrible, it kinda has that wonky look that some of these oop models have since it is an OOP bolter and pistol together.  The pistol made me think of the infernus pistols on the BA so I figured 'why not?'

I hated to cut the arms of the done sergeants but now the arms are magnetized so I can swap weapons.  The paint is a little heavy on these unfortunately but when finished it should look fine.

If I hated to cut the arm off the sarg it was killing me to drill a hole in the libby's arm for a Storm Shield.  His arm is so small that the magnet unfortunately protrudes a bit.  So when he goes no shield he will have a big blue magnet on his bracer!

I had a number of Storm Shields to choose from but in the end I went with the same OOP shields I used on the termies because it was the smallest.  With the arm extended I thought it would be best if I didn't look like I had just added a ton of weight to his arm.

So there you go.  I went from 'nearly done' to 'a bit more painting.'  I'm hoping to get the 6 guys and the new gear painted this week.  That will leave me next week to do the display board and if I have the time paint the rivets.

And if not there are the BA ready and waiting (if not a bit ugly).

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