Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Preparations for Bay Area Open

So no posts lately because I've been spending my time trying to wrap up things needed for the Bay Area Open.

I completed the additional Manz.

I also wrapped up a 3rd warbuggie.

At this point I think I'm going to skip on the grotz for the BWs as they are minor enough and I've got more to do.

What more you ask?  Well this last weekend I was introduced to someone looking to play in the double's event.  I figured hey why not, I can take the day off and get it in and hopefully have fun.

My team mate seems really nice, and he is pretty new (about 15 games) into 40k with a CSM army.   He is pretty much wrapping up some painting to get it to 1000 points.   With limited models I wasn't sure what we could do to make it 'super wonderful' so in the end I decided to take CSM as well and we are going about a Chaos Undecided Army.

After playing with several variants for me I've decided I needed to make one purchase:

My first purchase of finecast.  Overall the model looks good, a few bubbles but nothing bad.  I don't really know if I would say the lines are crisper than metal.  I already broke one of the spikes while painting, so it does need to be handled a bit more delicately.  Luckily it glued back very easily.

I am also borrowing:

I am working on getting Abaddon painted now.

I'm hoping to have the time to touch up the Noise Marines to get the paint a little closer to the level of my 1ksons.  The key word there is closer!  There is a lot of work to be done on them, and I'm not sure there is going to be enough time Thurs late night/Fri Am.  Abaddon is the bigger priority.

If I don't wrap that all up I do have fall back 1000 points lists that consist of more of my Tzeentch flavor army.  It is just less cool since we wont have all the marked troop choices, and I'll end up running squads of 8 1ksons vs 9.  The fluffer bunny in me cries a little.

As if that isn't enough I'm also trying to wrap up this quick addition to my display board.  This should hopefully pull the two armies together in a 'Chaos-y' fashion.

Seeing as we are playing and have never met (let alone played a game together), are using a old (arguably bad) book, and are playing some silly units (ie not all lash princes, plague marines, and oblits) I'm just going to have fun with the games and roll some dice.  Winning a few games would be nice, but really mostly to gloat more than anything else.  Not unlike anytime I win with my Thousand Sons!

Then Sat and Sun I will be there with my orks.  The level of competition at this event is going to be ridiculously stiff and I know there are some other great ork Warbosses going.  I hope I can eek out a 4-3, but I doubt I'll have the best run of the orks.   It almost makes me want to bounce to something else to try to nab a prize, but the Templar pods are pretty doomed I think and there are likely to be a dozen other Blood Angel players as well.  As tempting as taking the 1ksons would be since they look great I don't think I want a 2-5 weekend either.  Everything else I have is out mostly do to lack of completion.  So orks it will be for sure!

It should be a good time and I'm really looking forward to the weekend!

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  1. Should be a fun event. I vote 1k sons. But that's only because I want to see them in person.