Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Black Crusade, Painting Updates, Team Zero Comp

Just a few updates today and a few things I haven't squeezed into a previous post.

For one I complete forgot to mention that I won a door prize at the Golden Throne!

These are the RPG books from Games Workshop that pivot around playing Chaos.  I think that is a really cool idea.  I've read through the rulebook now and it seems easy to play but complex when it comes down to huge variety of weapons, skills, and talents.  I'm hoping to someday get a few buds together to play this but the biggest problem is (as always) finding the time.  Getting together for a day of RPG is not so hard, but it takes a lot of prep work to run a campaign, even with a book campaign to run!  So this is hopefully something we'll be able to pull together later this year.  But I'm still happy to have won some cool stuff anyway, thanks Golden Throne!

I haven't had much evening time to paint but I did work on a few of the bits I need for Celesticon.

The Aegis Defence Line and Quad gone are done enough.  It is nothing too fancy.  I would like to go back and do some detail work on the battle damage, but like the armies I'm taking they will probably just be 80% done and look good enough.

I also got the Imperial Fists guys I needed done dipped and a base coat on the base itself.  The downside is I think I must have 'brushed' the dip on the other guys because it is a lot heavier on these models than the rest of the army.  Hopefully once based and mixed into the squad it will not be too noticeable.

I also got the last attack bike done and based base coated. 

So I will try to get those bases wrapped up and move on to the scouts.  After that I just have the last terminator (waiting for arms) and I'd like to squeeze in the new/old termie libby too.

If I somehow have more time I'd also like to:
Finish the biker display board.
Add static grass to the bikes.
Paint the Shrine of Aquila terrain to use for both diplay boards.

And of course do detail work on both armies... that certainly isn't going to happen before the 1st!

I made it up to Frontline Gaming for a game this last weekend and they posted the battle report up on their site.

Will goes wonky with the camera, and I got a bit lucky in the game (Fateweaver ran away turn one) so that was bad news for Will.

They also gave me a shirt for Team Zero Comp and announced I was on the team.  I've beaten a number of the guys and that is kinda of their requirement.  It wasn't like I was particularly aiming to join the club but it is still cool all the same.  A lot of those guys travel to all the major GTs which I obviously do not have the ability to do (with work and family).   Still it is neat and I'll wear the shirt to future tournaments and try not embarrass myself more than normal.

So that's it for now, hopefully I'll get another painting update soon!

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