Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thousand Sons Helldrake Painted

So after the better part of two months of squeezing in painting when I can I'm ready to call the first Helldrake done.  It came out pretty well and certainly looks nice, though I can't help but feel it is a bit under the level of the rest of the army.   This is probably due to the sheer scale and complexity of the model.  It is hard to maintain such a high level of painting on every detail and quite honestly I just wanted to get the blasted thing done by the end.

Here you can see the rear end (tee hee) and some of the choices I made with the color pallete.  I decided I would make the 'flesh' prominent and stand out from the model and used a similar technique that I used on the pink horrors.  It came out well but is slightly different than the horrors, which is only a little alarming because I need to go back and paint more at some time and I'm afraid they are going to look quite a bit different now!

I also decided to make the tail actual bone color, thus showing the blend between a living daemonic creature and the mechanized drake.

A bit out of  focus but you can see I wanted to get the yellow from the rest of the army in as well and this has been done with the cabling.  I also continued the green glow from the army to the vents, though I was not brave enough to attempt a bit more glowy on the hull.   The wing undersides are not as well blended because they aren't going to be seen and, as mentioned, I really wanted to finish this turkey.

The resin base company that I got my clock work bases didn't have a flying base size yet for this clockwork theme I've been using.  Instead I got the wood plank one and a couple of flat inserts in the clock work and made my own base.  This is another bit that I'm merely content with but feel that it is not very good.  My green stuff sculpting around the  clockwork is bad because I just don't know what the hell I'm doing.  However it is painted black so it hides it pretty well, and of course the other details draw the eye away from my poor craftsmanship.  Overall I think the effect of the base is nice, but someday I could see replacing this with a resin base should the desire and availability arise.

So I'm satisfied with the model and I think in person it looks nice alongside the rest of the army.  Certainly there are bits I wish I could have done better but this is kind of a common theme with my feelings about my painting ability these days.

I have no idea when/if I'll get back to the second model which at this point is only base coated.  I do not think I'll try to get it done for a 1ksons 1500 point list, which means I have no immediate need to hurry to finish.  On the other hand it would be nice to wrap it up just so the two look the same and I don't end up in a situation like the pink horrors where the second batch might look quite a bit different from the first.

However I do have some bits I need to get done in order to even field a 1500 1ksons force so that is probably the priority.  Then I'll probably knock some Tau bits out to field a 1500 force as well.  When that is done then maybe, and only maybe, will I be motivated to complete the second Helldrake.

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