Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Crazy Busy Moving!

Wow almost 3 weeks and no post!  I have been crazy busy the last few weeks.  First I spend a week traveling for work.  Then I moved houses which was quite the undertaking.  Then of course there has been non stop unpacking and of course Thanksgiving family fun times.

In all that I did not get much in the way of hobby time or games.  I did make it out to Frontline Gaming for a few games with Frankie.  He wrecked me for three games with his Nurgle CSM.  It isn't that they are super great, but my armies were pretty weak.  It didn't help that he stole the initiative twice!  /shakes hand at sky

The bummer is that there is not going to be a ton of game time on the horizon either.  I've got another week of travel which basically downs two weekends since it is overseas.  Then there are a ton of holiday parties to go to and then Christmas which will mean several days of family visits.

Hopefully I will be able to squeeze in a day or two at the end of the month to just be a vegetable and get some games in as well.  I need to get painting my own Eldar jetbikes and wrapping up the bike army.  As much as I want to finish up the 1ksons they are not going to be my best tournament army, unless I'm going in just for fun and soft scores (which I tend to do too).

Beyond that I totally geeked out over the weekend in my new office space.  At least for now it is mine, some day I will be booted to the garage when the kids get older.  Until then I'm enjoying the space.

Anyway on to the geeking out part, I pulled out all my minis.  Not like 'hey remember this guy' but in 'what is everything I've got.'  I remember seeing this on BOLS years ago and I had always wondered what my collection looks like.

Not the greatest pics from the phone that I trimmed up but here is the 'forces of order' I suppose.

And this is chaos/orks/fantasy/trollboods.

It's a lot of models.  It is way more than I get to use and it kinda makes me want to get more of these guys out for a spin.  Of course when you only get so much time to play you don't always think 'let me take this army that 6th edition broke' out when you can try something that actually has a shot at winning.

I also feel like I need to give Fantasy another try.  As 6th edition has become more like Fantasy 8th edition there might be more to like now.  I'll need to give the rules and FAQs a good looking over. 

But again do I want to struggle with learning new rules with what little time I have or just play 40k?  That was the problem with Warmahordes.  I enjoyed the game, but I could never get enough games in to really learn the other factions.

Either way I wont leave these guys out forever but it does make me want to get painting up again.  Once some of the crazier parts of Dec are done I'll buckle down and get to work.  The blog might be a little light until then!

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