Thursday, February 23, 2012

1750 Orks for Bay Area Open, Just a few options...

So there we have my 1750 ork list as I had laid out a few weeks ago.  I've basically cut the killa kans, which after Dundracons showing of them doing near nothing I'm pretty comfortable with doing.

Mek w/ KFF
9 Lootas
9 Lootas
3 Manz, 2 Combis in BW, Deffrolla, BS, Armor
18 Ard Boyz, Nob BP/PK
29 Sluggas w/ 3 Rokkits, Nob BP/PK
19 Shootas w/ 2 BS, Nob BP/PK
Buggie TL Rokkits
Buggie TL Rokkits
Kopta, TL Rokkits, Buzzsaw
BW, Deffrolla, BS, Armor

However there are still 100 pts I'm questioning if I really want them spent as such.

The whole reason I painted the Deffkopta was for this event, and I could return my 3 rokkits to my large boyz squad that I had cut from last weeks 1850.   The rokkits can be usefull, though I don't think they've ever been game changing.

However the Deffkopta I'm less sure about after the 3 games I've used it.  To review how those games went:
Game 1: I had turn 1, scouted forward, turn 1 stollen, survived small arms fire, shot/charged looted wagon, failed to do anything, died.
Game 2:  Dawn of War so outflanked, came in turn 4 (a little late for my taste), popped rhino, died.
Game 3:  I had turn 2 so outflanked, came in turn 3 on the 'wrong' side, spent all game moving across table to the action.

Plus I watched the game against orks where he outflanked a squad of two that didn't come in until turn 5.  Yes they routed my lootas when they charged, but by then the game was over.

I keep thinking the solo Deffcopta has some great potential, but I also get the 'cookies are a sometimes food' from Sesame Street feeling (things like this happens when you have a preschool child).  The kopta can sometimes do something cool, but most of the time it wont.   You probably only go first 50% of the time, and in dawn of war there will be no turn 1 charges.  Outflanking can be late and on the wrong side.  And of course there are some armies (like bugs) that getting a turn 1 assault will be meaningless.

So as cool as the kopta looks and it's possible potential I think it has to go.

So assuming I were to cut that and the rokkits off the boyz what else could I do?

I could add 2 Manz and Grotriggers to the wagons.  I keep going back to that loss to GK and think how much these guys would have helped.   Most of my games are won or lost on Ghaz and Co.  So beefing that squad a bit could add some extra crunch (and troops) to the unit. 

Or it could be overkill.  I've also had games where the squad wipes one marine squad and is now horribly out of position.  Having 500 pts that is slow once the BW is gone is not great, but maybe if I'm sitting on an objective they will keep people wary of charging.  Usually the manz die regardless so I'm not sure more of them will help.

I'd need to buy one more manz and paint him and (time allowing) the two grot riggers.

Another option would be changing out one of those manz for another rokkit buggie.   This would give just a touch more pop to the Ghaz squad without going for broke.   As the buggie is less pts I could splurge on red paint for the wagons.

With 3 buggies I begin to think if a squadron would be better, or treat them like MSU.  It isn't any more killpoints than my original list with the Kopta after all.

The out of game upside is I won this all, I just need to paint it.

Well if I'm considering more buggies how about two, and leave the rokkits in the squad?  This does cut a kill point since I'm running the buggies 2x2, and leaves some Str 8 shots in the army which do feel lacking compared to my normal 1850.

Just need to paint up the two buggies.

I've also considered adding another 10 Shoota boyz to max out that squad to 30, and add a 3rd buggie.  That makes the foot print bigger and maybe opens some options for them...

But the problem is since I use them as a rear objective holder if I'm REALLY in trouble back there 10 more guys usually isn't going to help.  By that point the game is usually a loss.  It feels like I should spend the points on either more 'in your face' stuff or things that will pop vehicles at range.

Plus look at all those boyz!  Do I really want to paint that in a week?  Answer: no!

Well if I"m going to talk about really killing more vehicles Lootas are probably still the best bet.  I could add in 6 guys and have spare points for the riggers.  I could either bump the squads of 9 to 12, or just run a small 6 man unit.

I do love Lootas, and they do put a lot of preasure on the opponents.  The downsides are this squad is pretty easy to route, DoW always hurts these units, and it is more Str 7 when I could probably use some Str 8 shots (as bad as they might be I suppose).

There are other options I could do as well, but they usually involve shaving a few boyz off my large mob.  Like adding two buggies and one Manz and cutting two Slugga boyz.  2 should not make a big difference... but you never know when it could!

So I'm definitely torn at the moment.  I'm not sure if I'm just over analyzing things, and that really the pros/cons of each of these selection are going to be just as random as who I play.

I've got think about this and make a decision as there isn't going to be a ton of paint time between now and next Sat!

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