Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More hobby for Celsticon

Just trying to make the final push now!

My terminator arms have still not arrived so it was time to go for plan B.

The arms I ordered actually are not terminator arms, but instead old metal tactical marine armes that have TH/SS.  They are smaller than terminator arms, but on these old oop termies they look fine.

What I do have is an old set of terminator arms that are TH/SS but I don't have the shield.  But I do have a few of the larger sarg shields for the newer termies.  So I decided I will use those on the sarg and popped off his current arms to use on the last terminator.

A quick paint job and these were ready for dipping.   The downside here of course is you can see the arms are noticably bigger and of course they don't have the black trim around the shoulder pads.  It is a little hard to see in the picture, and I'm hoping once he is placed in the quad it will not be as noticable.

So that works for now at least.   It certainly isn't my first choice but oh well.

I also have the termie libby done, he just needs to get dullcoated.  And of course the banner...

I gave the shrine of aquila a matte spray also and that looks good enough as well.

Just a quick shot of the bike army (sans aegis defence line) on the new board.

So not much needed now thankfully, as I only have one more night to finish!

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