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Dundracon 2012 Games

I took a number of pictures but most are pretty useless, and game 2 was tough so really not many there.  I figure I'll give a quick mini update on these games.

The only thing that all 3 games had in common that was different than normal was that turn 7 only happened on a roll of 6.

Game 1 vs Scott's Orks

Mega Armored Warboss, Cybork, Boss Pole, Attack Squig
8 Nobz Various upgrades, BW with more upgrades than I take!
24 Ard boyz, 2 Big Shootas, Nob BP/PK
24 Shoota Boyz, 2x Big Shootas, Nob BP/PK
11 Boyz, Nob BP/PK, Trukk Ram, Riggers
11 Boyz, Nob BP/PK, Trukk Ram, Riggers
12 Gretchin, 1 Runtherd
3x Warbuggies, 1 TL Rokkit, 1 Wartrakk
3x Koptas, 2 x TL Rokkits
Looted Wagon- Boom Gun, Big Shoota, ard case, Ram

Mission- 3 Objectives in a line down the cetner, the one 'close' to you is worth 1, the middle is worth 2, and the farthest away is worth 3 points.

Deployment- Pitched Battle

I won deployment and set up as in a spread along my deployment line preparing to rush objectives.  Scott then tucked into one corner figuring to go for the flank.  I scouted up my kopta, then he turned around and seized the initiative.

This is after his turn 1.  He didnt manage but a wound on the kopta.  I would later go to try and pop his looted wagon but was not able to and then shot down by the shootas.

This is after his turn 2.  He's got some good blocking going on with the buggies to protect his boys.  His warboss and the nobz have just torn through my kans which were screening the lootas.

On my turn I called the waagh and with this was able to bring all the assaults I needed down on the opposition.

Ghaz and manz vs warboss and nobz (and BW).  I think this combat took two turns but in the end I only lost one Manz becasue I was able to keep most of the fists he had on Ghaz during my Waagh.

I also pulled a double assault here with my ard boyz and my sluggas vs one trukk squad and his ard boyz (who I had shot up a few of already with Lootas).  I think this combat also lasted two turns and ended in my favor.

This is a couple of turns later.  At this point the game is pretty much mine.  I think we played through 5 and I killed off his trukk boyz and my few ard boyz assaulted his shootas and that didn't work out well.

His deffkoptas finally came out on 5 and killed off my second squad of lootas.  We didn't bother rolling for more turns because he esentially had shoota boyz that were winning against my ard boyz  I think and the koptas free to move.  At best he would be hoping to assault pull me off an objective, but his shootas were out of position to get around to doing much against my two mobs once they freed up.

Scott and I had a great time this game laughing and playing like orks.  It was interesting that we both had a 'fast and slow' take on orks and many choices were just a bit different.  In the end Ghaz's 6" waagh was the real deal breaker in this game as it let me get over a ton of terrain that would normally have kept me out of assault range.

So this win puts me (by random draw) up on table 1 for game 2.

Game 2 vs Jeff's Grey Knights

Libby w/ Warding Staff, 3 Servo Skulls
10 Purifiers w/ Psybolt Ammo, all halbreds
Vene Dread w/ MM and HF
10 Strikes w/ 2 Psycannons, Psy Ammo, DemonHammer
10 Strikes w/ 2 Psycannons, Psy Ammo, DemonHammer
5 Terminators, 2 halbreds, 1 Hammer, 1 Psycannon
5 Purgators, 4 Psycannons in Rhino

Mission- Moidified Killpoints, +1 Kp for Independent Characters, +1 for HQs, +1 for Monstorous Creatures, +1 for Tanks

Deployment- Dawn of War

Interestingly I was talking to the TO about the mission earlier and he had 'borrowed' this from Adepticaon I believe and he made the comment 'You know so GK don't auto win KP missions.'  Then I pull Jeff's list and it is probably the one GK list that isn't as badly tweaked by this modification.

Anyway I got to go first and lined up a sting of guys to push him back into the 6" zone.  Then I spend the first two turns pulling those guys back and sending the BWs forward.   The deffkopta that outflanked came in on turn 4 which was later than I wanted but it managed to kill a rhino before being shot down.  My lootas were able to down the Storm rave I think on turn 2 which was helpful in pinning him back.

