Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ork Walls Complete

Well almost complete.  I need to hit them with Dullcoate but I'll do that toward the end of the week when I've wrapped up these last projects before the event.

I wanted to find a way to be able to use the walls as terrain later.  So I decided I'd just use magnets to 'affix' them to the display board.  This turned out harder than I thought.  For one when I drilled down into the foam and applied the magnet with super glue the glue ate through the whole foam board.  Glad I only did one to test magnet!

So in the end I ended up filling the indents with greenstuff and a magnet.  This seems to be holding well.

The second problem was these Walls really don't like to be drilled into at all!  I'm not sure why these bits are so tough, are they super resin?  After drilling and getting only one magnet mostly indented I gave up on it.  So now they sit fine on the display board, but not on a regular table.  So if I ever DO indeed want to use them as terrain I'll have to pop the magnets off and subsequently probably get the power drill to see if I can bore holes in these.

But that's for another day!

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