Monday, January 2, 2012

Quick Painting Update

So today was the last day of my time off work for the holiday and I tried to make the most of it.

I had worked on the Predators on Friday night and had those ready for dipping.

The Dreadnoughts I knocked out today and did them in the same dip session.

I also took out my terminators and Libby to get a little more dip on them since they had turned out pretty light since I didn't shake the can so well.

On the other side of the desk I have my new picture frame which will become the Display Board.  With it are the rest of the models for the 1500 pt list.

So not bad, just the two speeders left to go!  Now just about everything could use some touching up.  I'd like to add some yellow highlights on the troops and some mithril silver rivets to the vehicles.  I think that would add quite a bit to the overall appearance.

Fist things first for now I'm just going to try to work on those speeders.  If I can get those done this weekend that puts me in great shape.  Even with me traveling a bit next week I should have plenty of time to knock out the display board, and go through and get some details on the whole army.

Maybe even a few practice games between then and now too!

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