Thursday, May 23, 2013

Finishing Chaos for Kublacon

Just some quick updates as I get ready to head over to Kublacon this weekend for th 1500 pt 40k event.

I've pretty much finished up the cultists and the bases, I just need to assemble the two together and get these things Dullcoated.

I also pulled out ye olde display board to make sure I knew how I would set things up a bit.  I left some space around the front for where I imagine these cultists will go.

There are some touch ups and cleaning up that I'm going to work on the next few days, but none of this should take long.

I wish I had more time to do a 2nd Aegis line.  It looks so poorly painted next to the army, and of course it is very generic.  This is probably the single most disappointing part of the army that I'll be showing.  I almost think to not set up the aegis on the display board as it just doesn't fit right both in quality and theme.

Beyond that I'm pretty much ready to go short of printing up some rosters.  My list is, as I mentioned last post, not good.

Termie Sorc, MoT, Spell Familiar, Lvl 3
9 1ksons, Rhino
9 1ksons, Rhino
10 Cultists, Shotgun! :p
Helldrake w/ Baleflamer
2 Oblits, MoN, Votlw
2 Oblits, MoN, Votlw
2 Oblits, MoN, Votlw
Aegis, Icarus

If I go 1-2 I think I'd feel like a stole a win.  If I win 2 games it would be nothing short of miraculous.

If I didn't care about painting and/or time allowed I think dropping an oblit squad and a level off the sorc for the 2nd helldrake is better, and debatable if jumping to the quad gun is better as well.  But there is no way I'm finishing up most of a helldrake in 3 days and I'm really only bringing this army to see how it paint scores.

I think that's really the only thing I'll really be disapointed in this weekend: a low paint score.  I'm sure I'll get some complements on the army as sure as I am of losing most (if not all) of my games.  But if I get a 'middling' paint score I'll undoubtedly be irritated.  I don't have any dreams of winning paint as usually there are several great looking armies, but I would hope to be... you know, up there with the better armies!   Which goes back full circle to hoping the Aegis doesn't start dropping my score...

Oh well, we'll just have to see.  I hope to have fun in my games and maybe be resigning to going winless I will free myself to have a good time.  Or maybe I'm kidding myself and the competitor in me will be cranky anyway.  I'm not sure if having high expectations crushed (see BAO singles) is any worse than taking a boo boo army and being crushed.

I'll tell you next week! HAH

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