Saturday, June 30, 2012

Website Fail

Well I was going to do a post about 6th edition but it seems I've had total blogger fail.  The web address I've been using expired and emails were going to a now unused email address.  So it got sold off and I'm not going to pay to get it back.

The site has obviously changed over to but obviously old links go to the lameo address.

So sorry that is horribly annoying.  

I'm in a bad mood now so I'll save other actual game things until later...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blood Angels DoA and 6th

Next on my tour of armies that I'll need to re config are going to be my descent of angels list.  Mostly if this one rule does not get FAQ'd for the army.


Well ouch.   There goes running a pure drop list.  I really hope this gets faq'd so that they mean just 'walk on the table reserves.'   Otherwise drop pod lists and DoA make absolutely 0 sense (which makes me think GW will of course go against it).

There are other questions I have also.   What do Dante and his Sanguinary Gaurd really swinging with now?  Are they PWs?  Power Axes?   Or will the glaives get their own update?  I'm thinking the later though they will probably just be master crafted ap3 weapons.

FNP is better/worse depending on how you look at it and Sang Gaurd are probably more survivable in combat due to the nerf to power weapons.   So depending on that above rulling these guys might actually be better.

There is another rule floating around that says you can't assault out of reserves.   This is a little odd to me.   For one Snikrot is completely usesless if this isn't FAQd, and I'd assume Vangaurd Vets overide this rule.

Speaking of VV I think there are some more interesting options opening up to these guys, so they might have some reconfigs now.

However the advantage that a DoA list always had is that it didn't rely on vehicles and it could put A LOT in your face in round two.   The fact that this looks to be changing makes me questions what options I have for this army.

For one Death Company just got a whole lot better.   It is hard to not consider adding these guy into a list because they look like they are going to hit like a ton of bricks.

But that 1/2 the units on the board is a problem.  Do you just combat squad a bunch of units and put the 'useless' units on the table?  It takes out some of the teeth from the previous DoA lists.

Many people have advocated adding 3 dev squads prior to 6th edition.   This could put another 3 units on the table, but now at the cost of what other units from the list.

Then of course there are the new ally rules that might help.  Particularly I keep looking at my Tau and wondering if there is a good place to look at how allies can help each other.  FNP and broadsides sound like a massive pain in the arse.

So again baring a good FAQ it looks like this army is going to need some major reconstruction as well, but maybe the allies will help me use the toys I already have.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Orks and 6th Edition

So I can't help but theorizing on how things are going for each of the armies I have collected.  With each new day brings more information that seems to be falling in the 'confirmed' catagory.   Each tidbit fills in the gaps of knowledge but there are still plenty of things that are unknown.   Some things are clearly not going to resolved until the FAQs for the armies are put out hopefully VERY shortly after launch.

Even beyond that, it is going to take many games to see what's what.

But still it is fun to theorize.

So I'll start with my orks and the build I've been using, which I'd say has been my main competitive army for 5th edition.

First the biggest unknown here for me is how the waagh will actually work.   If it is simply fleet (which is now reroll the 2d6 assault) that is not so bad as a stand alone.   But when we take into account that vehicles can only move 6" and deploy guys who then take their normal move... I get a little worried.

Currently boys in a battlewagon move 13" (red paint)+ 2" deploy + D6 Waagh fleet+ 6" Assault.   That's a 22-27" assault.

Now we'd be talking about 7" battlewagon move+ 6" deploy/move + 2d6 Assault with reroll.   That means the max assault is 25" but the minimum is 15".   That is a little frightening.   Granted you hope with the reroll you are getting into 20" assaults most of the time but that still just feels 'slow' to me.

But then what about Ghaz, Slow and Purposeful, and his Waagh (3d6 assault with reroll?  Maybe auto 12" assault)?  Things could go really bad (min 10" assault, ouch!)... so I am dying to see how this plays out over the next week.

Granted Ghaz is still a beast in CC and with challenges things could be pretty freakn aweseome.

Beyond that the KFF mek is now notably not as good at keeping vehicles alive.   He's still cheap at 85 points at a 5+ is still better than nothing for an amry that needs to get across the board.  

Lootas look to be better than ever really.  Volume of fire and hull points are going to be their bread and butter.  Nothing too new there.

Snikrot doesn't seem to have too many changes.   Challenges may hurt him but he is pretty easy to place in favorable positions so I'll keep the verdict out on this one.

Manz are better since PWs don't cut through 2+ armor.   I've thought about Mad Doc a little more but while PWs did hurt Manz before wound allocation helped.   However it was always the fist that kill them dead so still no FNP for that.   5++ invul is always nice but not getting to chose where you go (and the fact that the BW will not get you as far) is a problem.

And that brings us to boyz.   I think first off orks we'll be paying for evy armor for the nobs now.   Beyond that I'm worried about the fact that models in CC are removed closest to the action, and consolidation is only 3" at Initiative.   This brings me back to the dreaded 'killbox' of 4th edition, though with consolidation at Init some boyz will certainly fill in the ranks I hope.  Certainly spreading out too far is going to be a problem.

