Friday, April 27, 2012

Trollbloods Reserves

So it has been a couple of crazy weeks of work and travel.  So no blog updates and very little hobby stuff.

Before I left I did receive I did knock out a bit of modeling with some Trollbloods to bolster up my forces.

Basically what you are looking at there that is new is a Mauler, Axer, Champs, Skaldi, and the Champ Hero.  I've been thinking I might want to try the axer out to get the Earthborn even more distance with the Axer animus and Thresher is nice for troop clearing also. 

I also wanted to get the old Mauler in case the metal option goes away.  I'm not particular taken by the new plastic model.

Then there is the Champs decked out with options.  I have really been liking the troops with Borka and I know these guys are rock solid.  They do add up to a lot of points however and I love my fennblades (and they are mostly painted) so I'm not sure how to yet strike a balance in a 35 point list.   50 is where I think I jam these guys in for sure.

I also picked up (because I'm a sucker for shiny and new) the Trollkin War Wagon.

It looks like an amazing model but I have no idea when or where I would use it.  Much like the giant super Dire Troll that I'll likely be unable to resist it will probably mostly serve as a hobby project that will look great setup with my trolls and rarely ever used.

Good thing too since it was missing the main gun...

D'OH!  This is the second part I've had missing from a PP kit in what, a year?  I've maybe had two parts missing from GW in 8 years.  Still the replacement process was smooth the first time and thanks to their easy web form and updates it looks like the part is already in 'shipping' so it really is not a big issue.

I'm just waiting now for my buddy to show up and get a few games in tonight.  Hopefully I can run a few 25 pt Tooth and Claw to see how that shakes out a bit, but I certainly wouldn't mind trying a 'troop heavy' Borka 35 pt either.

Hopefully I'll get some more updates up next week!

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