Monday, July 8, 2013

Even More Tau Painting Madness

So I got in a good clip of painting in over the last week.  I basically had a 4 day weekend as well.  That was packed with a ton of great BBQ and family fun, but it also meant I could get a few nights for painting so I cranked out lots of smaller projects.

I finally got my Tau ethereal.  This is just one of those models I never needed until the new dex.  I'm pretty happy with him overall.  I am waiting to finish the snow basing until I get the last few models done then I'll knock them all out at the same time.

I also painted up Longstrike.  Since he was going to be more 'all white' then the other Tau I thought I'd try using the technique I used on my Sternguard helmets.  This basically meant washing black over all the white then doing broad highlights of white.  Overall I like the effect though it is obviously not as clean as the rest of the army, it is more realistic.  Certainly I could see doing this to all the firewarriors at some point if I could find the time, but then I don't know how silly it will look next to the suits and vehicles.  So probably this will be the only model, but hey he's a unique guy.

Kroot hounds which I've had 8 forever and just have never been motivated to paint them.  So two for my two squads of 10 to give me options.  Of course since I'm painting them years after my kroot I had no idea what I had done to get the right color so this was my best attempt to match the burgandy birdmen.  I also think the 'frills' look better the solid color washed then the way the kroot are now.  So those are another upgrade I need/want to do down the road on the existing kroot.

My last crisis suit that I needed to get done and the Cyclic Ion Blaster for the Commander.  Though it has a short range I've been liking the option to overcharge so I think I'm going to stick with that for now.  I also painted a bit more blue highlights on this Crisis, something I think I might go back for the whole army AFTER this next tournament to an even great degree if I decide to take this to a more soft score heavy event.

I've also made some tweaks to my list from the other week.  I've decided I will sell out a bit and go with the missile Broadsides.  The one shot Railgun is just not cutting it.  The plethora of missile seems to indeed be the way to go.  I'm not going to go crazy (3 Broadisdes and 6 drones), but keep it modest with 2 and 2 and give them interceptor over skyfire.

So a quick hour plus saw the drones done pretty simply.

Now I need to work on the Broadsides.  Once those are done and get those models based the 2k army is ready to go!

The last question will be do I attempt a display board for this event?  Given what time I have left and the fact there is no soft score I'm guessing probably not.  If the army does well enough and I feel like keeping it in the tourny  rotation I do have few neat ideas I'd like to try for the snow themed board though!

Monday, July 1, 2013

More Tau Painting & Games

So last week was a pretty busy week for Tau.  First up I've been working on painting the Riptide and wrapped that up before the weekend.

I still really do no like the paint scheme for the army.  I guess overall it looks ok.  The guys at Frontline think I should just get an extreme highlight going on the blue to make it pop.  So that might be something I do after Golden Throne.

I also continued working on the bases for the troops.  I had done the pathfinders as a bit of a test even before I did the crisis suits the other week.  So this weekend it was on to the troops.

In addition to cleaning up the bases with some white paint and grey trim I mixed up some more 'snow' mixture.  I ended up making quite a bit before I was happy with the consistancy and color, so I just figured I'd get that riptide based as well.

I ended up leaving more grey gravel showing than I did on the rest of the army.  I wish I had done that on the rest.  Re-basing the army is another 'maybe' on my list but I'm not sure I want to spend the time doing that.

I moved on to the Kroot but ended up needing to get on to other things so that is on tap for this week.  I'm also hoping to get the ethereal done, and possibly Longstrike depending on how the weekend goes.

I also got a number of 2k games in last week to practice my Golden Throne list.

I played Anthony with a BA/IG mix.  This game went poorly from the get go, and I can largely blame my absent minded set up.  First I blobbed up and totally disregarded his Manticore.  Then I set right up on the 12" mark, when he was running a bunch of jumper BA going first.  I should have lined up on the back 3-4" to minimize the barage and to hope to get two full turns of shooting.  So that game was basically over before it started.

Then I went up to Frontline on Friday and got three games in with the guys.  Funny enough I played 3 generals with different versions of Eldar/DE mix.

First was Grant with his updated Seer council list.  The Seer Council runs with the baron, and is backed by 4 venoms, 2 min jetbike squads, and 2x3 war walkers.  Sadly for Grant I stole turn one, and was able to kill the Baron.  This ended up being crucial because later I assaulted his seer councel with a few units and challenged with my Commander.  He accepted, and though I could never 'Fist' him to death and I lost combat until only the Commander was left, my Ethereal kept him stubborn and tied that unit up until the end of the game for a Tau win.

Then I played Reece with his new improved Eldar.  He had a big Helion squad with the Baron and a jetbike squad with a jetseer, DA squad, Gaurdian Squad, war walkers, wave serp, swooping hawks, warpsiders, rangers and a Wraith Knight.  I feel like I'm forgetting something else.  Really it is a great Eldar list with no spam and lots of flexibility.  Plus it was relic and he was going first, so I didn't know how I could possibly snag the relic away from his jetbikes which would surely get it turn one.

Then I stole the initiative AGAIN.  So that game went downhill fast for Reece.  Still he was giving it a go and did get the relic and start pulling it away.  His Wraith Knight went in for the assault and lost some 4 wounds before making it to my Riptide.   The Riptide battled it out a few turns but with my 3++ save due to the nova charge I was able to win that combat, torrent down all his troops and basically left him with only warpsiders hopping around for another Tau victory.

Then I played Frankies Venom spam and he went first and just mopped the floor with me.  The highlight for me was killing his Wraith Knight with Overwatch.   It was crazy, but by the end of 5 I was stuggling to tie objectives even though I had lost first blood anyway, then the game went on and we called it there as I had almost nothing left on the board.

So in 4 games I won the two that I stole and lost the two I did not.  I'm not sure if that is enough for any take away data but it is what it is.

So back to painting and maybe a little bit of list tinkering with 4 weeks to go until the Golden Throne.