Thursday, April 5, 2012

Painting & Games Lately

Yes I'm a bad person and have not been updating my blog. 

This does not mean I have not been getting in some hobby these last two weeks.  Quite the contrary actually.

I'm very pleased to have finished my Fennblade Officer & Drummer.

I've also got Grim Angus basecoated.

Which is also about the time I feel like a horrible painter and want to stop...

I've also gotten a number of games in over the last two weeks.  I just have been very lazy about taking pictures, so this isn't going to come anywhere close to 'battle report' worthy.

First up I got 3 Warmahorde games.

This is a picture of a game I played with Liam and his Circle.  We decided to try a 50 point game and it was fun.  I definitely have a lot of traffic issues I need to work out in practice.  I'm not thinking I'll be doing 50 pts any time soon but it was neat to see how it worked.  In the end I got on to his caster and he could not get away so another win in the Troll vs Circle matchup.  Liam is thinking Trolls are just a bad matchup for him.

Before that I got two other games in with my Trollbloods.  One was against Pat's Everblight and the other was against a infantry/choppy based Cygnar.   The Cygnar game was my first game 'back' and I was very rusty, but also caught off gaurd by how choppy the infatnry got.  The game agasint Everblight I was losing a game of attrition and tried to make an assanation run and failed.  We called it a game because it was late but it would have been a miracle if I wasn't dead the next turn (let alone turned the game into a win).

All 3 games were with Borka and I'm having a lot of fun using him.  Once I finish up Grim I'll get some games in with him and then I'll have 3 casters if I decided to go to tournaments with different lists.

I also have gotten a good clip of 40k games.

I got in to games with Anthony and a revamped all slogging Necron army.  He wanted to try it out with basically a 'no purchase' type army.  I think maybe there were a few proxies but basically nothing super new in there.  

Anyway first we played a kill point game with my Imperial Fists.  This game seemed like I would be able to outshoot him before he could get to me.  Alas those wraiths are a pain to shoot down and by the time I had dealt with them the rest of his army was on me and my terminators were dead.  So with me already down a few points we called it to get to game 2.

This time I brought out my Templars with there new 'Terminator Heavy' list.  This was single objective and, I know you are going to be shocked, but ended up a tie.

I've also gone up to Frontline twice to get games in with Frankie.  It is a bit of a drive but it is great to get games in with Frankie because it is good practice as he's got a couple 'tourny' lists to play.  Plus he's beaten me twice in regular tournaments so I needed some vengeance!

As a bonus our games generally go pretty fast, so getting 3 games in 4 or 5 hours is pretty cool.

Here's pretty much the 6 games we played recently:

Orks vs DE- I got incredibly lucky and routed Vect, but then I forgot to escort him off the board like an idiot.  That cost me the win and Frankie came back to TIE the game.

DOA BA vs DE- This game I pretty much tabled him.  Again Vect routed I think but he did recover to chop a squad or two, but by that point WIN for me.

DOA BA vs Nurgle CSM- Frankie busted out his CSM and it looked early like this game was going my way, but the Vangaurd were tied up too long with his oblits to be able to help the ASM with the PMs so this turned into a LOSS for me.

Templar vs Nurgle CSM- the next week I came back with my Templar and this game they pretty much moved through his army.  I think he had a few oblits at the end but another WIN for me.

Templar vs Daemons- to mix it up Frankie borrowed our buddy Will's Deamons which is a tough Fatecrusher list.  However his drops were just horrible.  He got the wrong 1/2 to start, one blood crusher unit scattered and I placed in a corner, the 2nd didn't come down until turn 5 I think.  Also his other bird HQ guy scattered and died.  It was pretty epic, but despite all that (and of course that it was single objective) I bet you'll be shocked to hear it was a TIE.

Imperial Fists vs Nurgle CSM- Things went well this game for me shooting, and he decided to deepstrike oblits and they came in very piece meal.  It was a kill point game but despite me combat squading everything I still had a large WIN this game.

Also hilarious in that I forgot to deploy my two predators this game.  Even counting those as KP I won that game handily.

So those games have all been great fun.  Oddly I think my record is now 3-3-2 with him.  Pretty comical.

Anyway I'll be hoping to get some more games in over the next few weeks but I do have some travel in between now and Kublacon.  So we'll see just how many Trollbloods I end up getting painted!

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