Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More hobby for Celsticon

Just trying to make the final push now!

My terminator arms have still not arrived so it was time to go for plan B.

The arms I ordered actually are not terminator arms, but instead old metal tactical marine armes that have TH/SS.  They are smaller than terminator arms, but on these old oop termies they look fine.

What I do have is an old set of terminator arms that are TH/SS but I don't have the shield.  But I do have a few of the larger sarg shields for the newer termies.  So I decided I will use those on the sarg and popped off his current arms to use on the last terminator.

A quick paint job and these were ready for dipping.   The downside here of course is you can see the arms are noticably bigger and of course they don't have the black trim around the shoulder pads.  It is a little hard to see in the picture, and I'm hoping once he is placed in the quad it will not be as noticable.

So that works for now at least.   It certainly isn't my first choice but oh well.

I also have the termie libby done, he just needs to get dullcoated.  And of course the banner...

I gave the shrine of aquila a matte spray also and that looks good enough as well.

Just a quick shot of the bike army (sans aegis defence line) on the new board.

So not much needed now thankfully, as I only have one more night to finish!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Easy 40k Display Board

So just a quick update to show the display board I did up for the bikers.

First I had picked up just a cheap white board.  I've done picture frames and cork boards but this time I thought I'd try the white board.  I also decided I was going to use some more of that spray texture I had for the basecoat so that required taping the edges off.

Oh wait I didn't talk about this stuff yet did I!  While I was not posting I had picked up this stuff and worked up a new table for games at the house.  I guess I need to post about that sometime!

Anyway this stuff is pretty cheap and actually does a good job of creating a sand like quality that is still actually flat and (so far) durable.  I just use a little dark first then cover it all with the lighter color.

So I hit the display board up with the two layers of spray and by itself it looked pretty good.  I was a bit worried it wouldn't stick to the white board at first but one it dried it was fine.  The downside is when I peeled off the tape it did pull the edges so there were bits of white poking through.

Of course I still based the whole thing anyway with my normal basing GW sand and green flock.  I'm just keeping this simple for now at least.

Then I grabbed the marines and added patches of green flock.  I plan to add rocks and static grass too but I still need to highlight the bikes including weathering the tires.   Extra vertical flock would just make that more difficult.

So that's it for now.  A bit more painting in the last few days to be 'ready' as I will get for Clesticon!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Converted Telion, Scouts Painted

So late yesterday I realized I can't just use the Scout Sergeant as a stand in for Telion because it is not even close to WYSIWYG.  So I thought hey I'll just wander to the game store/GW and pick up a Telion.  But no, it seems they are special order.

Well that's normally not really an issue, but I really wanted to knock out the scouts this weekend.  So I figured I'd just knock up a simple conversion.

So I went out and rustled through my marine bits box.  I've got a few of these old metal scouts and I thought this one looked 'sergeant-y' enough and the pose would work.  The stormbolter is I think from the captain sprue and the scope is from the scouts I think.  Honestly they were just bits in the box!  I cut the front off the storm bolter and used a bit of plastic tubing to make it a bigger single barrel to represent Telion's Stalker Pattern Boltgun.

This is the first time I've tried to do a greenstuff cloak.  I'm really horrible with Greenstuff and have never been fantastically successful creating anything with it.  At best I can fill gaps and the like.  To do this I pressed the greenstuff against another scout cloak and just pulled it off the best I could.  I filled in the gaps with some liquid greenstuff.

Overall the 'back' looks ok.  The downside of this method is the other side is basically flat, but of course hidden by the bulk of the body.

A quick primer layer with horrible fuzzy pictures.

And now completed with paint.  There are a few details I probably need to go in and clean up if I can find the time but not bad for a quick job to get these guys ready for Friday.

I also got into my Shrine of Aquila and this was just going to be 'dipped' using a brush so this mess is now drying out in the garage.

So a couple of terminators to go and then I can try to fix up anything else I have time to make look a bit better!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Black Crusade, Painting Updates, Team Zero Comp

Just a few updates today and a few things I haven't squeezed into a previous post.

For one I complete forgot to mention that I won a door prize at the Golden Throne!

These are the RPG books from Games Workshop that pivot around playing Chaos.  I think that is a really cool idea.  I've read through the rulebook now and it seems easy to play but complex when it comes down to huge variety of weapons, skills, and talents.  I'm hoping to someday get a few buds together to play this but the biggest problem is (as always) finding the time.  Getting together for a day of RPG is not so hard, but it takes a lot of prep work to run a campaign, even with a book campaign to run!  So this is hopefully something we'll be able to pull together later this year.  But I'm still happy to have won some cool stuff anyway, thanks Golden Throne!

