Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dire Troll Mauler Done, Kubla Tooth & Claw

So I wrapped up my Mauler in the wee hours of the morning before catching a flight back east for work on Tuesday. 

Despite feeling very rushed I actually am quite pleased with how he came out.  I felt the skin came out pretty good and the overall look of the mini is just great.  The only real trouble I had was trying to get him on the base when the sand had not really finished gluing!  That's what I get for rushing...

I returned to SFO on Friday and more or less went straight to Kublacon.  I had finished the Mauler in order to use him in my Borka list.


And of course I had bee all along painting to get the Grim list in there.


I knew this tournament would be challenging.  First of all I still really don't know all the casters and factions that well.  So you don't want to be playing 20 questions all game but you do want to kinda get the lowdown on the opposition.  All this was a timed game with 'Deathclock'.  So in this case you had 27 minutes each on a chess clock going back and forth.  No pressure!  Also this would all be scenario driven.  We have not played a lot of scenarios but I have listened to a lot of Chain Attack podcasts so I've got the impression that scenarios rarely win games.

So game one I pull mercenaries and I already am feeling like a fish out of water.  So I decide to run with Borka since at least I've got more practice in with him.  I weather his feat turn and finally find an opening for an assassination run and am successful!   My first tourny win!

Of course the rest of the day would go downhill.  :)

I next played a Skorne army and I again felt Borka would be best.  I felt I was doing ok for awhile then things just all went to hell in one turn and he got my caster (or did he kill all my beasts, I now can't remember).

Then on to a circle player where I took Borka again who just owned me.  OWNED.  I thought maybe my Mauler with Iron Flesh could stand up to a warpwolf but I was wrong.  His dice were also awesome.  Things just spiraled quickly from there.

Then I wrapped up with another Skorne player.  I figured I'd bust out Grim for at least one game.  I made him work for it and he pointed out a turn where I might have been able to make the assassination run but in the end I was cut down again.

It was a fun evening of gaming and I did learn a bunch.  The clock really didn't come up as all the games ended well under time.   The most difficult part was remembering to hit the clock when the turn was done!  The scenarios mattered little though I know some games people had really easy times like if they could take two turns in a row.  It is hard to defend an objective if you only have 3 or 4 models!

And also sadly with no soft scores or painting being judged my cool Trollbloods will just be that: cool.  I wont be able to soft score my way around warmahorde tournaments!

Which brings us to 40k 1850 on Sat, which I will post about tomorrow night!

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