Monday, April 30, 2012

Some 25pt Tooth & Claw Games

So it was nice to sit down with Pat and get a couple of 25 pt Tooth & Claw games.  I used Grim for the first time with the guys you see above: Bomber, EBDT, Impaler, Axer.  Obviously I'll need to get the Axer done if I go with this list.  I was originally going to go with the Slag but the thought is the Axer animus really turns the EBDT into a cruise missile.

Pat brought his everblight and tried out different variants in the two games (different caster and swapping out the named beast).

This is somewhat the turning point in our first game.  I managed to kill off one of his heavies but he had the respawn thingie so that he came back a few inches away with a few hitpoints.   Then his heavy beast charged my very depleted EBDT that had Grim's Return Fire.  He managed to not kill the EBDT on the first swing so I got a free swing.  I had plenty of fury but we were not too sure you could boost it, plus my other trolls were loaded up with some fury.  For the sake of time I decided not to boost it, as I only needed a 5 I ended up whiffing.   This made the EBDT go down in flames and things went down hill from there.

I turn later I had lost all of my beast which was a loss in T&C.

Not that I would have won, but that certainly was a learning moment for me.  Pat was willing to let me do the boost but I didn't take the option (plus wasn't so sure).  That roll was so crucial to the game I should have taken the boost and taken my chances being over extended.

The next game I held back quite a bit more and tried to use my range and the debuffs to slow his attackers down.  This worked a bit better for me.  I did over extend at one point and my Axer charged off to attack him but by that point the game was in hand pretty well and this time I had killed off all of his beasts.

So it was interesting.  Definitely I felt like the beasts were 'weaker' but I'm no sure how much that was because they didn't have screens of infantry to stave off attacks or if I'm just spoiled by things like the KSB or Rockwall like I have in my other lists.

I'm also not sure the Axer was really needed.  Sure the extra distance sounds nice but the second game I was really sitting back in wait more than anything.  Having the slag for his damage animus or just to get more ranged action might actually work.

I'd love to get a few more games before Kubla but I'm just not sure if I'll get that on the calendar amongst other things cooking.  I'll be lucky enough to manage to get the Axer painted.

Then there is always 40k as well...

Friday, April 27, 2012

Trollbloods Reserves

So it has been a couple of crazy weeks of work and travel.  So no blog updates and very little hobby stuff.

Before I left I did receive I did knock out a bit of modeling with some Trollbloods to bolster up my forces.

Basically what you are looking at there that is new is a Mauler, Axer, Champs, Skaldi, and the Champ Hero.  I've been thinking I might want to try the axer out to get the Earthborn even more distance with the Axer animus and Thresher is nice for troop clearing also. 

I also wanted to get the old Mauler in case the metal option goes away.  I'm not particular taken by the new plastic model.

Then there is the Champs decked out with options.  I have really been liking the troops with Borka and I know these guys are rock solid.  They do add up to a lot of points however and I love my fennblades (and they are mostly painted) so I'm not sure how to yet strike a balance in a 35 point list.   50 is where I think I jam these guys in for sure.

I also picked up (because I'm a sucker for shiny and new) the Trollkin War Wagon.

It looks like an amazing model but I have no idea when or where I would use it.  Much like the giant super Dire Troll that I'll likely be unable to resist it will probably mostly serve as a hobby project that will look great setup with my trolls and rarely ever used.

Good thing too since it was missing the main gun...

D'OH!  This is the second part I've had missing from a PP kit in what, a year?  I've maybe had two parts missing from GW in 8 years.  Still the replacement process was smooth the first time and thanks to their easy web form and updates it looks like the part is already in 'shipping' so it really is not a big issue.

I'm just waiting now for my buddy to show up and get a few games in tonight.  Hopefully I can run a few 25 pt Tooth and Claw to see how that shakes out a bit, but I certainly wouldn't mind trying a 'troop heavy' Borka 35 pt either.

