Thursday, May 9, 2013

Painting & Modeling, Few Games, Looking Forward

So a little bit of hobby has been squeezed in over the past few weeks but nothing horribly drastic.

On Sat I got to go to see a group of guys that I don't see so often these days for a night of games.  They don't do a lot of 40k these days, so I ended up getting a refresher game in with my trollbloods to start.  I still enjoy Warmachine but of course just don't play enough to really know what I am doing.  I still think it is a great game.

Then I did a couple of demo games of Infinity.  I did one really small demo game last year at Celesticon and it seemed like a fun game.  We did a couple of bigger games (120ish points I think) on the full 4x4 table.  I can see why it is a fun game overall.  It has a very necroumunda type feel what with the small gang mentality and the overwatch/aro mechanics.  There is a lot of risk/rewards and tactics that I'm sure make the game lots of fun when you have a much better grasp of the game.  Of course I just don't get enough game time to really warrant picking up another game system (even if it is just a dozen models).  Still it is always fun to give a new game a whirl.

Overall I had a fun time and it was just a great chance to hand out with some great guys I don't get to see much!

I also went up to Frontline to play a couple 40k games last Friday.  I played my 1ksons versus Frankie's dop pod wolves.  I actually didn't do to bad thank to double helldrakes.  However thanks to Big Guns never tire I had given up 3 VPs for my oblit squads, so even though all Frankie had left were drop pods and I had an objective, he won the game due to first blood (we had both lost our warlord).

The second game we brought out my Tau and I thought I would be destroyed.  However thanks to a bad drop in turn 1 I managed to have a LOT of return firepower that essentially just mopped up the marines on the ground.  Ethereals make FWs and Kroot pretty damn amazing at short range.  Granted he had some bad drops and after looking I think my list was over 60 points, but given I never used probably 100 points of upgrades it is what it is.  Either way it was surprising to see marines just getting removed by the handful due the the weight of firepower of pretty much just the troop section of the Tau list.

I also picked up my Riptide I had ordered and put that together. 

Of course I wanted to magnetize everything as well so I can swap options around later if I so choose and of course ease of fitting into a foam transport solution.

I will probably glue the shield on once it is painted as it can wheel around a bit with just the one magnet holding it.  Everything else feels pretty solid when assembled.  So I look forward to getting some paint in on this guy.

Last week I also got my extra 'arms' together.  I needed to get these done to up my obliterator count by using what were my terminators instead.  I also needed a normal TLBolter to use one of the old Olbiterators as a Termie Sorc (since it is the Termie Sorc model after all!).

So right now though I'm just slowly working through 10 Cultists for my 1ksons Kublacon list.

They are in the pretty much basecoated phase which means I completely hate them and think they are going to look horrible.   I hope to wrap these up in the next week and with a little luck they will not be as terrible as I am imagining currently.

That would mean I'd have a week to work on fixing up my old display board which could use a little love.  Then I'd be 'ready' for 1500 point Kublacon.  Ready in the sense the army would be done and look pretty nice, but it is still going to probably just get smashed by any competitive army I face.

Termie Sorc, MoT, Spell Familiar, Lvl 3
9 1ksons, Rhino
9 1ksons, Rhino
10 Cultists, Shotgun! :p
Helldrake w/ Baleflamer
2 Oblits, MoN, Votlw
2 Oblits, MoN, Votlw
2 Oblits, MoN, Votlw
Aegis, Icarus

Yes MoN on the oblits in a themed list is not really themed.  Sadly MoN is hands down better and, as I've mentioned to anybody that will listen, MoT is more expensive for some crazy reason.  I would totally take MoT if it were a bit less than MoN, and maybe even if it was the same cost.  However it isn't so I'm not.  Switching to MoT in this list would mean having to come up with 10 points I don't really have unless I want to cut something that is actually going to be more than likely way more useful (Votlw on oblits, Spell Familiar on the Sorc).  The fact that GW thinks the +1 Invul is better than T5 is totally insane on GWs part.  Of course the world is not shocked by this, so we've just got to get over it and move on with things.

As I said this list still isn't great, but it isn't really terrible either.  It has enough of everything to sort of look balanced, but again really doesn't do anything well.  So if you play another 'hey this is my marine collection' then great there's a fun game.  End up playing anything competitive (Necron Airforce, GKs, and Death Star, etc) and you really don't stand a chance.  If I manage to win a game at Kublacon I'll be pretty happy so long as I can pull out a respectable paint score.

I'd say it's just basically subpar to what you could be running out of the book instead.   Switching to a complete Nurgle themed list is hands down going to be better.  A killy Nurgle lord on a Plaq to sit with fearless cultist and 3 small PM squads with double plasma is in almost all ways better than what I'm taking.  Thanks again GW.

After Kublacon there is a 1750 late June that a teammate is going to run at Game Kastle.  I'm definitely going to try to make that as well.  As Eldar will be out by then it will be a bit of a new world since most of my 'good guy' armies have been allying with the Farseer/Jetbike unit and that is clearly going to be gone.  So I might try bikes again, or work to get my Tau cleaned up for that event would be a nice goal.  I'd say I could take my chaos and get some more painted but after working on the Hellturkey and Cultist for the last few months I think I'd like to change gears.  Also what I expect to be a thrashing at Kublacon I'll likely want to try to actually take a list that has a shot of winning more games than losing.  So probably Tau but we'll see how it goes.

Here's a possible Tau 1750 list that might be worth trying once the Eldar have nerf batted changed in June.

Commander, IA, ABF, Stim, Target Lock, Drone Controller
2x Maker Drones
2x Crisis TLMP
3x Crisis TL Plasma, Fusion
Riptide, Ion, Interceptor + Skyfire
10 Firewarriors
10 Firewarriors
10 Firewarriors
18 Kroot Snipers
5 Pathfinders
5 Pathfinders
4 Marker Drones
2 Broadsides (Railguns)
Hammerhead, Subunitions, DP, BSF
Skyray, DP, BSF
Aegis, Icarus

Basically what I used against Frankie at 1850 minus the Eldar and some equipment changes.   Losing the Eldar gives up two important things; Psychic protection and a fast scoring unit.  Neither of those things were always required, but they were some nice adds to the list.

But there are a good amount of markerlights, a tremendous anti infantry shooting base, decent anti air, anit meq, and anti vehicle.  It really just lacks mobility so we'll have to see how that plays out with more games I suppose.

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