I haven't had much evening time to paint but I did work on a few of the bits I need for Celesticon.

The Aegis Defence Line and Quad gone are done enough.  It is nothing too fancy.  I would like to go back and do some detail work on the battle damage, but like the armies I'm taking they will probably just be 80% done and look good enough.

I also got the Imperial Fists guys I needed done dipped and a base coat on the base itself.  The downside is I think I must have 'brushed' the dip on the other guys because it is a lot heavier on these models than the rest of the army.  Hopefully once based and mixed into the squad it will not be too noticeable.

I also got the last attack bike done and based base coated. 

So I will try to get those bases wrapped up and move on to the scouts.  After that I just have the last terminator (waiting for arms) and I'd like to squeeze in the new/old termie libby too.

If I somehow have more time I'd also like to:
Finish the biker display board.
Add static grass to the bikes.
Paint the Shrine of Aquila terrain to use for both diplay boards.

And of course do detail work on both armies... that certainly isn't going to happen before the 1st!

I made it up to Frontline Gaming for a game this last weekend and they posted the battle report up on their site.

Will goes wonky with the camera, and I got a bit lucky in the game (Fateweaver ran away turn one) so that was bad news for Will.

They also gave me a shirt for Team Zero Comp and announced I was on the team.  I've beaten a number of the guys and that is kinda of their requirement.  It wasn't like I was particularly aiming to join the club but it is still cool all the same.  A lot of those guys travel to all the major GTs which I obviously do not have the ability to do (with work and family).   Still it is neat and I'll wear the shirt to future tournaments and try not embarrass myself more than normal.

So that's it for now, hopefully I'll get another painting update soon!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Celesticon Incoming, More 6th Ed Thoughts

My current 'to do' pojects.
So I've just returned from a hectic Disneyland vacation with the family.  It was fun but it was a lot of work to hustle the kids (age 4 and 14 months) around but certainly worth it to see their enjoyment.  So obviously no updates on the blog or painting of any kind.

That doesn't mean endless hours driving to LA weren't spent theorycrafting up the next lists for Celesticon!  There are 2 40k events that I am currently planning on attending.  First is a 2k event (no double FoC) run by Reece from Frontline Gaming/Zero Comp.  It is a "Lazy Boy" event with only 2 long rounds and softscores to boot. 

The second is a 3 round event run by local vetran 40k player/TO Doc Dragon and is a 3 round 1750 game.  This kinda follows what I'd call the usual breakdown of 'winners': Best General, Best Sports, Best Paint, and Best Overall where each of those previous scores represent 1/3 of the total score.

So softscores and just a few rounds to get some wins.  My kind of event!

The question, as always, is what to take.  The bikes have done pretty well so far in 6th edition and the only thing I think they could use a little more help with is fliers.  So I've been looking at the following upgrade from the Golden Throne Tournament list I took.

Captain on Bike, Power Fist, Artificer Armor, Storm Shield
4 Bikes w/ 2 Plasma, 1 Combi Plasma + Attack Bike w/ MM
4 Bikes w/ 2 Plasma, 1 Combi Plasma + Attack Bike w/ MM
4 Bikes w/ 2 Plasma, 1 Combi Plasma + Attack Bike w/ MM
5 Bikes w/ 2 Plasma, 1 Combi Plasma + Attack Bike w/ MM
5 Scouts w/ Telion upgrade
2 Attack Bike w/ MM
2 Attack Bike w/ MM
2 Attack Bike w/ MM

Eldar Farseer w/ Jetbike, Doom, Runes of warding and witness, spear
3 Gaurdian Jetbikes w/ 1 Shuriken Catapult

Aegis Defence Line w/ Quad Gun

So basically I'm adding the Attack bike upgrade to the 4th squad, scouts w/ Telion and the Aegis.  The Aegis and the scouts are a nice little package.  The camo cloaks or in this case Telion they get stealth so a 3+ cover save normally.  Telion has a BS6 so that is nice to use on the quad gun, plus if it is a unit he is shooting at he gets to always choose what models take the wounds.  Of course the primary purpose is to down fliers and flying MCs.