Again I was able to pull off the early assaults with Ghaz and the Ardboyz from the wagons.

About this time were probably on to turn 4 or so.  Ghaz the Manz and the Ardboyz have basically killed his two Strike squads and the termies, but soon only Ghaz will be left standing in the open.    His Purgators are routing nearby.

Basically by about turn 5 he's got his libby, purifiers, and ven clumped behind the LOS terrain in the middle.  This is where my brain checks out and I do two incredibly stupid things.

1) The lootas finally mange to do something other than shake his dread and pop a weapon, and I choose the DCCW and heavy flamer.  
2) I get greedy and think I want to go for his Libby & Purifiers because the libby is 3 pts!

Well of course any reasonably sane person can guess what happens next.  The boyz get creamed by cleansing flame and don't do enough in retaliation.  The dreadnought is now free (I didn't even reach him in assault) and a MM shot takes of Ghaz's last wound.  Not only does that give him 3 Kps for Ghaz (1 normal + 1 for IC + 1 for HQ) and the 1 for the squad of boyz that charged, but now his routing Purgators recover  without Ghaz to escort them off denying me this killpoint.  So this error was alone a 5 point swing against me.  Granted it may have ended up in that realm anyway with another turn (it went to 6) but I'm still kicking myself days later.

In the end of turn 6 he had 7 models left on the table.  His Dread, libby, 4 Purifiers, and 2 Purgators.  I had killed his Strikes (2 kp), Termies (1 kp), StormRaven (1 kp), and Rhino (2 kp) for 6 total.  His dread took 43 shots from the lootas on the last turn and lived.

He had killed Ghaz (3 kp), Manz (1 kp), Boyz (1kp), Ard Boyz (1 kp), Deffcopta (1 kp), and a Battlewagon (2 kp).  So 9.  6-9 doesn't sound as close as it was, but my boneheaded moves cost me this game and I deserved the loss.  All I can do now is lick my wounds and think about how to avoid rookie moves like this in two weeks.

Still it was a fun game and even though we were both playing hard to get this game as a win Jeff was a great guy to play.

Game 3 vs Ken's Deathwing

Unfortunately I don't seem to have taken Ken's list, so this is really from memory so some upgrades might be wrong.

Command Squad, Apoth, 4 Storm Shields and Hammers, 1 dual Claw, 1 Cyclone
5 Termies, 4 TH/SS, 1 Dual Claw, 1 Cyclone
5 Termies, 4 TH/SS, 1 Dual Claw, 1 Cyclone
5 Termies, 4 TH/SS, 1 Dual Claw, 1 Cyclone
10 Marines, Flamer, Missile, PW, Rhino
10 Marines, Flamer, Missile, PW, Rhino
Typhoon Speeder
Typhoon Speeder
Auto/HB Pred

Mission:  There were 3 conditions to try to win this game.   1) Earn 1/2 your oppoents KPs 2) having and HQ within 6" of the center by game end and 3) having any unit wholly in your opponets deployment zone.

Deployment: Spearhead

Ken got the first turn and lined up.  I tried to protect my vehicles with some LOS and of course the KFF.  The kopta would attempt to outflank.

Here is after my turn one movement with some scooting on my part.  My plan was to hold back and shoot as much as possible and call the assault on my terms.

We'd get to that about turn 3.

Quite the scrum.  I didn't realize his command squad had an apothecary, which really hurt my ard boyz assault.  So lesson learned there!

And this is by the end of turn 5.  My kans never made combat, and my kopta that came late to the game is basically esscorting his tacticals off the board.  All he has left is a few tacticals and 5 termies, but I'm also pretty depleted on boyz as well.

The game ends at the end of 5.  We've both got the first objective of killing over 1/2 the kps of the army.  However I also have my KFF Mek just hanging in a BW in the center, and my Kopta and buggies in his deployment zone.  So I take this win 3-1.

Ken was a great guy to play and we knew this games was just for fun anyway since we were 1-1.  I knew that soft scores weren't going to be a big factor for results so I was happy to have a list like this to practice against.

So that's how the games went.  I'm now thinking about 1750 for BAO and have a few thoughts running that I'll post up later about how a few units performed and options I'm looking to explore.

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