Hopefully I'll get some more updates up next week!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Painted Grim Angus

Just finished up Grim and snapped a few pictures on the desk.  The quality of the pictures stinks, so I'll try to get better pictures later.  It is late and I have an early flight tomorrow...

Eh, ya he's ok.  I don't like the 'rune' on the top of his head.  I think it kind of spoils the model.  I don't know why they added it as his picture just has him bald.  I notice that normal privateer press picture has the model positioned in a way that you don't see the rune much, so that didn't help show me what it is really supposed to look like.

But he's done and now I have another caster that I can use.  I'm highly considering using him for the 25 pt Tooth and Claw but as I haven't used him at all yet everything I'm planning seems very speculative!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Friday 3/6 Games

Got a few more games in with Frankie this last Friday.  He was nice enough to head down to my place so I didn't have to make the trek this week!

Game 1 we played Templar vs SWs

His Spacewolves are a pretty interesting list.  It consists of Logan with MM Longfangs in a drop pod, 3 TW Calv, 3 TW Lords, two 5 man grey hunters, one Razorback, and one Missile Long Fang squad.  Not a lot of troops, but some hard hitting Calv and of course crazy Logan on turn one with relentless MMs.

This game was single objectives and long table edge.  I think I went first.  My shooting was pretty good but his TW Calv are truly horrible to try to get through.  My marshal bike moved around the flank to deal with his reserved troops and Long Fangs (that had also been shot once the calv made CC).  His Calv killed off just about everything but could not connect with my two 5 man squads on the second level.  I think the game ended on 6 with him having about 3 wounds left on his 2 lords.  Had the game gone on MAYBE I could have had enough firepower and my Marshal could have finished them but the way that game had gone... probably not!

Next I decided to bust out a Bike army I had picked up off of Frankie a few weeks ago.  It was a deal I couldn't refuse.  I figured now was a good time to bust them out and get the tips and tricks of the army from the previous owner.

This game was again his SW vs Marine bikers!  The army is pretty much all plasma bikes and MM attack bikes.  Pretty straight forward.

It was dawn of war and multiple objectives.  I felt pretty good about this as he only had the two grot squad and I combat squaded down to 8 scoring units!

This is at the end of turn 1 since we both basically 'walked' on the board.

I made few mistakes this game which isn't surpring given it was my first time running the list.  But I also had some horrible morale failures (both to not break as well as to get away with combat tactics).   I think we played this through turn 5 and the game ended, even though we pretty much knew once my last troop squad broke on turn 4 it was over.  My need to get into 24" was a big bane for me as it meant the TW Calv were generally able to get charges and just own my, plus lords have a good init so I can't reliably break from combat.

Wanting to get another game with the bikes in Frankie busted out his Nurgle CSM.  This time it was kill points and corner deployment.

In this game I started off strong by getting some easy rhino kill points but things swung poorly for me later.  Oddlly much like the SW list my need to get within 24" also made this tough because I could be lashed.   Once I would get in combat I basically could not kill PMs, and the lash sorc meant it was near impossible to get away.

Had the game ended on 5 surprisingly I think it was a tie.

But it wasn't, and I got tabled!

So the bike list is fun and interesting, but it does feel like it is missing 'something.'  It has 4 full bike units as troops, but I have to wonder if getting one 'combat' command squad instead would be worth while.  Some Storm shield/TH bikes might have helped with the wolves, and certainly would have been great against the PMs.  Of course just have a fist on the sargs instead of the CombiPlas might have been enough to chew through them slowly as well.

So I'll need some more games with the bikes but likely this army wont see any real love (both in restructuring or paining) until the dawn of 6th edition.

So I got a bit beat up on Friday but it was good fun!  The next two weeks I'll be busy so sadly no games for me, though I'm hoping to get a bit of paining done this week.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Painting & Games Lately

Yes I'm a bad person and have not been updating my blog. 

This does not mean I have not been getting in some hobby these last two weeks.  Quite the contrary actually.

I'm very pleased to have finished my Fennblade Officer & Drummer.

I've also got Grim Angus basecoated.