To get this ready I need to paint: 5 Scouts, 1 Attack Bike, Aegis + Quad Gun

Now if I wanted to go to 2k I'm less sure of what to add.  Probably for the sake of painting I drop Telion down to the normal sarg and just add camo cloaks to the units (net -35) and add an Attack Bike to each Fast slot and drop in the Libby on a bike w/ Nullzone.  I kinda missed him a few games, and essentially that is 'only' 4 more bikes to have painted.

The biggest downside to the bike army is that I don't consider them 'done' by a long shot.  I basically have them based and shaded with a good clip of details, but I'm missing brown on the seats and the rest of the highlighting.  Now for just bringing them out on the table they look nice enough and they get a fair amount of compliments, but I have plans to make them look a lot better.  However there is just no way I can see getting that whole army painted beyond the current level in two weeks.  So they may score 'ok' in paint but they aren't really anything to write home about either.

On the flipside I am really interested in bringing my Imperial Fists out for a tournament.  I keep thinking this list could do great yet I never bring it out for big games.  I feel like I should step outside of my comfort zone and just go for it!  So for 2k I've cooked this list up to use:

Termie Libby, Nullzone, Gate
10 TH/SS Termies
10 Tacticals Flamer/Missile w/ Las/Plas Razor
10 Tacticals Flamer/Missile w/ Las/Plas Razor
Auto/HB Pred
Auto/HB Pred
Aegis w/ Quad Gun

So it is a bit of deathstar supported by long range vehicles.  It its a bit light on troops but of course you combat squad everything and 5 dudes just sit in Razorbacks as long as they can.  One combat squad with the Missile guy goes to man the Quad gun and that plus Dreads hopefully can down fliers.  I would use the Aegis to get 4+ cover for as many vehicles as possible and maybe put the speeders in any ruins that I could use Lysander to turn into 3+ cover.  Beyond that the Deathstar either plays "Thunder Bubble" or just advances on to the enemy position and tries to beat face.

What do I need to paint to get this army done?  One terminator, the whirlwind turrent and the Aegis.  That's not a lot, though I do need to dip a few other guys and base them as well.  Beyond that I did pick up another old school Termie Libby to replace the newer model I have done but I guess that isn't necessary.  I've also got a display board in progress I would love to finish up as well.

The downside? I'm out of the yellow paint and the last terminator arms are on order. I was hoping to have them Friday but the shipment didn't come.
The questions that remain are 1) is the army actually any good and 2) does it really look any better than the bikes?  I think it does just because it is more 'done', but frankly they are just dipped and anybody that knows what they are looking at will see that it was not an exceptionally skillful paint job.  So once again it looks nice, but it really could use a few weeks of highlighting and detail work to really make it shine.

The other problem is I have no idea what to do to drop it down to 1750.  I guess I could trim the deathstar but then you're left with something that is not so scary.  I could trim all the heavies out and hope the rest of the mech will hold up enough but I'm not sold on it.

So where does that leave me?  I don't know but I've pretty much got to decide if I focus on making one army (probably the bikes) look as good as possible and use them in both games.  Or I just paint up the few units I need to the level the armies are currently at and run bikes at 1750 and the Imperial Fists at 2000 points and let the paint scores fall where they may.

I'm leaning toward the latter.  That gets both armies a bit closer to 'done' and after this tournament I can figure out how to step either of these up to the next level.

Of course CSM drops soon too so that is also looming on the horizon.

OH and I will have to return the Eldar bikes to my buddy at some point, so I would need to pick those up and paint as well if I keep those Eldar in the bike army.

The endless cycle of painting continues...

Friday, August 10, 2012

Golden Throne Day 2

So I walk in and of course I pull Jim's Necron Flying Circus.  I'll admit my mind was just not in it and this lead to some poor choices for me.

The mission was hammer and anvil and single objective.  Rather than write up a battle report Jim has done a great job documenting his games over on Dakka Dakka.

It is about midway down the page.

My thoughts were this:

I need to stay out of charge range of his wraiths.

I need to get first blood.

If I can do both of those things I can maybe win.

This led me to line up a lot of bikes in a row, knowing that the death ray was going to be a problem.

While I laid the hurt out on some wraiths, I could not pop his barge in 2 turns.  Then (thankfully) one doom siren came in and killed some bikes including one 2 man attack bike squad and that was first blood.

From there everything just went downhill.

The guys on Dakka have pointed out several things that I could have done better.   For sure I probably should have just charged in to the two wraith squads and done what I could.  It would have killed a few wraiths and I might have lost combat, but likely I'd be stuck in combat and that would keep me from being shot for a round.  Then I could try to break out on his turn and go back to shooting.