Beyond that regular boyz basically look like they are getting no save in CC.   Not that the 6+ was much but it did keep a few boys in the fight.  I've always loved ard boyz, but you can only take one squad.  

The removal of fearless saves is a big boon though.   I am also interested in seeing how the multiple charges lose the bonus attack works.   I often use that with my big squads of boyz.

So we'll see how troops might need to be reconfigured.

Buggies are 2 hull points.   They usually get destroyed outright but I guess it makes bolters have a better chance of wrecking them.

Kans... eh I don't know.  Vehicles in general seem to have lost durability and the KFF is weaker so... these may now be worse.   We'll see if the squadron rule helps.

And lastly for my armies is at last the Battlewagon.   We'll have to see how the 4 hull points works out and if there are other rules we haven't seen that help them out at all.  The 6" move to deploy guys seems like a huge hit.   Is paying 130+ points worth getting essentially 6-12" in two turns?

Obviously it is early to say, but of all my armies I think orks might need the biggest reconfiguration from what I've been running.   Stormboyz might now be worth it.  Will Dreads be counted as scoring troops?   Will cheap artillery be worth it?  How badly is not having anti psy (beside the default 6+ it would seem) going to hurt the green skins?

I have a feeling of the 7 armies I own the orks may need the most reconfiguring of them all.

Only time and games will tell for sure...

Monday, June 25, 2012

6th Ed Incoming

So I've been crazy busy with work travel and finally goodness.  It is just as well as I, like the rest of the world, am trying to wait patiently for 6th edition.  The rumors are a bit torturing, but it looks like we are finally getting some real rule information flowing in the last 24 hours as independent game stores get their store book.

I'm not going to bother reposting information that is now starting to pop everywhere, but here is a big reddit link:

There are still a lot of bits I'm trying to flush out before I make big conclusions about how this affects the armies I play.

Like do the BA Glaives count as a AP3 or AP2 weapon?

Does Ghaz's waagh make the fleet an auto 12" roll on the charge?

Because some of these become a big deal.  As it is I'm trying to piece together how some of these rule changes are going to affect the effectiveness of the current builds.

Of course getting an actual book in hand this weekend will help, but certainly it is going to take playing games to figure this out for sure.

In the meantime I've tried to keep busy with other things.  I've been getting in some xbox time which is nice to just zone out a bit.

Frankie came over weekend before last for a few game of practice before he headed out for wargames con.  He brought his 2k DE and we played 3 games.  My Imperial Fists barely eeked a win out, my orks managed to also squeek a win, and he tabled my jumper BA.

I didn't take pictures mostly because I had forgotten my table stuff at the office.  So I had the 'table' and my orks walls and one building.  We basically filled in the rest with Thomas the tank toy buildings from my sons collection.  It was both hilarious and totally sad.

So that go me motivated to get another table setup and terrain to keep at home.   I had already picked up the 'boards' for the table, so I just needed to get cracking.

I decided I wanted to do a bit of a desert type of table.   So when I went to home depot to get some supplies I saw these and thought I would give them a go.

I was going to just use spray paint anyway to add some layers, but I figured theses would give just a bit more depth and texture.

They actually worked out great.  There is just enough texture on the boards but they still feel 'flat' so models will sit well.   These are 2x2 segments of board, and  I also had kept these card board bits that kind looked like pyramids so I hit those up as well and now there is some LOS action.

I also have had this wreck terrain just sitting around unpainted forever.  I figured I could hit that up quick with spray color primer and a few details and apply the shade.   I also hit a few of the Imperial Fists I had gotten ready for that step.

So I'll finish up the crash bits with some sand to get it to blend in and hit it with the dullcoate.  I have some of the GF9 terrain incoming (oasis, dessert palm trees, and some red crystals just to get some color on the board).   I'll probably wait until I get that all on the board before deciding if I need to do more.  I had thought about making some plateaus to get some raised areas but it might not be necessary.   I also thought about adding spots of static grass to get some more color on the board but... again I might as well wait to see how things look.

Pretty much this is a nice little project to work on as I wait to get 6th ed games in because I'm sure once that happens I'll be busy tearing apart old armies and trying to build them for the new edition.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Kublacon Game Summaries

So a few quick game summaries from Kublacon.  All the games were fun with great guys to play so that was of course really nice!

I did not take a lot of pictures so this is not going to be a very thorough report.

First up I had Justin's Footdar!  I played Justin in the doubles game a the BAO and he is just one hilarious duded!   His army looked something like:
5x Fire Dragons
5x Fire Dragons
10x Guardians
10x Guardians 
10x Dire Avengers
10x Dire Avengers
3x Guardian Jetbikes
10x Harlequins

I'm not going to even take a stab at the equipment used!  But it was a great looking army.

So the game was corner deployment and kill points.  I think we both had 13 kp to offer, I won the roll off to go first.

For the first two turns of this game things went my way.  He wasn't able to pop either BW. Snikrot came in and owned the Harequins (famers and then CC) before they could become a problem, and I had picked up another few Kps.

