Wednesday, March 7, 2012

BoA Done, Some Painted Chaos

So I'm just about recovered from the Bay Area Open this weekend.  It was long, it was fun, and I was beaten badly more than I'd like!

Today I'll just cover the team tournament and the painting that led up to it.

So we realized we were going to go up a creek due to Rich's models available, so team Chaos Undecided was hatched.   The only thing we were missing was noise marines so I asked to borrow my buddies Dave's and touch them up a bit.

These I think were Dave's first 40k Minis that he painted.  I didn't want to totally redo the color scheme.  I just wanted to add some depth and clean them up a bit.

Basically I just cleaned up areas that were not crisp, added details that had not been painted, and added some washes and highlights.  It took about an hour per guy.

So I wrapped up 7 of them for the event which is what I needed.  I really could have taken a few less and would have preferred a rhino, but I wasn't going to be getting that done in time (nor use a Thousand Sons rhino for Noise Marines, the heresy!).

I also finished up beatstick Abaddon.

My kingdom for some white balance, sorry about that.

The Army:

vs IG & BA- Loss- We gave it a good try, but with 3 vendettas and 2 storm ravens we could not down them all and they were able to contest key objectives by the end.

vs Draigowing & Mech BA- Loss- We were just pounded this game.  We could not get through the Paladins and the BA Razorbacks just picked us apart.

vs Spacewolves & GK- Loss- Another game we just couldn't get things going.

Overall the list did horrible (gasp), the Landraider was almost always killed before it moved, Abaddon only did ok on game 1 though he did roll a 1 to kill himself.  Overall not to surprising, though I was hopeful to maybe sneak A win in there.

All of our opponents were really nice and I chatted with several of them over the next few days.  There were no hard feeling on our end about getting pounded, though I did feel bad in some ways that our army didn't even put up much of a fight most games.

But the army itself looked great.  Rich had conversions going on that were sweet and is a good painter, and the half I brought didn't look bad either.  I had done up a piece a fluff, got us some team shirts, and done up the display board to match both our bases.

This earned us the 'Best Painted/Fluff' for the event which was a $100 Store Credit for us to split.

My team mate, Rich, has a little more details and pictures on his site:

I'm wrapping up the last 3 noise marines to return to Dave now, dreaming up what to spend my $50 on next, and debating on if I just ebay Abaddon since he blows so badly.  Maybe I'll just wait until the new dex though even then I doubt I'll ever use him.  Plus there may be a new and better model by then.

Tomorrow I'll talk about the main 40k Champ event.

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