But I didn't, I was in disarray because of his army list alone, and I made some bad calls.  Such is life.  By the end of 6 I had managed to down 3 fliers and had linebreaker, but he had warlord and first blood.  We both had an objective each, so a loss for the bikes!

Jim would go on to lose game 6 to Christian but then beat him for top spot in the Finals game.

Game 6:  Lance's Imperial Gaurd

Company Command Squad
Astropath, 3 Meltagun- Chimera
10 Vets 3 Melta- Chimera
10 Vets 3 Melta- Chimera
10 Vets 3 Melta- Chimera
10 Vets 3 Melta- Chimera
10 Vets 3 Melta- Chimera

The Relic
Vangaurd Strike

So this is more the type of game I wanted to see.  I can deal with hulls and this mission is good for me because I can basically go 6" in two phases thanks to turbo boost which is a nice advantage

I set up to go first so I could go grab that relic!

Lance put a few things in reserve including the fliers and made sure his Griffon and LRBT were tucked into the back.

Turn one I advance and grab the relic.  My MultiMeltas are just in range and pop an empty Chim (the vets are in a Vendetta).  I scoot the relic away.

His turn one he shoots and kills a few bikes but not many.

My turn two I back the Eldar Jetbikes that are holding the relic away.  I keep one troop squad with them.  The rest of my squad advances to shoot at more chims.  I think I popped one, but it was a bit of a sad round of shooting for me.

Turn two for Lance and everything comes in now.  He starts laying down some firepower.  His Marbo I think missed and both the Griffon and the LRBT aren't killing a whole lot.  But I have taken a good clip of damage as I've been advancing.

My turn three and the jetbikes are in the far back corner now.  I turn  a good clip of my remainging army on trying to kill the Vendettas.  They've got the speed to go after the relic.  I think I did not much which makes me sad.

On the other side I had some choices to make.  I sent one squad over to try to get another chim full of vets dead but only stunned it I beleive.  My captain split off from his depleted squad to go after some vets that had been bumped out of the chim.  He killed a few but they stuck around.  The MM bike went after the  LRBT and killed it!

Lance's turn 3 and he turns one vendetta over to go after the Eldar, and since he hovered to do so he drops his guys down also.  He kills one, they fail LD and run off the board.  LE OUCH.  His other units position to fire at some guys and I think he nails a few bikes.  Marbo tries to charge the small bike squad but gets overwatched to death.  The captain kills a few more gaurdsman, they break and he runs them down.

My turn 4 and the bikes that same side kill more stuff.  At this point it is basically just keeping the Captain alive that matters most of all.

On the other side I am just short of being able to pick up the relic in the movement phase.   So I just focus on killing off the troops he dropped down and wipe them out between shooting and assault.

His turn 4 and he jets a few vets over and drops them to get linebreaker and takes some shots at my Captain.  The Captain lives.

And we've got about 4 minutes on the clock so we call it.  I don't know why we really only got 4 turns in this game.  Lance played very deliberately and I know toward the end there I was getting frustrated because his turns were significantly longer than mine.  I don't think he was slow playing, but he didn't really have the hustle that all my other games had (which often went 6 turns with 20-30 minutes to spare).

But regardless neither of us had the relic.  I had first blood and line breaker to his linebreaker.

So overall I went 4-1-1 and you can see the results and some interesting stats over on the tournaments homepage.

Tournament Results:

Some 'meta' break down:

So I had a ton of fun at this event.  I'm kicking myself as I'm sure everyone is for dumb moves and some poor luck but, hey, that's how these things go and everybody (except maybe Jim) is in the same boat.

I've got a few thoughts on 6th editions, tournaments, and my own lists which I'll get into next time!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Golden Throne Day 1 Part 2

Game 3: Will's CSM/Daemons

Lord- Terminator Armor, Claws, Mark of Nurgle
Sorcerer- Mark of Slaanesh, Lash
10 Chaos Termies, Mark Of Tzeenth, lots of upgrades
5 Chaos Space Marines
7 Chaos Space Marines- Rhino
2 Oblits

5x Plaguebearers

Vanguard Strike
Big Guns Never Tire (3 Objectives)

Will is another Zero Comp/Frontline guy I've met over the years yet we've never played a game.  He's going into the game thinking there is no way to win, and all I can think about is how am I going to get rid of Fateweaver.

