Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bay Area Open Complete

So I had a long but fun weekend at the Bay Area Open.  There are plenty of other threads that you can find out there that cover the event, and lots of pictures as well.  Thank goodness because I really didn't take any.   I was incredibly lazy, drinking beer, and having fun. 

I've stolen a number of pictures from Jim's (Jy2) report on DakkaDakka, I hope he doesn't mind!

Friday was the team tournament and I played with my buddy Frankie.  Frankie is a co-owner of Frontline Games and they were running the BAO event.  However the double tournament was only 34 players so Reece decided he could run it himself and Frankie could participate.

We took an abusive Nurgle CSM Hellturkey list.   2 Nurgle DPs, 4x 10 Cultists, 3 Helldrakes, 9 Nurgle Oblits.  It was gross, but we were not alone.  Of the 34 lists there were something like 27 hellturkeys in the event!

We played against a GK/Ravenwing army, another Triple Helldrake list, and a Azrael/IG Blob + Ravenwing army.  We won all of the games, and all of our opponents were great.  The Chaos game in particular was a big challenge with 8 flying things going around.  No Hellturkey died until round 5!

We also dressed up like nurgle cultists, complete with biohazard suits and masks.  Talk about total nerds.  I've yet to find a picutre of us but I know some were taken.  When I find a picture I'll post it.

Frankies army also looks great and he was up painting all night.  A ton of greenstuff work was done on the Helldrakes to make them look Nurgly.

I also did up a Nurgle Cultists Pamphlet as our handout for the event.

When you print those on some nice paper two sided and fold them up they look really great!  I printed about 30 of them up and used a little pamphlet display to hand out to people we played or anyone who came looking.

In the end we were tied for "Best Hobby" which was essentially paint, costume, and handout with two other teams.  Reece had each person stand up and plead their case, and then at the end had the people there applause for the winner.  I pleaded as a Nurgle Cultists trying to get people to join our cause, and that tact worked on the crowd.  However since Frankie is co-owner of Frontline (and Reece started getting worried at the end of round 2 and talked to me about it) the prize was kicked down to the next team.

We also ended up 1 point behind first place, and again the prize was kicked down to 3rd.  It was all good and the event was a ton of fun.

I took my bikes to the singles and had obviously finished up the Sternguard and Drop Pod.  I got lots of nice complements on the army, but there were plenty of much more amazing armies out there.  I think if I take the bikes to another tournament with softscores I will do up a better display board and add some battle damage to the bikes to just give them a bit more details.

Captain, Bike, Artificer Armor, SS, PF
10 Sternguard, Pod, 3 CombiMelta, 2 CombiFlamer, 1 Melta Bomb
4 Bikes + MM Attack Bike, 2 Plasma, 1 Combi Plasma, 1 Melta Bomb
4 Bikes + MM Attack Bike, 2 Plasma, 1 Combi Plasma, 1 Melta Bomb
4 Bikes + MM Attack Bike, 2 Plasma, 1 Combi Plasma, 1 Melta Bomb
4 Bikes + MM Attack Bike, 2 Plasma, 1 Combi Plasma, 1 Melta Bomb
4 Bikes + MM Attack Bike, 2 Plasma, 1 Combi Plasma, 1 Melta Bomb
Farseer on Jetbike, Runes of Warding, Shining Spear
3 Guardian Jetbikes

I had 30 extra points that I didn't feel comfortable dumping into the already expensive Sternguard so I thought maybe the meltabombs could be useful.  I used one once, and it missed.  Clearly spending the points in the Sternguard, who overall were great, would have been a better choice.

Day one was a bit rough for me.  I started with a win over Marines, then lost to Eldar, CSM, and Eldar again.  Go figure. 

The Marines I largely won because my Sterngaurd dropped and ruined his LRR and made a mess of his backfield. 

My first Eldar game it essentially came down to the Avatar making an 8 inch charge.  Had he failed I would have won by 2 points, but he made it and I lost by 1 point.

The CSM was a double turkey list, and I can say I just rolled bad more than the turkey's owning me.  Don't get me wrong, my opponent had some bad luck also (Typhus and Termies scattered on bikes and I placed him in the corner, one Helldrake didn't come in until turn 4), but he just mopped the floor with me and the dice just were not feeling that game!

My last Eldar game was with Mark whom I played at the last Game Kastle tournament.  This time he had a jetseer council and some forgeworld bits that proved too much for me.  On turn 5 he made a lot of saves with a jetbike squad, but as a whole my plans just didn't pan out that game.

Day 2 was a bit better.  I won against bugs and Templar pods, then lost my last game to sisters.

The bugs I have to admit I got a little lucky.  I got to go first and my sternguard were able to kill his warlord Tyrant before he flew away.  Turn 2 I got really lucky and downed his second HT with my first shots, and had enough to kill off him and the Trygon!  Then doom came down and killed a ton of bikes, as usual.  Still I was able to hold on to the win.   He had not played against a Farseer before, so he just didn't bother to cast psychic powers once he figured out how the mechanics worked.  I'd say this was pretty much the only game that the farseer and jetbikes played a massive part.

The Templar pods was probably the biggest come from behind game I played.  He had some forgeworld Siege Dreads (Ap3 Flamers) and gave me turn 1.  Knowing that was what he would want I piled my bikes to one side thinking I would turboboost over to a far corner and spread out where there were no objectives.  That way he would drop down, kill some bikes, then I could just play the shooting fallback game plan.  Except he stole turn one came down and ruined all my plans.  Things were going pretty bad for me but I decided to risk sending my once wounded Captain into combat with his Th/SS Marshal and terminator retinue.  I figured he had more attacks but hit on 4's, and I had less but hit on 3s.  I could take two wounds but he could only take one.  It took about 4 rounds of combat before he finally failed a save but I popped him, then whittled through the rest of his 5++ termies.  That turned the game around and though I only had about 4 bikes left I was able to take the objectives.

The sisters game... man I don't even know what went wrong.  They have a lot of shooting and I had some bad luck.  I poured a ton of shooting into the St and her Seraphim hoping I could instaglib the St who was toward the front.   She look out sir'd about 7 hits and I killed the whole squad but not her.  Then I left my Captain to far forward and he poured on the firepower and I failed two saves.  I probably should have just LOS as well but I was losing other bikes and I was hoping the 2+ would do better.  By the time my Captain made it to combat with the St (who had probably killed 6 or 7 bikers at that point) I figured I still had a few rounds of combat to pop her, and I had 7 bikes in combat still to let me reroll a failed one on my save.

At the top of 5 she had made about 7 4++ saves in 3 rounds of combat.  I finally rolled a one.  Then rerolled another 1.  At that point I could safely call it a game as he still had the bottom of 5 to clear out my last few free bikes that had gone out to solely contest a few objectives.

So 3-4 in the singles, the same as last year.  I really had a great time and I don't think my play really reflected the finally w/l tally but that's cool.  It is a little hard to be around some really great players and be reminded that, in the end, I'm really not the super tournament player but that is ok.  I don't get nearly the amount of games needed and I also don't typically play 'super' armies or use forgeworld either.

Speaking of forgeworld there were only the two folks I mentioned that I played against that used it, and while the bits they had were good they were not game changing.  However on the top tables there were plenty of anti air forgeworld and clearly they helped with some the the Helldrake spam.

So I had a total blast although by game 10 I was a bit delirious.  I would definitely do it all over again, and hope to do so next year as well! 

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