Sunday, January 29, 2012

Still a little shocked.

So tournament was a ton of fun this weekend.  I played 5 people I've never played and 5 different dexes as well.  I only managed to go 2-3 which was actually what I was thinking would be pretty great for my 1ksons.

But there were some other great looking armies there also, so I was thinking it was going to be a toss up in the end.

Then the result were read out and I was stunned.

** New picture see my notes below.

Like... what?  I mean when I didn't get paint (or 2nd best) I was wondering if maybe I got some other booby prize for 'fluffiest army' or something ridiculous like that.

But there you have it, paint, sports, and the player choice 'Fav Army' pulled my sorry ass to the overall top.  It was called out and all I could think was 'really' and I started clapping.  Then I realized I look like an idiot clapping and tried to graciously accept my gift card.

So there you go.  These guys should probably just retire now until a new book comes down the pipe.  Dundracon is coming up and I think I'll just take the same 1850 ork list from last year.

But for the Bay Area open I'm really torn now.  I'd like to try to win games, but it also has a decent painting compoenent.  So this is now the front of my gaming mind currently.

I've grabbed a few pictures and will post some short synopsis of the games throughout the week.

** So it turns out the 5-0 bug player was 300 pt over.  Oops.  I played him round 2, didn't even think to question his list.  I know he was planning on bringing another army and it was all last minute list writing minutes before the tournament.   A bit of a bummer on the day, but obviously still fun games.  I've put the 'official' result up now rather than my cell picture.

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