This is the only time where I really make the biggest 'D'OH' rookie mistake of the game.  I win roll off and make him go first.  Then he asks if I want to steal the Init and I'm like 'eh sure not like it is going to happen.'  Literally the dice is leaving my hands and I'm wondering why the hell I've decided to do this.  Of course the 6 pops.  This is the stupidest thing I did all tournament by a long shot.

So the only thing I have going for me is the objectives give sky fire (and tournament rules meant all were the same result) so I had a shot in hell at getting to fateweaver.  The downside is I've now given Will the chance to take the side with two objective and he's going 2nd for last turn objective grabs.  T-riffic.

So turn one and I advance up a little bit and take some shots.  I think I maybe killed two termies because I'm trying to stay out of range of the sorcerer lash.  I mostly kept my troops spread out to avoid letting him drop fateweaver in to flame a bunch of guys or worse spawn my farseer.  I know he wants to kill him so he can lash my ass.

Will's trun one and he get's fateweaver.  While he's tempted to drop him a little into my guys he knows that utility is what counts and makes a safe deploy behind his lines.  His Oblits shoot my bikes waaaay back on my objective and kill a guy.

My turn 2 and I make a wall of attack bikes to shoot at termies as now is my best chance I figure.  I keep two troops on my back objective.  I send one other off to the flank.  I send my farseer behind some LOS terrain and use another troop to block off a portion of his table edge if his CSMs come in from reserves.  I manage to pop off 1 terminator as now they are getting fateweaver rerolls, hooray!

End of top of 2
Will's turn 2 and I think he gets both CSMs but not the plaguebearers.  His 5 man squad he walks behind his wall of terminators.  He really wants to kill the farseer so he decides to tank shock my non plasma biker.  I figure 'hey I've got a krak grenade and ATSKNF so why not.'  I hit, I pen, I stun.  Rhino and guys are still off the board and are destroyed and that also gives me first blood.  We're both laughing our asses off now.

He goes for a Lash and brings up an attack bike squad.  I think he kills it, he might not.  Things at this point get fuzzy.

Pretty much the rest of the game I'm trying to shoot fateweaver and largely failing.  I do get my captains squad to charge the oblits and kill them outright as Fateweaver is too far away for rerolls.  The captain dies to his Lord and he had the +1 for challenges which is poo.  My attack bikes get a lane to charge I think 4 CSMs on the objective and are routed.  His plaguebearers drop on toward my objective and tie up my squad.  I've got them doomed but it takes about 6 rounds of combat to kill 6 guys.   Fateweaver only ever takes one wound and pass LD.  Will makes two more lash attempts, one fails and I think one goes off with double 1s.

In the end he runs fateweaver toward my objective on the bottom of 6 hoping it will go on a turn.  It does not.  He says 'you win' and I say 'no I don't I lose'.  We go through all the points and he didn't think Fateweaver could get linebreaker because he is flying, but no he's still a denial unit.

So we've both got an objective, he's got my warlord +1 due his trait, and linebreaker for 6 points.
I've got one objective, plus first blood, plus linebreaker for 5 points.

We sign off on our sheet and turn it in to the judge.

5 minutes later the Zero Comp guys are asking why I sent my Captain so deep into his territory knowing he was going to die like that.  I say 'well I needed to kill those oblits because...' and then my voice trails off... BECAUSE THEY ARE SCORING UNITS AND GIVE UP A VICTORY POINT.

Thankfully Will is cool and we go up to the judge and explain it was a tie.  The judge also let it change since it there was still probably 40 minutes on the clock and it wasn't like we were past the round or anything.

So I manage a tie.  Looking back through this I actually made more mistakes than I should have.  Beyond the afore mentioned stealing the intitiative I should have just sat back and shot him.  I should have made him come at me and tried to pick him off more.  I should not have sent my Captain in there to get the oblits only to surrender two points to him.  If I could have limited him to one objective and held one I could have one just on first blood.

So lessons learned for me!

Game 4: Paul's Tau w/ Spacewolves

Shash'El MP/Plasma, BSF, 2 Shield Drones
3 Crisis MP/Plasma, BSF
3 Crisis MP/Plasma, BSF
3 Crisis Twin MP, BSF
10 Firewarriors in Devilfish
6 Firewarriors
6 Firewarriors
Broadside w/ Advanced Stabalization (S&P), BSF
Broadside w/ Advanced Stabalization, BSF
Broadside w/ Advanced Stabalization, BSF

Rune Priest
9 Grey Hunters, Plasma Gun, Wolf Standard
Drop Pod

Dawn of War
The Scouring

So I'd never met Paul before and I'm 'playing up' as I think he is 3-0 now.   This was the only game I had an opponent use book powers instead of the codec powers.  I don't even remember what they were now but it didn't play up big in the game.

