Monday, January 14, 2013

A late Happy New Year!

Holly cow it has been awhile since I got on the blog and updated.  Needless to say life has been incredibly busy.   I've had a lot of traveling for work, the holidays, and of course the normal family commitments that have kept me off the blog.

But I've continued to plug away in hobby land.  I've had a few evenings up at Frontline gaming to get some games in and try out more chaos and practice with my bikes.   We even got a battle report up on their site if you want to see me get spanked.  :)

I also had a game day over the holiday where 5 other friends came over and we had a couple of old fashioned beer and pizza gaming.  A lot of the guys were getting in some of their first 6th eiditon games so it was fun to just play for fun and do a bit of teaching.  Of course there were a few shockers for people (you mean you can't assault out of a rhino type stuff) but overall I think everyone had a great time.

I've not got much painting done which was a big disappointment over the holiday.  I was hoping to finish up my biker army and move on to my Chaos to get them ready for some soft score tournaments.  But I did pretty much nothing.  No that's not true... I did primer the cultists and the Helldrake.  WOW.  I'm a man on a mission.

But this last week I've gotten my but in gear a bit.  I painted up the Eldar allies for the bikes.  They did not come out how I intended and I was really frustrated early on in the process.  The end result is ok I suppose, but they probably need more loving.  I wanted to paint them mostly shades of grey like they had walked off a black and white TV .  The result was way darker than I intended, really boring and basically poor.  I've added drops of color but still it just seem... flat.

But for now they will have to do.  It isn't like this army was going to win any soft scores, though I would like them to not scrub my chances of going overall if soft scores get included.  So these guys might land on the painting table again later.  Of course I fully expect farseers getting nerfed and at that point these guys will likely leave the list for more bikes.  Maybe even sooner if I find psychic powers not being a big threat over the next few months.

I picked up the Dark Angel Codec over the weekend as well.  I have been wondering if maybe a full transition over to Ravenwing would be cool.  After a bunch of reading and figuring out point costs I'm not so sure it is.

I'm going to do a bit more thinking, but I think I'll do up a blog post specifically about Ravenwing and what is interesting and what the problems I think we'll be seeing from a pure Ravenwing army.

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