Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blood Angels DoA and 6th

Next on my tour of armies that I'll need to re config are going to be my descent of angels list.  Mostly if this one rule does not get FAQ'd for the army.


Well ouch.   There goes running a pure drop list.  I really hope this gets faq'd so that they mean just 'walk on the table reserves.'   Otherwise drop pod lists and DoA make absolutely 0 sense (which makes me think GW will of course go against it).

There are other questions I have also.   What do Dante and his Sanguinary Gaurd really swinging with now?  Are they PWs?  Power Axes?   Or will the glaives get their own update?  I'm thinking the later though they will probably just be master crafted ap3 weapons.

FNP is better/worse depending on how you look at it and Sang Gaurd are probably more survivable in combat due to the nerf to power weapons.   So depending on that above rulling these guys might actually be better.

There is another rule floating around that says you can't assault out of reserves.   This is a little odd to me.   For one Snikrot is completely usesless if this isn't FAQd, and I'd assume Vangaurd Vets overide this rule.

Speaking of VV I think there are some more interesting options opening up to these guys, so they might have some reconfigs now.

However the advantage that a DoA list always had is that it didn't rely on vehicles and it could put A LOT in your face in round two.   The fact that this looks to be changing makes me questions what options I have for this army.

For one Death Company just got a whole lot better.   It is hard to not consider adding these guy into a list because they look like they are going to hit like a ton of bricks.

But that 1/2 the units on the board is a problem.  Do you just combat squad a bunch of units and put the 'useless' units on the table?  It takes out some of the teeth from the previous DoA lists.

Many people have advocated adding 3 dev squads prior to 6th edition.   This could put another 3 units on the table, but now at the cost of what other units from the list.

Then of course there are the new ally rules that might help.  Particularly I keep looking at my Tau and wondering if there is a good place to look at how allies can help each other.  FNP and broadsides sound like a massive pain in the arse.

So again baring a good FAQ it looks like this army is going to need some major reconstruction as well, but maybe the allies will help me use the toys I already have.

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