This was also the only table I played on that had mysterious terrain with two water features.  We both avoided them like the plague.

We placed the objectives around and I did my best to make sure they were very far apart and way out in the open.  I play Tau too and I know where they fall down (holding objectives).

I don't recall who won the roll off but I ended up deploying and going first.  I kept the farseer squad behind some LOS terrain in the corner.  Everything else  I put on the line but in a few different groups (far left, central, far right).

He set up one Broadisde behind the LOS Bastion, one on the far back line next two one of his MP/Plas crisis teams, and one behind this big LOS hill with his other two crisis teams and commander.  He kept his troops in reserve and of course the Wolves would drop in turn one.

His warlord trait let him make it Nightfight turn one.  Handy since his whole army had Black Sun Filters to avoid night fight!

However my army is hard to avoid.  My left flank moved up to get an angle on one broadside.  I gave him 4+ cover but he still failed eventually.   My right flank and middle moved up.  Only one squad of bikes could make range on his back crisis suits in the open.  Three bolter shots, 2 plasma, and one multi melta later was enough to kill one suit.  I don't remember what combo did it.   To add insult to injury they failed their LD and were already right on the back edge.  So already he's down a bit in turn one and I've gotten first blood.

His turn one and the drop pod comes down and he's looking for the farseer.  However it scatters a bit so he shoots at an attack bike squad.  I think he kills one bike.  I think the rest of his shooting ended up not doing much.  As with most of this game my saves were pretty on fire (my shooting was otherwise meh) but I remember his Broadsides just rolling horribly.

My turn two and I sent one bike squad back to help with the wolves.  I tried dooming but he denied it with his fancy power.  I opened up on them and killed off nearly half the squad including the banner.  I charged him with the three squad I had (yes even the eldar) and HoW managed to knock another two guys down (his 5 guys were in a line and it was 10 bikes charging so just enough for everyone to squeeze in to base to base).  In combat he challenged and I fed him the sarge.  I won combat (as it looks like HoW counts toward resolution) but he stuck around.

On the left flank my bike advanced but I think I failed to land any wounds on his now backing away Broadside.

His turn 2 and I think the devilfish and one squad came on the board.  He put them near that 30" mark so they could shoot (6 guys in front of 10 guys in front of a devilfish).  He shot with his whole army and killed a couple of bikes.  As I mentioned I made a lot of great saves.  His rune priest goes to make some powers go off but takes a wound to double ones.  He challenges again but I only have my farseer so I decline.  He goes after my single attack bike and kills it and I think his last wolves kill one other bike.  I think I kill one wolf.  He's picked up a point for killing one of my fast attacks AND he's won combat.  Failing any LD would certainly see guys flying off the board... but I make them all. 

My turn 3 and I doom the wolves and it goes off and he fails to deny it.  On the left flank advances and starts working down the firewarriors but I'm not in rapid fire range and my shooting is still kinda bleh.  I think they make their LD to stick around.  In combat he challenges again and I decide I might as well send the farseer in as at least he's got an invul.  I fail to wound him or he makes saves, but he does the same.  I think I kill the last troop and he kills one more bike so we push combat.

His turn 3 and I think his last firewarriors fail to come in now.  Again he shoots at bikes and kills some, but it is looking like I am going to weather this storm.  He doesn't want to get close with his HQ squad for good reason, but it means he can't double tap his plasma.  Plus Tau plas is only str 6 so it is failing a few hits also.  I think he also popped off his drones this turn to start heading off to do some objective contesting/bait.

He again challenges and I step up with the farseer.  Again I think we just whiff at each other end that ends combat since that is all there is.

My turn 4 I doom and I think it goes.  I advance the flank and kill lots of firewarriors.  What is left all runs off the board.  This time my farseer accepts the challenge and kills the rune priest at last.

Hist turn 4 and firewarriors come on the board.  They go back by the hill close enough to scoot to objective next turn and still pop off some shots.  Not surpringly he shoots at the wall of bikes and a few die.  I think this turn I actually failed a LD so one squad falls back.

