Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Easy 40k Display Board

So just a quick update to show the display board I did up for the bikers.

First I had picked up just a cheap white board.  I've done picture frames and cork boards but this time I thought I'd try the white board.  I also decided I was going to use some more of that spray texture I had for the basecoat so that required taping the edges off.

Oh wait I didn't talk about this stuff yet did I!  While I was not posting I had picked up this stuff and worked up a new table for games at the house.  I guess I need to post about that sometime!

Anyway this stuff is pretty cheap and actually does a good job of creating a sand like quality that is still actually flat and (so far) durable.  I just use a little dark first then cover it all with the lighter color.

So I hit the display board up with the two layers of spray and by itself it looked pretty good.  I was a bit worried it wouldn't stick to the white board at first but one it dried it was fine.  The downside is when I peeled off the tape it did pull the edges so there were bits of white poking through.

Of course I still based the whole thing anyway with my normal basing GW sand and green flock.  I'm just keeping this simple for now at least.

Then I grabbed the marines and added patches of green flock.  I plan to add rocks and static grass too but I still need to highlight the bikes including weathering the tires.   Extra vertical flock would just make that more difficult.

So that's it for now.  A bit more painting in the last few days to be 'ready' as I will get for Clesticon!

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