Monday, May 21, 2012

Trollblood Axer and Game

Another long break in between posts for me!  Life is, as it always seems to be these days, extremely hectic.  The family is great but time consuming, and work has been long and I've had to do more traveling these last 12 months than probably the two years before the birth of my second son.  Such is life I suppose.

I had meant to get up quick pictures before I left last week of my Axer in the process of being painted.

I had shot to get him basically base coated so I could just get back and get him wrapped up over the weekend, which I did!

The one thing I've noticed is I've never been able to match the smoothness in the troll skin like I did on that first Impaler I painted.  I think I took more time and was doing more experimentation and it came out really well.  On all my trolls since then the skin is more 'blotchy' but also more extreme.  I think on the table they all look good and 'matching' but the subtle difference kinda bothers me.

I also look at these pictures and want to go fix the eyes!

Now the really upsetting part was originally I started painting the Axer thinking I would use him with Grim in the 25 pt tooth and Claw.  However I've now started leaning toward the slag for more shooting with Grim.  So I thought 'hey I'll use him in a Borka list for a 2nd list option.'  That sounds great except Grim has 6 warbeast points to Borka's 5.  ARRRGH...

So either I'm just not going to take a 2nd Borka list or I'll scramble to get the Mauler painted in two nights.  And really I should be ditching the Impaler for something like a Bouncer but... alas I'm not buying/painting yet another model in this short time period.

Also I fit in a game this weekend at 35 pts with a Menoth player.  I've only played Anthony's smaller Menoth army so this was definitely different in that it was very troop heavy.  eKreoss I think he has used so I was familiar with his evil feat of death, but the troopers would definitely be a new challenge for me.  Plus his army looked great!

I was using my 35 Borka list that I've been using recently.  The only real change is no Impaler (so only two beasts) for Janissa and whelps.  The whelps are really a point filler, but Janissa is pretty awesome.  I've not really run into much problems with just the two beasts. 

Someday I'll finish getting this list painted I swear!  It is just the 4 more fennblades that I'm so no motivated to get to painting.

So we were playing just caster kill.  It was funny that with my Hero's Tragedy and his Sacrosanct most of our infantry was getting knocked on their asses.

There is one thing I forgot this game and one thing I did wrong.  For one I always forget about rolling checks for my unit once they start taking loses.  I had been fearless on the charge but after that when guys started dropping I think I needed to start rolling checks (I need to really get those rules down).

The other bit I screwed up was I started pulling fury off my Krielstone to have Borka finish of a Jack.  Unfortunately when I better read the rules later I can only pull those fury out in my control phase.  Had I understood that better I might have done that anyway, but I might have also only pulled 2 or 3, not enough to finish the jack due to some whiffs.  So that is my bad.

In the end he did a great job of boxing me in with his calv and Krioss moved in for the kill.  I could not stumbling drunk away which is a problem.  I transferred off the biggest hit as it turned out, and his other damages all came up a touch short.

The next turn I pretty much made a few 'just in case' moves and then Borka was able to bash down Kreoss.

It was a great and fun game and I learned a lot.  I feel bad I screwed up that rule with the KSB but I guess that is just how we learn.

After Kublacon my priority painting wise will be to finish up painting this 35 point force.  That means 4 Fennblades, 4 Whelps, Chonicolor, Fell Caller, and Janissa.  Not a lot, but easily 5-6 weeks of work for me!


  1. Michael regularly beats my face in, he's a great warmachine tutor.

    1. Sean, I thought your bedtime was 11pm? Was your butt too sore?

  2. Indeed.

    My templar should have done two auto hits against Borka during the feat turn when he was behind Jannisa's wall. I didn't, just to spite that one troll that kept making its tough roll.

    Just a tip if you are going to play at a tournament in Kublacon: Make sure your charges have LOS and a clear lane before moving models. And be sure your opponent does the same. It has to be the biggest and most common mistake players will fudge.