My turn 5 and the jetbikes haul across the table for one objective.  The last unit that was in combat moves to an objective and blows up his drop pod.  One attack bike squad hops down to another objective and if I recall immobilize the devilfish.  My other attack bikes fall a little behind to grab an objective and shoot a drone.  My last two squads move up and they shoot the firewarriors who then run off the table.

At this point I've left my Captain up front to suck up shots.  He goes to town with his double tap plasma and I think I've got 5 regular saves and 2 plasma saves.  I fail two regular saves and they jump back.

I think his other units killed off the other troop unit I had moving toward the objective.

At this point he's got no troops and I think has one drone contesting an objective.  I'm sitting on three other objectives, have linebreaker and first blood.  It doesn't even matter how many points each objective is, he's only got the one bonus point for killing one fast attack slot.

The game mercifully ends on a 5.

This was the only game that I played that really felt like a route.  Paul was a good sport as one can be about it but there was some bad luck on his side and my saves were hot even if my shooting was average.   Combined with having a fast army where everything could score and I don't know what else he could have done differently to net a different result.  This was also the one game where the lack of terrain really impacted the game as I think it would have helped him.  His suits were just pinned in that corner or else they were going to be shot to bits with no cover.

So I end the day at my surprise at 3-0-1.  There are only 3 players at this point that are 4-0 so I know I'm going to table 2 the next day and I feel good about that.

Then I see who the players are:  Christian's mech GK, Sirus's mech Blood Angels, and Jim's Flying Necrons (two wraith squads and 4 fliers).   All of these players are way out of my league as far as practice and GT experience.  So I leave day one happy but even with a great record knowing the next day is going to be brutal!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Marine Bikes Golden Throne Day 1

So it was quite a weekend of 40k over at the Golden Throne tournament.  I had a fun time and felt like I got a good sampling of what 6th has to offer (in both the good and bad terms).

Overall the event ran pretty smoothly.  We were about an hour late in starting day one.  I guess there was some snafu about the boards/tables but it seemed like the guys made do by having two tables pushed together and getting the green plastic laid down.  The terrain was 'ok' but definately lighter than 25% of the board.  After wondering how mysterious water/forests were going to be most tables had neither.  Most ruins had no bases so you were left to decide with the opponent how to deal with that.  In short: if you were a army that was going to hope for good cover saves you were pretty out of luck.

The final list as I posted the other day:

Captain on Bike, Power Fist, Artificer Armor, Storm Shield
4 Bikes w/ 2 Plasma, 1 Combi Plasma + Attack Bike w/ MM
4 Bikes w/ 2 Plasma, 1 Combi Plasma + Attack Bike w/ MM
4 Bikes w/ 2 Plasma, 1 Combi Plasma + Attack Bike w/ MM
5 Bikes w/ 2 Plasma, 1 Combi Plasma
2 Attack Bike w/ MM
2 Attack Bike w/ MM
2 Attack Bike w/ MM
Eldar Farseer  w/ Jetbike, Doom, Runes of warding and witness, spear
3 Gaurdian Jetbikes w/ 1 Shuriken Catapult

I did not grab many pictures of the games but will give my 'game at a glance' break down.

Game 1: Jason's GKs

10 Paladins with all the fixings
5 Strikes w/ 3 Halbreds and Psycannon
5 Warrior Acolytes in Razor w/ Psybolters
5 Warrior Acolytes in Razor w/ TL Lascannons
5 Warrior Acolytes in Razor w/ TL Lascannons

Dawn of War
Crusade (3 objectives)

I've met Jason a number of times and he's part of the Zero Comp crew from the Martinez area that I've been playing a lot with recently.  I don't think we've yet played though.  As a bonus this was his first real 6th edition game.  So he was glad to have a 'known' opponent that could help through the rules without it being an issue.

I knew Jason was going to send those Paladins to sit up on the middle objective.  So I split my army up to try to skirt the outside with one squad left centraly to both bait  and also have the option to redeploy.

I didn't bother even shooting at the Paladins.  They did their part picking apart bike units.  I just worked the flanks trying to stay out of range (which the first 2-3 turns he couldn't shoot with the paladins at all).  I tried to work on the tanks but had a hard time killing the early.  The strike squad played it safe and instead of going for the glory of getting the farseer squad hiding in the corner for last turn objective grab he went for an objective.

I think at 5 he had one objective, I had one objective, and we were contesting the 3rd.  I had line breaker and first blood.

