Friday, August 10, 2012

Golden Throne Day 2

So I walk in and of course I pull Jim's Necron Flying Circus.  I'll admit my mind was just not in it and this lead to some poor choices for me.

The mission was hammer and anvil and single objective.  Rather than write up a battle report Jim has done a great job documenting his games over on Dakka Dakka.

It is about midway down the page.

My thoughts were this:

I need to stay out of charge range of his wraiths.

I need to get first blood.

If I can do both of those things I can maybe win.

This led me to line up a lot of bikes in a row, knowing that the death ray was going to be a problem.

While I laid the hurt out on some wraiths, I could not pop his barge in 2 turns.  Then (thankfully) one doom siren came in and killed some bikes including one 2 man attack bike squad and that was first blood.

From there everything just went downhill.

The guys on Dakka have pointed out several things that I could have done better.   For sure I probably should have just charged in to the two wraith squads and done what I could.  It would have killed a few wraiths and I might have lost combat, but likely I'd be stuck in combat and that would keep me from being shot for a round.  Then I could try to break out on his turn and go back to shooting.

But I didn't, I was in disarray because of his army list alone, and I made some bad calls.  Such is life.  By the end of 6 I had managed to down 3 fliers and had linebreaker, but he had warlord and first blood.  We both had an objective each, so a loss for the bikes!

Jim would go on to lose game 6 to Christian but then beat him for top spot in the Finals game.

Game 6:  Lance's Imperial Gaurd

Company Command Squad
Astropath, 3 Meltagun- Chimera
10 Vets 3 Melta- Chimera
10 Vets 3 Melta- Chimera
10 Vets 3 Melta- Chimera
10 Vets 3 Melta- Chimera
10 Vets 3 Melta- Chimera

The Relic
Vangaurd Strike

So this is more the type of game I wanted to see.  I can deal with hulls and this mission is good for me because I can basically go 6" in two phases thanks to turbo boost which is a nice advantage

I set up to go first so I could go grab that relic!

Lance put a few things in reserve including the fliers and made sure his Griffon and LRBT were tucked into the back.

Turn one I advance and grab the relic.  My MultiMeltas are just in range and pop an empty Chim (the vets are in a Vendetta).  I scoot the relic away.

His turn one he shoots and kills a few bikes but not many.

My turn two I back the Eldar Jetbikes that are holding the relic away.  I keep one troop squad with them.  The rest of my squad advances to shoot at more chims.  I think I popped one, but it was a bit of a sad round of shooting for me.

Turn two for Lance and everything comes in now.  He starts laying down some firepower.  His Marbo I think missed and both the Griffon and the LRBT aren't killing a whole lot.  But I have taken a good clip of damage as I've been advancing.

My turn three and the jetbikes are in the far back corner now.  I turn  a good clip of my remainging army on trying to kill the Vendettas.  They've got the speed to go after the relic.  I think I did not much which makes me sad.

On the other side I had some choices to make.  I sent one squad over to try to get another chim full of vets dead but only stunned it I beleive.  My captain split off from his depleted squad to go after some vets that had been bumped out of the chim.  He killed a few but they stuck around.  The MM bike went after the  LRBT and killed it!

Lance's turn 3 and he turns one vendetta over to go after the Eldar, and since he hovered to do so he drops his guys down also.  He kills one, they fail LD and run off the board.  LE OUCH.  His other units position to fire at some guys and I think he nails a few bikes.  Marbo tries to charge the small bike squad but gets overwatched to death.  The captain kills a few more gaurdsman, they break and he runs them down.

My turn 4 and the bikes that same side kill more stuff.  At this point it is basically just keeping the Captain alive that matters most of all.

On the other side I am just short of being able to pick up the relic in the movement phase.   So I just focus on killing off the troops he dropped down and wipe them out between shooting and assault.

His turn 4 and he jets a few vets over and drops them to get linebreaker and takes some shots at my Captain.  The Captain lives.

And we've got about 4 minutes on the clock so we call it.  I don't know why we really only got 4 turns in this game.  Lance played very deliberately and I know toward the end there I was getting frustrated because his turns were significantly longer than mine.  I don't think he was slow playing, but he didn't really have the hustle that all my other games had (which often went 6 turns with 20-30 minutes to spare).

But regardless neither of us had the relic.  I had first blood and line breaker to his linebreaker.

So overall I went 4-1-1 and you can see the results and some interesting stats over on the tournaments homepage.

Tournament Results:

Some 'meta' break down:

So I had a ton of fun at this event.  I'm kicking myself as I'm sure everyone is for dumb moves and some poor luck but, hey, that's how these things go and everybody (except maybe Jim) is in the same boat.

I've got a few thoughts on 6th editions, tournaments, and my own lists which I'll get into next time!

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