Which is also about the time I feel like a horrible painter and want to stop...

I've also gotten a number of games in over the last two weeks.  I just have been very lazy about taking pictures, so this isn't going to come anywhere close to 'battle report' worthy.

First up I got 3 Warmahorde games.

This is a picture of a game I played with Liam and his Circle.  We decided to try a 50 point game and it was fun.  I definitely have a lot of traffic issues I need to work out in practice.  I'm not thinking I'll be doing 50 pts any time soon but it was neat to see how it worked.  In the end I got on to his caster and he could not get away so another win in the Troll vs Circle matchup.  Liam is thinking Trolls are just a bad matchup for him.

Before that I got two other games in with my Trollbloods.  One was against Pat's Everblight and the other was against a infantry/choppy based Cygnar.   The Cygnar game was my first game 'back' and I was very rusty, but also caught off gaurd by how choppy the infatnry got.  The game agasint Everblight I was losing a game of attrition and tried to make an assanation run and failed.  We called it a game because it was late but it would have been a miracle if I wasn't dead the next turn (let alone turned the game into a win).

All 3 games were with Borka and I'm having a lot of fun using him.  Once I finish up Grim I'll get some games in with him and then I'll have 3 casters if I decided to go to tournaments with different lists.

I also have gotten a good clip of 40k games.

I got in to games with Anthony and a revamped all slogging Necron army.  He wanted to try it out with basically a 'no purchase' type army.  I think maybe there were a few proxies but basically nothing super new in there.  

Anyway first we played a kill point game with my Imperial Fists.  This game seemed like I would be able to outshoot him before he could get to me.  Alas those wraiths are a pain to shoot down and by the time I had dealt with them the rest of his army was on me and my terminators were dead.  So with me already down a few points we called it to get to game 2.

This time I brought out my Templars with there new 'Terminator Heavy' list.  This was single objective and, I know you are going to be shocked, but ended up a tie.

I've also gone up to Frontline twice to get games in with Frankie.  It is a bit of a drive but it is great to get games in with Frankie because it is good practice as he's got a couple 'tourny' lists to play.  Plus he's beaten me twice in regular tournaments so I needed some vengeance!

As a bonus our games generally go pretty fast, so getting 3 games in 4 or 5 hours is pretty cool.

Here's pretty much the 6 games we played recently:

Orks vs DE- I got incredibly lucky and routed Vect, but then I forgot to escort him off the board like an idiot.  That cost me the win and Frankie came back to TIE the game.

DOA BA vs DE- This game I pretty much tabled him.  Again Vect routed I think but he did recover to chop a squad or two, but by that point WIN for me.

DOA BA vs Nurgle CSM- Frankie busted out his CSM and it looked early like this game was going my way, but the Vangaurd were tied up too long with his oblits to be able to help the ASM with the PMs so this turned into a LOSS for me.

Templar vs Nurgle CSM- the next week I came back with my Templar and this game they pretty much moved through his army.  I think he had a few oblits at the end but another WIN for me.

Templar vs Daemons- to mix it up Frankie borrowed our buddy Will's Deamons which is a tough Fatecrusher list.  However his drops were just horrible.  He got the wrong 1/2 to start, one blood crusher unit scattered and I placed in a corner, the 2nd didn't come down until turn 5 I think.  Also his other bird HQ guy scattered and died.  It was pretty epic, but despite all that (and of course that it was single objective) I bet you'll be shocked to hear it was a TIE.

Imperial Fists vs Nurgle CSM- Things went well this game for me shooting, and he decided to deepstrike oblits and they came in very piece meal.  It was a kill point game but despite me combat squading everything I still had a large WIN this game.

Also hilarious in that I forgot to deploy my two predators this game.  Even counting those as KP I won that game handily.

So those games have all been great fun.  Oddly I think my record is now 3-3-2 with him.  Pretty comical.

Anyway I'll be hoping to get some more games in over the next few weeks but I do have some travel in between now and Kublacon.  So we'll see just how many Trollbloods I end up getting painted!