Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dundracon Complete

So wrapped up Dundracon today and had a great time.  Three different armies and three great opponents I've never played before so that was cool.

I ended up taking the ork list I planned  and got ready this last two weeks.

Mek w/ KFF
9 Lootas
9 Lootas
3 Manz, CombiScorch, Combi Rokkit, BW w Deffrolla, Amor, BS, Grot Riggers
19 Shoota Boyz w/ 2 BS, Nob PK/Bosspole
18 Ard Boyz, Nob PK/Bosspole
29 Boyz, Nob PK/Bosspole
Buggie TL Rokkits
Buggie TL Rokkits
Kopta, TL Rokkits, PK
3 x Kans BSs
BW w Deffrolla, Armor BS, Grot Riggers

I'll put up some post going into the games later in the week, but here is the synopsis.

vs Orks- Win
vs GK- Loss
vs Deathwing- Win

Interestingly for this tournament there was very little in softscores this time.  There was basically a vote for best army, and you rated your opponents 3, 2, 1 for some extra points on sportsman.

So two folks went 3-0, a person went 2-0-1, and a bunch of folks like myself went 2-1.  I still managed a few ok softscores to tie for 3rd overall.  I can't be unhappy with that at all!

As an added bonus I tied for the 'Awesomness' which was sportsman, which was decided by the battle points.  So I actually walked away with a little award!

But really most importantly the games were great fun and good practice I think for the Bay Area open.  I remembered most of the tricks of the trade, but there were a few good reminders of how things work, in particular getting that GK game was surely something that I'll see again in two weeks.

Fun times, and thanks to the organizers and my opponents for a great time!

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