Friday, April 13, 2012

Painted Grim Angus

Just finished up Grim and snapped a few pictures on the desk.  The quality of the pictures stinks, so I'll try to get better pictures later.  It is late and I have an early flight tomorrow...

Eh, ya he's ok.  I don't like the 'rune' on the top of his head.  I think it kind of spoils the model.  I don't know why they added it as his picture just has him bald.  I notice that normal privateer press picture has the model positioned in a way that you don't see the rune much, so that didn't help show me what it is really supposed to look like.

But he's done and now I have another caster that I can use.  I'm highly considering using him for the 25 pt Tooth and Claw but as I haven't used him at all yet everything I'm planning seems very speculative!

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