Thursday, February 7, 2013

This is my current Tau army.  I had the lightbox up over the weekend so I decided there were some older models and armies that I've never really showcased.

This Tau army was my first painted army.  I had already started painted orks, but I wanted to pick up something else to mix it in so I started Tau by buying a small painted force on ebay.  It was some firewarriors, some kroot, a few crisis suits, and a hammerhead.

So I have basically stuck with the paint job that that small force had and improved upon it just a little bit.  However this really hasn't been worked on in years and it needs a LOT of loving.  For one I never Dullcoated the army.  This was before I knew better so a lot of the models are chipped.  Obviously my painting technique has also improved a lot as well.

I also figured I'd go with a snow theme.  So I got online and I looked up how to do it, but I didn't do it very well.  Some of the snow bases you can see I did not add enough white paint to the mix, and now it has yellowed over time.  So most of these bases need to be redone.

As the Tau codex is looking like it is coming out later this year these guys will stay this way until we can see the new book, pick up new units, and at that point I'll go back to getting these guys improved.

Until then I give you my Tau army, in it's not so awesome glory!

These guys have pretty much been my HQ choices in the last editions.  Every weapon and system upgrade is magnetized, and I've got a slew of options I can mix around between all the suits.  These guys I wanted to try some dynamic posing rather than the boring pose of the crisis suits below.   The guy on the left is a great example how bad some of the yellowing has gotten on some of the models.

Crisis suits, or which I've always needed more.  I've used one of the HQs as a regular suit and I've also got a unpainted broadside that I've sometimes subbed in as well.  I've got one of these guys unbuilt that I should just throw together for the occasional times I pull the army out for funsies.

Stealth suits which have always been fun though a bit inferior to crisis suits.  They are certainly better in 6th edition but not really so much where more Crisis suits or Firewarriors seem a better choice still.

I've got lots of Firewarriors.   Back in they day of fish of fury they were great to run 3 full squads.  In 5th I dropped down to two min squad hiding in Devilfish.  Now I've played more 4 x 9 configs on foot and that has worked pretty well.

Kroot have always filled that hole for a big blob in my Tau army.  I've never like the paintjob but since 10 were in that original batch I just stuck with the theme...

...but I've never gotten the nerve to go and paint the Kroot hounds.  These guys have been picked up over the years from cheap ebay bids.  They add a lot to the Kroot blob and hopefully they will be useful in the next dex as well.

These are my main pair of Devilfish.  One of the Hammerheads can also be converted over so I can run three if I choose to do so.  I have not chosen to do so since 4th edition.

These are my Pathfinder conversions.  It is just too easy to use the firewarriors with the carbines and trim off some armor and call it a day.  Plus more horrible yellowing on the bases.

Piranha's were money in 5th edition.  They still are useful in 6th, but I find more guns are better overall.  I have a 3rd that is unpainted.

Hammerheads also have seen less and less use as 5th edition went, and now I haven't even tried them in 6th editon.  The new rumors could have these guys back on the table.  I have the bits for a Skyray too of coruse, also unpainted and largely horrible to use currently.

Broadsides, which probably need to be the start and end to every list.  I mentioned early I have a 3rd guy which is about 1/2 painted.  In the few games of 6th I've played I've just run them separate loaded with shield drones.  That seems to work out pretty well.

I have shield drones and gun drones around as well, but I just couldn't be bothered to update those pictures.

Anyway that's the army right now, I think I'll stick this on the side and maybe I can do updates to this if/when I ever get back to improving this army!

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