It went to 6 and he took over the objective we were contesting, but I wiped out the acolytes that had held his objective.  I think he also killed my warlord that turn.  So I think it was a win 8-4 for the bikes.

Jason was a great sport and we talked more throughout the tournament about his list options and 6th edition.   I'm sure I'll be seeing him again!

Game 2: Alex's Necrons

Royal Court (Harbinger, Lord, Lord)
8 Imortals
15 Warriors w/ Ghost Ark
15 Warriors w/ Ghost Ark
Doom Scythe
Doom Scythe

Hammer and Anvil
Purge the Alien

I had never met Alex before but he knew the Zero Comp guys and it turns out he lives very close to me!  I explained I had yet to really play 'new necrons' as I've really only played Anthony's 'mostly old' necrons once or twice.  Nor have I ever played the new fliers, or an army with two fliers!  So this game had me very worried due to my lack of experience in these areas.

I think he won the roll off and made me go first.  His warlord trait gave him +1 cover in ruins so he set up all his foot troops in ruins.  His Ghost arcs just kinda 'hid' far back.

Turn one I moved up a bit but out of range, turn one he moved up to the edge of cover.

My turn two I edged up a bit and I think shot one immortal.

Turn two he had one doom sythe come on and it zoomed up.  Due to Hammer and Anvil my bikes were pretty bunched up so he could draw a pretty nice line on me.  He roll kinda low (maybe a 7) and killed a few bikes but I made a couple key jink saves.  Also I don't think his tesla arced much, or it didn't kill anything if it did.  So I was a bit fortunate there.

My turn three I focussed everything I had on downing the Doomsythe and did so.  This gave my first blood and the first kill point.

Hist turn 3 and he still kept everything far back and his second sythe came on.  This time it did a bit better killing one attack bike squad, killing one other attack bike (one made a jink), and killing a few other troops.  That gave him his first kill point.

On my turn 4 I again focused everything I could on it but this time he made some saves by going into evade mode and I think I only managed one glance.

Turn 4 he shot the other attack bike dead and killed one other with the telsa gun.  I shot at him again but he evaded and I think I left him with one hull point.

At this point on turn 5 I also decided to send my captain and his squad up the table as I figured I was going to need to make a play for his overlord/immortals if the game went on  or at the least take linebreaker (I think I was just in range).

Alex had other plans.  He teleported his overlord/harbinger/immortals down to my backfield.  His plan was to shoot the last attack bike dead, be in the ruins for cover, and then also have linebreaker.  However he scattered out of the ruins and didn't have a great LOS on the attack bike.  I forget if he even targetted it or just shot out at something else but I did not think he managed the kill point this turn.  Alex realizes he needs to get some guys moving to go shoot at the captain.  His warriors move up as do his ghost arcs.  He fires what he can (it isn't much), but the captain just sucks up shots like a champ.

I think at this point we are tied.  We roll and it goes to turn 6.

On my turn 6 I sent my captain further up the field and I think I took some plasma shots at one of his Ghost arcs hoping to glance it but of course with the shielding I don't think I scratched it even.  With about half of the remaining army shoots at the Doom Sythe and I think he evades but still is down to his last hull point.  The rest of my backfield Eldar doomed the HQ unit, shot it up pretty good (I killed the harby) and charge on in to them.  My HoW attacks actually managed to kill a few and I did well in combat also.  Harby didn't stand up and I lost a few guys.  I think I won combat and he stuck around.   The captain and squad also charge the ghost arc they shot at and kill it giving me another kill point.

On his turn 6 his one hull point Doomsythe is not in great position so starts moving away.  Combat goes really well for me and I think while he did kill my last attack bike unit (1 guy) I killed off his last immortals.  As a bonus his overlord failed his LD and I ran him down (or I killed him out right, I dont remember now).

We roll and the game ends.

At this point I've got warlord, first blood, and line breaker and have killed one doomsythe, one ghost arc, his immortals and Overlord.  I think he's killed all 3 attack bikes (though I'm thinking there might be one more troop dead I'm forgetting about somewhere).  Either way another win for the bikes!

Alex was great and we had a good time.  He was kicking himself for not advancing up his guys earlier.  Essentially the first half of the game was 2 doom sythes vs all my bikes.  That worked out in my favor but only barely so.  Had I had to deal with the rest of his army I would have been in bad shape.

Ok that's a long enough post for today!  I'll get game 3&4 up for tomorrow and concluding with game 5 & 6 afterwards!