Thursday, February 2, 2012

Upcoming Events and To Do List

So currently there are a few local tournaments that are on my radar.

Dundracon is a one day 1850 event in about two weeks.

The Bay Area Open is a two day event, 1750, in exactly one month.

Dundracon I went to last time for the first time with my orks, went 2-1 but soft scored my way to best overall.

Bay Area Open I've never made, so that might be the biggest tournament I've yet to go and play.

So this is about the time that I begin to fret over what army I'm going to take to these.

Except this time around it feels like I'm just going to take orks and have fun.  They look ok and usually get a pretty nice paint score but are by no means perfect.   I haven't run them since our 'weekend bash' a few months ago but I'll get a few practice games in here before heading to Dundracon.  Seeing it is about the same thing I've been running for about 4 years I know how it basically works.

Plus if they get completely crushed at Dundracon I can always fall back to another list for BAO.  Hell maybe I'll be crazy enough to bring out the 1ksons again.  (Not likely.)

 So I've got a few projects to work on in the next two weeks.

-Ork Display Board-

So I have this massive 2'x2' foam board and it has been functional.  It is just so big, and the foam on the sides looks bad and it is getting beat up a lot in transport.

So I thought 'hey I'll get a slightly smaller board to do up, and then I can add one hill, and some other cool bits!'

So I bought a slightly smaller board and put the orks on them.

Then I said 'wow that is not a lot of room.'  So back to the old board.

Hey look everything fits.  I picked up the ork walls with some of my gift card so I need to get those painted.  Plus I need to do a bit of repair work on the board itself to not look like it has been beat to hell and back.

-Objective Markers-

While I was tooling around the LGS thinking about what to spend my gift card on I thought I would get some bits to make some ork objective markers. 

I settled on some pretty cheap boxes and barrels, then rumaged through my bitz box for some extra weapons and orky goodness.

I made sure I had enough of what I wanted, now these are primered out in the garage with those ork walls.  I kept them unglued as I think it will be easier to paint the bits and then glue them together.

-List Changes-

There is only one change I'm really considering to the 1850 list.  I've been wanting to try out a suicide Kopta (rokkits & Klaw) for a long while now.  I can fit this into the list if I cut the 3 rokkits out of my 30 Boy mob, and take the KMB off the Kans for just Big Shootas.

I don't really like getting rid of any anti tank from units but quite honestly those two upgrades do very little most games.   Most of the time they are out of range or running.  It is only the very occasional 'hey I'm standing here and I can shoot' that comes up, and even then that usually means one hit, breaking armor occasionally, cover saves shutting that down half the time, and then managing a 'pop' very very rarely.

So I guess when you say it like that I'm not losing much!

So this means I need to paint the Kopta I've had built for quite awhile, and just paint up some Big Shootas for the Kans (which I had also modeled and magnetized awhile ago).

So this week and weekend I'm going to try to get the objectives and the board patched up.  Then I can work on getting walls done next week.  The following week I'll finish up to Kopta and BS.

If I fall behind and can't get the last bits done than it is just easy to take the same ork list I had last year.

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