Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Celesticon 40k Reflections

So it was a fun couple of days of 40k this past labor day weekend out at Celesticon.  I played in two events and had fun playing against some tough lists and generals!

I don't feel up to doing battle reports for these games though.  For one I'm exhauseted, two I took very little pictures to help me remember, and three I was drinking during most of the games!

So here is a brief run down of how it went.

The first day was the 2000 point Lazy Boy tournament.  I took my Imperial fists complete with 700 pt deathstar of Lysander/Libby/terminators.

Game 1 was against a local transplant from Sac, Pierce, who brought grey knights with a Bastion.  My biggest concern were outflanking Dreadknights so I castled in one corner and 'Thunderbubbled' around my defences.  One Dreadknight came on the wrong side, and since they can't assault out of reserve the other got mobbed.   My bigger problem was with the Bastion which I really just had no answer for at all.  In the end he had his unit in the Bastion, the Bastion, and his HQ left.  I was in pretty good shape.

Game 2 was against Justin who I've played twice before at different events.  He is a great dude and we laugh a lot (and drink a lot) during our games.  He played DE/Eldar which was largely a big troop blob + venom spam.  This was a really close game but it ended up going one turn too long for me and he snatched the win and the overall victory for the day.

The next day was the 1750 event and I brought marines again but this time the bike variant with the Eldar allies.

Game 1 I played Pierce AGAIN!  This time he had his just gorgeous Daemon army.  I thought for sure he would win best painted.  However a nurgle chaos took that honor, but Pierce would go on to get the best overall award.

This was a fun game but it was also a little weird.  Weird in that for three turns nothing went his way and everything went great for me.  Then, as if somebody had hit a light switch the exact opposite happened.   He had horrible scatters the first three rounds and he spent most of those turns nearly tabled due to my hot dice.  Then his scatters  and flamers went to town, he got two Changelings 'shoot your own guys' LD tests off on me, and I could not roll well to save my life.

In the end I only won due to First Blood.  So a very narrow victory.

Game two was against Alex's bugs.  I played Alex in game 7 a the BaO (he ran marines there) and he is a really nice guy.  He had been up late the night before so was hurting a bit for our game, and I feel bad about our game.  Not necessarily because of what happened on the table, but my attitude was pretty negative the back half of the game.  It is a horrible habit I fall into and I've spoken about it before on the blog.  I was watching things fall apart (again) and Alex was encouraging to play it out until the end.  I even shook his hand after the top of 7 and he still said 'roll these last dice, you can still win this.'  I had totally forgotten that Krak grenades work against Monstorous Creatures.  My lone biker locked in combat with a Tervigon on an objective managed to knock off his last wound and that won me the game.


But now I felt like a complete douche.  I apologized profusely.  I know better and I still have to work on it.  Alex took it all in stride.

My last game was against another Dan with orks!  I was interested in how orks were being run and how they were doing.  He had obviously won two games, and on table one next to us another ork army was playing necrons.  I made sure to not let any negativity enter into this game and we had a lot of fun since we basically knew we were not going to get 'best general' due to victory points.

I had first turn and I shot him up pretty good.  The last few turns I was running out of room though and on turn 5 it was really anybodies game.  I made him make some tough choices, and if one combat had gone better for him he would have won it.  I was pretty sure it would not, and was hoping the game would end.  It did for once!  Had the game gone on it was still anybodies game but essentially line breaker and first blood won me that game.

So how did I do overall?

Essentially three of us went 3-0 but because I just eeked out wins I had low Victory Points which were only used for tie breakers I landed 3rd for Best General.  I got a middle-ish sports score (not horribly surprising) and there was no real paint score, just a favorite army vote basically.

So I can't be too unhappy with my overall gaming this weekend.   I still feel a bit dickish for my poor attitude in the game with Alex but I'm sure we'll play again and I will go the extra mile to make sure I return the positive attitude.

Beyond that the Aegis defence line and quad gun are worth their weight in gold IMHO.  Even though they got over run in several games they downed fliers and put wounds on MCs that reserved which was great.  I'm not sure they are 100% needed in all lists but currently I think I'm putting it in every list I am writing until more anti flier units are available.

I think the biker army is probably my best army in 6th edition.  I think perhaps I need to be more prepared for that 'late game crumble' for this army.  I run out of room to move, units get creamed in combat, and options start getting slim.  Clearly the army can win despite it, but it is shocking to go several turns unscathed, dishing out tons of damage, to just get out right murdered the last few turns.

The Eldar allies were ok.  Doom worked out great, but the overall anti psy protection did not come up very big.  It is useless against Daemons and orks, but can potentially be huge against bugs.  However he only failed one test, and he didn't shy away from trying.  So I'm going to build up my own unit, but I'm considering bouncing it in the 1500 pt list in favor of the aegis and scouts.

The Imperial Fists were a ton of fun.  I just don't know what to trim out lower than 2k points.   Probably the entire deathstar and just rely on lots of hulls.  But it just doesn't feel very... threatening, nor interesting to play really.

So for now I can just muck around with lists for friendly games I'll hopefully be getting in the next few weeks.  There are no tournaments on the short term calendar, so I think painting is going to be a little slack as I wait to see the Chaos dex drop.

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