Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ton of Games at Frontline

So I took a day to myself to go hang out at Frontline Gaming up at Martinez.  I had a total blast and got a ton of games in during a long day/night.  It took my mind off of work and family so it was good to actually unplug and just dork out for a day.

There was such a long day I got some pictures of games but this is in no way going to be a battle report post.

The first game played was my 1ksons against Frankies DE (which would be my 40k enemy of the day).  We played this game mostly because he has not played my 1ksons and I wanted a reminder game of why they are so bad.

Game was kill points and long table edge.

Note to self: don't tank shock Wyches!  I was hoping to get lucky and route vect because he is a pain but instead I was immobilized.  I should have just backed up and AP3 boltered his ass.

With the cover save I don't do as much but not bad.

Things are pretty much going down hill for me.  There is not much I can do and don't have the long range fire power to down enough skimmers.  Plus Urien is just a bane and I can never get hits that matter (forceweapon) on him due to his stupid clone field.

In the end of turn 5 we called it even thought the game was going on as I had lost almost everything and only snagged a few killpoints myself.

Nothing horribly surprising there!  But at least two good looking armies.

Next a rematch of our ork vs DE.  Our first match up we tied.

Frankie looking smug in another long table edge killpoint game.

In this game he could not kill the battlewagons early which is always good for the boys.

Urien again being near impossible to kill.

Eventually the orks overrun.

Snikrot is even useful.

In the end the DE were tabled.

Frankie demands a rematch!

Now we are in table quarters and 3 objectives.

Oh noes!  Ghaz wagon popped on turn 1.  That's never good.

And then no more pictures!  For awhile it was a back and forth.  He got the other wagon turn 2 which hurt.  Snikrot came in and killed 3 troops squads in one assault.  The real fuck up for me was in a 3rd round of assault Ghaz and two manz took a wound and didn't kill vect, I took a LD test, failed, and was run down.  That hurt!  And I forgot my bosspole!  I was just pretty distressed at exactly how many 2+ saves vect had made (at least a dozen).

So in the end I got tabled!  Pretty fun and hilarious at the same time.

So either we are going to need a final rematch to break the 1-1-1 with this match up or maybe we'll be happy with that until 6th edition.

But I do think I'll probably just take the orks to Kublacon.  They are done and while not as well painted as the 1ksons still look good.  Plus Chaos dex will be out soon and the 1ksons will hopefully get in a bunch of games then!

We also played some warmahorde.  Frankie and Reece had not played but had some store models.  So I gave a bit of tutorial letting them play each other.  Then we played a few small games (like literally 10 points) just to work out more mechanics.

The culmination led to two bigger 35 pt games where Frankie played a Cryx army.

Which was fun but probably a bit much for 'day 1' and it wasn't his army.  So I'm sure we missed a bunch of rules he had but it was still fun.

As we played that game Reece put a bunch more of his steam dwarves together for a big 35 pt game.

This game was a ton of fun too and he managed to get to Borka and take him down.  Just as we're about to say 'I guess that is game' I remembered to take a Tough roll and made it!  This left me in still not great position but was able to get the kill in a few turns later.  This game was LOOOONG into the night and we were both pretty delirious but it was still a ton of fun.

All in all it was a great day for gaming and nice to have a day away from the stresses of work and family.  I definitely needed it!

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