Saturday, March 17, 2012

Some Painting, Some Modeling, Some Repair

So now I've got some time to just play with what ever I'd like.  There isn't a lot on the upcoming schedule in so far as tournaments and if I do find myself a free Sat to go game I've got several 'done' 1850 armies to chose from now; Ork, 1ksons, DoA BA.  My Imperial Fists need some work to get past 1500, my Templar could be used but I've got some work to change them up a bit, my Tau are... retired for now, and the Bike army hasn't even been started!

Of course there's still my Trollbloods too!  What I don't have is a 'done' 25 point list yet.  I'd really like to get a 35 pt Borka list done.

Max Fenns
Fell Caller

So first I needed to finish Borka!

And of course the keg carrier too!

So in order to finish up that list I'd need to paint the Pyre Troll, 4 more Fenns, the UA, the Fell Caller, and the Chonicolor.  Not too bad really, the Fenns and the UA will be the borring part.

Alternatively I could swap out the Pyre for my Impaler since it is 'done' if I needed to make a tournament, so that might be done last.  I'm certainly going to do the solos next.

But that doesn't mean I've abandoned 40k projects either!  At the BaO I really liked the idea of the Marshal on a bike.  He does get expensive, but with all the options he can take he can really be that cruise missile I think a hybrid Templar army can use. 

Of course I haven't played him so I left some magnetized arms to try different weapons, and I'll need some games to figure out what upgrades are really needed.  But for now this is what I think I'll try: Marshal, Bike, Hammer, Shield, Adamantine Mantle, Artificer Amor.  That gives him T5, 2+, 3++ and Eternal Warrior.  I think that should help him get there.  I think the hammer is the best weapon option, but again I could change that up if I find it is not. 

He does clock in at 210 pts with that build, but I'd say it's better than most special characters!

I used an old Ork truckk wheel in the back, and chopped and exteded the front wheel out a bit. I tried to do a little greenstuff action for the storm shield mounted on the bike.  I thought it looked pretty smooth when I had it all put together.

But now that I've primered him I can see all the imperfections.

Still I think the model looks interesting and hopefull with paint on him and a slightly more angled position on the base he'll look nice.

Lastly just a bit of repair work on my BA Vangaurd Vets.  I played a game awhile ago and the magnet arms were just falling off constantly.  I used little micro magnets and clearly they are just not enough for arms.  So I'm currently digging those all out (which is a pain on the metal bodies) and replacing them with the bigger magnets that hold the arms much better.

At some point I'd actually like to go over this whole army and do touch ups and details to bring the paint up to a higher level, but it is certainly table top playable right now.

Tonight I'm headed out for some warmahordes so it will be nice to get a refresher on that game since I don't think I've played at all this year!

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