Monday, November 5, 2012

Games at Frontline, Helldrake Assembled

So Friday night I headed up to Frontline Gaming for some games with Reece and Frankie.  I lost more games than I won but it was still fun to just hang out and get some games.  We laughed a lot and talked a bunch about chaos in general.  I picked up a Helldrake (which I had proxied in a few games) which I assembled over the weekend.

My two games with Reece we did up as Battle Reports.  My games with Frankie we were a bit more lazy, but since I lost those I don't mind so much!


This is a two game report, with Jim (who's necrons was my1 loss at Golden Throne) playing Reece first and then my game.

We switched over to Bugs vs Bikes in this one.  Doom of Mylanta owned my Tournamt bikes list to say the least.

Getting back to Chaos we spent a bunch of time going over units and options.  I think a lot of us are trying to unravel the mystery of how to build an effective chaos army.  The problem is it does not MSU very well, and any kind of Deathstar list suffers from normal Deathstar problems.  It isn't that the book or most of the units are bad... they are just costly and that kinda leads to every list made a bit lacking.

Oddly enough Troops are still a bit of the quandary, which is why I think we'll see more Plague Marine armies as that is at least a cheap resilient troop choice.  I think there are other solutions too, but they all end up not killing very much and/or just costing more while not adding survivability.

Cultists have their place, but they are also pretty much useless.  I've taken 10 guys and I've taken 20 guys and really they are just nothing but objective holders.  I think you either spam 10 man guys or you take a blob if you've got an HQ that can either keep them around after taking losses from shooting or put up a fight in CC.

The aforementioned Helldrake continues to be good.  I think I used it in 3 total games and it never died though I did make a lot of 5++ saves.  On the flip side it's killing power was slightly limited in my games due to the opponents.  But I've seen the havoc in can cause so I think it is definately staying.  I may even need to find room for a second unit.

So this is basically the 1750 list I used Friday.

Sorcerer MoT
Termie Lord, MoT, PF
3 Termies, 3x CombitMelta, PF
5 1ksons, Rhino, Havoc Launcher
5 1ksons, Rhino, Havoc Launcher
5 1ksons, Rhino, Havoc Launcher
10 Cultists, Autoguns
10 Cultists, Autoguns
3x Obliterators, VotLW
Auto/Las Pred
Auto/Las Pred
Aegis w/ Quad Gun

The Sorcereer is near useless.  The terminator Lord also really just didn't add anything to the deepstriking termies.  I think he'd be better served keeping cultists around but even then I'm not so sold.

The termies also did very little.  The games I played had very little mech, so not surprisingly they didn't have great targets to DS against.  This may be a sign of the times.  This unit might need to be dropped, or added to so as have an options to be effective walking around the board.

The small sons squads were hit and miss.  Some games the rhinos got them where they needed to go and 5 guys were plenty.  Other games rhinos died fast the small squads were not enough stick around for long.  So the verdict is still out on that.  The funny thing is the squads configured as such are only about 13 points different from running 2 x 9 squads in the rhinos with the havocs.  The Havoc launchers were fun and added a bit of annoyance but again their effectiveness is still in question.

Cultists I covered.  Near useless but sorta necessary in some fashion.  I've been starting one on the Aegis with an HQ and putting one in reserve.

Helldrake as mentioned has been impressive.

The 3 Oblits are still good, the non fearless does suck.  I also played against the T5 oblits and yes they are certainly the best way to run them hands down.

The predators have still been pretty darn good.  They are cheap and shooty and there seems to be less and less that can deal with AV 13 at range.   I keep thinking about going TriLas but not sure if it is worth it (or if at that point 2 oblits is just better too).

Aegis is obviously necessary.

So I'm back to the HQ quandary once again.  I'm now toying with a super Sorcerer on a bike and see if he can be the one HQ to fill the need for the rubrics, LD support, and a bit of killing power.

I'm not holding much hope out for the latter at this point...

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  1. Why Nit just go with one regular chaos lord? You really don't need the Tsons as troops, if anything they could be a support squad in the elites slot. AlsO I think if you drop the ageis and instead of 2 10 man cultists, do 1 20 man cultist squad( if you have more, do 30), and attach them to the lord for a giant fearless blob. As it is your troops are really lacking. You need more troops. You Could do like 5 5 man Csm squads with a melta or plas as a special and the icon of vengeance for fearless in a rhino with a dirge. That may put you up to the same points you have with the sons. But honestly 7 plagues in foot with 2 plasmas or 5 with 2 plasmas in rhinos are still the best choices IMO. Just give the lord mark of nurgle and go from there. You don't need a super powerful hq just take 1 save points and build a good balanced army.