Thursday, May 3, 2012

40k For Kubla?

So I missed Kublacon last year do to my wife thinking our baby was on the way, but it turned out to be another week before our 2nd son Logan was born.

This year I am definitely motivated to try out my first Warmahorde tournament with my Trollbloods.  That 25 point Tooth and Claw event looks like a good start to the tournament scene.

But what about 40k?  Do I skip it all together and try to get either the 50 pt Saturday or 35 pt Sunday game of warmahordes?  

I think I'd like to do 40k but the game as it is right now has some strikes as well.  For one 5th edition is getting tiresome.  We can mostly look at two lists and probably guess how things are going to roll out dependent on the mission pretty accurately.

The other bit is more than ever it seems the 'curve' of great books vs everything else is at a pinnacle.  I don't want to cry cheeseball overpowered but certainly some of these new books make older armies cry out for an update BADLY.

So the question (as it always is for me) is what army to bring?

Pros:  They are painted well.  I am probably 'best' with them and they do give some armies fits.
Cons:  When things go wrong they go very wrong.  I have had some rough losses recently.

I am a little torn on my orks.  They do great against a lot of armies.  But the ones they don't usually are (gasp) all the new armies that everyone is playing!  I'm not saying I can't win some of those games, but the idea of winning a tournament of this size with orks is at this point... not likely.

Imperial Fists
Pros: Lots of shooting!  Plays to the strengths of 5th edition marines (lots of vehicles, psy hood, 3++ assault termies)
Cons: Not finished painting it, and it is the standard to which people measure their armies.

I'd have to paint 15 marines and 3 terminators.  That is not impossible, but given my schedule that is harder to get done that it might sound.   Plus I think everybody who makes a good tournament army says 'how do I kill marines with vehicles' so most people build counters to lists like this, though 10 Assault terminators and a psy hood are still dead sexy to me!

Blood Angels
Pros: They are a new book and pretty good, I probably win as much with them as I do orks! 
Cons:  The paint job is pretty basic, and the randomness of DoA can be challenging.

I could spend some time getting the paint job up a bit better.  The upside is that could scale based on how much time I find I have.  A few hours a week?  Great add some details.  Find you get a whole day to paint?  Lovely then clean up all the guys!

DoA is competitive and I don't care what people say.  Yes it does go wrong and some armies have counters, but I think that is pretty much true for all my armies.

Thousand Sons
Pros:  They are by far my best looking army.
Cons:  They will be lucky to go 1-2

I had this army finished up for Kubla last year because I wanted to see how it measured up paint wise.  Of course since then they have gotten even worse due to the faq.   Still I did take a scaled version to the 1500 Storm the Kastle and went 2-3 but won overall due to my maxed out soft scores. 

Granted this should be a bigger venue and I'm sure there will be some great painted armies as well. 

Black Templar
Pros: Eh... the faq had made them better...
Cons:  Drop pods bad, new list is not well tested nor finished painted.

The drop pod list that is painted is now far worse (imho) than DoA.  I have a new Terminator heavy list but it isn't fully painted and I don't think I'll be able to bust out 10 terminators and another speeder in time.  Maybe I could, but I don't even know if that list is any good yet.  It seems like a lot of work for something that might really still not be good.

Pros: HAHHAHAH ok seriously they are painted.
Cons: Suck perhaps as much if not more so than my 1ksons.

What can I say Tau can not hold objectives have have easy KPs by the boat loads.  I also don't like the paint job any more as my painting has greatly improved since I finished this army years ago.  Someday they are going to need a massive paint upgrade but I'll be waiting for a new dex first.

Marine Bikes?
Pros: Eh... I haven't overplayed them!
Cons: I haven't overplayed them!  They are painted minimally, don't look for a real paint score.

Ya, this army is a project for 6th edition/new marine book/ravenwing.

Another thing that is of course looming in the back of my mind is this might be my last 5th edition tournament.  In some ways there is some sentimental value to that, but also it seems silly to push hard to finish painting armies that will probably be getting revamped as soon as 6th hits the ground.

I also need to finish my Troll Axer at the least, so that knocks out one week of painting also.

So after looking this list over now I guess my thoughts are this:

-If I am more interested in playing a goofy army and having fun, and trying to maybe make a run on paint take the 1ksons.
-If I am trying to win games and take risks and can manage some time for painting updates go for the DoA BA.
-If I'm trying to win some games, want to wrap up 5th with my most played army, and don't have to paint then bring out the Orks.

I'll be heading over to Frontline Gaming tomorrow and I think I'll bring all three armies.  Hopefully I can get a game in with each and see if how I feel about them after a run on the table.

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