Monday, April 30, 2012

Some 25pt Tooth & Claw Games

So it was nice to sit down with Pat and get a couple of 25 pt Tooth & Claw games.  I used Grim for the first time with the guys you see above: Bomber, EBDT, Impaler, Axer.  Obviously I'll need to get the Axer done if I go with this list.  I was originally going to go with the Slag but the thought is the Axer animus really turns the EBDT into a cruise missile.

Pat brought his everblight and tried out different variants in the two games (different caster and swapping out the named beast).

This is somewhat the turning point in our first game.  I managed to kill off one of his heavies but he had the respawn thingie so that he came back a few inches away with a few hitpoints.   Then his heavy beast charged my very depleted EBDT that had Grim's Return Fire.  He managed to not kill the EBDT on the first swing so I got a free swing.  I had plenty of fury but we were not too sure you could boost it, plus my other trolls were loaded up with some fury.  For the sake of time I decided not to boost it, as I only needed a 5 I ended up whiffing.   This made the EBDT go down in flames and things went down hill from there.

I turn later I had lost all of my beast which was a loss in T&C.

Not that I would have won, but that certainly was a learning moment for me.  Pat was willing to let me do the boost but I didn't take the option (plus wasn't so sure).  That roll was so crucial to the game I should have taken the boost and taken my chances being over extended.

The next game I held back quite a bit more and tried to use my range and the debuffs to slow his attackers down.  This worked a bit better for me.  I did over extend at one point and my Axer charged off to attack him but by that point the game was in hand pretty well and this time I had killed off all of his beasts.

So it was interesting.  Definitely I felt like the beasts were 'weaker' but I'm no sure how much that was because they didn't have screens of infantry to stave off attacks or if I'm just spoiled by things like the KSB or Rockwall like I have in my other lists.

I'm also not sure the Axer was really needed.  Sure the extra distance sounds nice but the second game I was really sitting back in wait more than anything.  Having the slag for his damage animus or just to get more ranged action might actually work.

I'd love to get a few more games before Kubla but I'm just not sure if I'll get that on the calendar amongst other things cooking.  I'll be lucky enough to manage to get the Axer painted.

Then there is always 40k as well...

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