Monday, August 27, 2012

Converted Telion, Scouts Painted

So late yesterday I realized I can't just use the Scout Sergeant as a stand in for Telion because it is not even close to WYSIWYG.  So I thought hey I'll just wander to the game store/GW and pick up a Telion.  But no, it seems they are special order.

Well that's normally not really an issue, but I really wanted to knock out the scouts this weekend.  So I figured I'd just knock up a simple conversion.

So I went out and rustled through my marine bits box.  I've got a few of these old metal scouts and I thought this one looked 'sergeant-y' enough and the pose would work.  The stormbolter is I think from the captain sprue and the scope is from the scouts I think.  Honestly they were just bits in the box!  I cut the front off the storm bolter and used a bit of plastic tubing to make it a bigger single barrel to represent Telion's Stalker Pattern Boltgun.

This is the first time I've tried to do a greenstuff cloak.  I'm really horrible with Greenstuff and have never been fantastically successful creating anything with it.  At best I can fill gaps and the like.  To do this I pressed the greenstuff against another scout cloak and just pulled it off the best I could.  I filled in the gaps with some liquid greenstuff.

Overall the 'back' looks ok.  The downside of this method is the other side is basically flat, but of course hidden by the bulk of the body.

A quick primer layer with horrible fuzzy pictures.

And now completed with paint.  There are a few details I probably need to go in and clean up if I can find the time but not bad for a quick job to get these guys ready for Friday.

I also got into my Shrine of Aquila and this was just going to be 'dipped' using a brush so this mess is now drying out in the garage.

So a couple of terminators to go and then I can try to fix up anything else I have time to make look a bit better!

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