Monday, February 6, 2012

Display Board Repairs and some Airbrushing

 So not a lot of action this weekend, but I did want to knock out a few things that either fall into the 'messy' or 'prep time' categorizes.  Basically anything I'd reather do in the garage rather than my desk.

I wanted to get my ork display board patched up a bit.  The first thing that is wrong is the sides get all knocked up and the blue foam becomes exposed.

So to try to fix this I got some plaster cloth.  This is used all the time for model railroads so I figured I'd give this a go.

It certainly was messy, but it was pretty easy to apply.

The upside is now the sides and lower corners are really solid.  I don't feel like I'm going to run into this 'denting' problem any more.

There are a few things that are not as good as I hoped.  You can still clearly see the layers of the foam board.  I probably could have done something like applied some caulking to fill that in a bit first.

The other is that in some places the actual cloth shows through a bit.  Not much and I was hoping the paint would cover that up a little.

And the paint helped most of it, but there are some places it shows.  Meh I say.  I could have spent more time on this but like all things there is just more to get to so it is going to have to do.

I then spent time repairing the rest of the board.  Plaster dripped a few places and I needed to reapply flock in other spots as well.

The other garage project was busting out the airbrush.  I wanted to hit the ork walls and the bits for the objectives with Boltgun metal.

Pre Boltgun!

So the plan this week is to try to get the walls done and the objective complete.  I'm hoping because these are small bits I'll make a good clip of progress each nite without having to dedicate hours of time.  If I can wrap that up this week(end) then I'll just need to do up the Deffcopta and I'll be ready for Dundracon!

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