Then on turn 3 I waaghed Ghaz into the Avatar and the Manz into one Wraithlord.  I thought I would also get the 30 boyz into his DA w/ Eldrad but they came up a 1/8" too short so they had to settle for just a Fire Dragon unit.

And as things often turn out for my orks when Ghaz does well the army does well.  When he doesn't then, well... they don't.

It took 4 rounds of combat for the Avatar to put Ghaz down.  Ghaz could not put enough wounds on him because fortune just saved his ass.  Not getting to and ridding the table of Eldrad turned out to be my doom.  The two other Wraithlords made combat with the Manz and while we traded wounds they insta killed the Manz while the wounds were spread around the Wraithlords.

Then the wraithlord got free to flamer my remaining boyz and it was all bad news for me.

I think the final bit ended 8-5 or so and mercifully ended at 5.  I think he got the bonus objective for holding the center of the board.

Game 2 was against Mike Biles DA.  I've played Mike at last twice with my orks vs is nurgle themed daemons.  I think we each had a win against each other.

His DA looked like:
Bike Command Squad
Termie Command Squad
Th/SS Termies
Th/SS Termies

Something like that.  All the upgrades you could want (apothecaries, missile launchers, etc).

The game was dawn of war, single objectives.  I'm looking at his list and not sure what I'm exactly going to do.  Then he wins to go first.  I don't even remember what/how he set up but I just decided to put everything in reserve.

His bikes blast forward and I think his command squad termies were either on the board or come down about mid board and run up a bit.  LRs move on to mid field.

My lootas go off on the far flank to just take some pot shots but I don't expect them to do much since I'm looking at termies and LRs.

At some point soon here we make combat.  A few things go my way.  For one it seems like his apothocaires end up going down in the first round of combat so that helps.  I think I also had some lucky shooting with the shootas at some point popping out a few termies.  As the game goes on they also manage to Klaw the land radier to death.

The Lootas and Snikrot are entirely useless so it's like playing a 1200 pt ork list.

In the end the game was tied on turn 5, then turn 6, but then it goes to turn 7.  Aside from the 600 points of useless I have about 8 shootas contesting his objective with his LR, and about 7 Ard boyz sitting in cover on my objective.  Since all he has is the LR he can really only contest the one, but he still manages to shoot 3 ard boyz dead.  However I make my LD check to hold the objective and win the game.

We both get the bonus point for killing the most expensive HQ.

The last game I play is against Matt's Space Marines.  He was playing a mish mash of stuff that is best I can call a 'for fun' list.

If I recall it looked something in the lines of:

10 Sterngaurd in Drop Pod
10 Tacts in Drop Pod
10 Tacts in Drop Pod
10 Shooty Scouts
5-8 CC Scouts
Vene Dread in Drop Pod
5 Th/SS termies
Land Speeder Storm
5 Legion of the Damned
Thunderfire Cannon

Long table edge and 5 objectives.  Bonus points for holding all 5 objectives or tabling the opponent.

I won the roll off and, being a guy who plays drop armies, made him go first.  I think he started his shooty scouts on the table, and dropped his dread and a tact squad turn one.   The dread had an assault cannon and couldn't get through the side armore/KFF of the BWW.  The tacts shot up a few lootas but they made there check.

My turn one I believe I shot most of the tact squad to pieces and stunned the dread.

His turn 2 I think he got the sterngaurd and the Storm/CC scouts on the table.  I think he also rolled in his Thunderfire from reserves in the back.  His shooting did very little again.  His scouts go after my other lootas but they stick in combat.

My turn two and I get snikrot.  I decide to put snikrot on the Thunderfire as most of my army is going to be tied up on my side of the board.  I send the ard boyz after the CC scouts and storm.  I waagh the 30 boyz up on to his scouts.   I send Ghaz after the manz and am able to keep the fist off the manz for one round.

From there things just went badly for him.  As you can imagine most of those combats go my way if not that round after the following.  My Deathrollas pretty much spend the game ramming drop pods.   His dread does jump my 30 boyz and they get tied up in combat.

His Legion of the Damned land but don't have great targets.  Ghaz goes after them and they remained tied up the rest of the game.  His termies take a bold deep strike that goes sideways (literally) on to my BW and they are destroyed.

On the top of the last turn of the game my Klaw finally pops the dread.  Ghaz is solo with 2 last Legion of the Damned.  On my turn I move guys so that if the the last 2 guys die I have all 5 objectives but right now they are contesting.

In the end he makes one save so he has one model left.

I was a bit tired at this point, but I should have just charged my 15 shoota boyz into that combat.  It would have pulled me off two objectives but I forgot that wiping him gave me the bonus also.

I didn't think the 3 points would matter, but I should have known better.

Matt was a great sport through it all though it was a bit of a shellacking.  But all my opponents were fun so that was nice.  And indeed there were some other great people I met too.  One guy had some great 'juice' that complimented the beer my other buddy brought.  It was nice to see some friends I hadn't seen for awhile.  So all of these things still made it a great gaming day.

So another Kublacon goes down in the books with all of its oddities but good times regardless.