Monday, February 11, 2013

Imperial Fist Army

So another picture heavy blog.   These are my Imperial Fists, which are still pretty good in 6th edition.  They are troop light but with the benefits of the wall cracking all this armor can be tough.

The whole army came about because I had a lot of old out of print models.  So the idea was to make a 'not quite heresy era' army.  I wanted to get it done reasonably quickly so this is all done using the Army Painter colored primer and their dip as well.  It isn't going to win any awards but taken as a whole the army looks pretty nice.  If I ever wanted to really take them to a tournament with a soft score involved a week or two of highlights and detailing could probably click these guys up a few notches.  However it isn't the most fun to play (boring kind of) but is great for people to play against since it is a pretty good marine army to practice their tournament builds.

First we have Lsyander.  I had his actual Thunder Hammer and Shield left from my Termie Templar conversion, so I was able to put that to use on this guy.

Lysander is a great HQ.  The only downside is really losing Combat Tactics for Stubborn.  It only really matters on the termies as there are times breaking combat in the opponents turn so you can charge again would be great.  For this reason (and his cost) he is usually what gets cut when going to anything under 2k.

The terminator Librarian is pretty cheap and gives some flexibility.  Nullzone for fighting Daemons and Gate is actually useful in this army since there is not a lot of mobility.  Going to Biomancy is never really a bad choice either.

These HQs obviously always run with the terminators.

I've only gone to combat squad them once and even then I don't think it was a good idea.  You want a big unit to move across the field and basically be shot and/or tie up nasty units.  You don't have a lot of troops so you want to keep them out of harms way and a big (expensive) unit like this will do that.

The rest of the army is basically all fire support starting with the Dreadnoughts.

The autocannons are from Puppets of War and look really cool in this army.  They do require a bit of warm water to straighten and a good amount of working with the knife and green stuff.  However for the cost and the look I think they are a great buy.

Regular old school mono pose tactical marines.  Essentially enough for two 10 man squads  though I have a spare sarg done if I need to cut down to three 5 man squads.  I also have meltas I can trade for the flamers.  The flamers are usually better used and free.  The army overall does not have a lot to deal with AV 14 but a few Lascannons and Lysanders Str 10 TH.   There is other str 8 but that is pretty hard to count on for that kind of work.

These are two Las/Plas Razorbacks.  Againt the turrrents are from Puppets of War and they were just cheap enough and easy as opposed to cutting up my own conversion.  Plus i had to reuse these old school rhinos anyway!

So I really wanted to use Typhoons but of course the old metal speeders (which look great) didn't have that option.  What I did have was a bunch of Deathwind Launchers from all the Drop Pods I have purchased.  So I think this looks great.  I have had one person tell me that they thought having the pods on top was unfair because they look higher than the actual GW model.  It turns out they aren't so it shouldn't affect LOS issues.

Originally this was a 3rd Razorback and in smaller games sometimes I go back to that model.  However I've been having fun with a whirlwind lately and there are enough infantry out there for this guy to be useful again.  Too bad he doesn't have a skyfire option yet, then he'd be great.

Lastly we have the Dakka predators.  Cheap AV 13 and volume of fire is the name of the game.

Like I said when you add in the Aegis this can be a real tough army to start to take down.  However if a brutal unit can make it past the terminators and into you line it is usually about game over then!

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