Thursday, September 19, 2013

Update: Lots of Hobby Painting

So I haven't really given an update of my hobby painting for awhile.  The last big project I had wrapped up was my Tau for Golden Throne.  Since then I've been working on a few different projects.

First I did quickly knock out a librarian that I used as Azekiel for my Imperial Fists as Dark Angels for Celesticon.  Yay for counts as armies!

Also on the 40k front I'm a bit fantically updating the bikes to be 2k ready for feast of blades.  I've totally given up on Tau not because they aren't great, but they aren't horribly fun and I'm sure there will be dozens of Tau armies there.  It will be interesting to see how many bike armies make an appearance with the book only being out 30+ days.

So I've knocked out the Command Squad.  I just need to do the basing which I'll probably work on in the next few days.

The apothecary came out ok I suppose.  I haven't dullcoated these yet so I'm wondering if that will help smooth out the white a bit.  The technique I have been using for white works great on things like helmets and I used it on Commander Farsight, but on the bigger bike surfaces it did not turn out quite as pleasing.

I also built up another Stormtalon and took it out for airbrushing.  It looks pretty close to the done one, and hopefully once it is fully painted they will look like a matching pair.  Clearly it will not be perfect (or as good as had I dont them together) but hopefully close enough.

I also build up a Khan model and did the airbrushing as well.  Again here I think he'll look good and close, but it just doesn't quite match the rest of the army unfortunately.  The rest of the army was done in two different sittings, and the combo of paint is just not going to be duplicated.  I have consdiered just painting him completely different (Black?) to make him stand out and not look silly, but I guess I'll paint him done first and see how much he stands out in the end.  Maybe I'll drag both the previous models out to the garage and try one more lighter green highlight to see if it comes more in line with the army.

Currently I'm working on the pair of Thunderfire cannons and the techmarines.  I'm hoping to wrap these guys up this weekend.

So in a perfect world I'll wrap those up, get some basing done next week, and wrap the Storm Talon up next week.  The following week I travel for a few days but I'm hoping I will still have enough time to finish up the Khan model.

The week before Feast of Blades I will finish up the loose ends.  I've ordered a bunch of the Ion Rifles from Anvil Industries which I plan to use as Grav guns and need to convert to Combis also.  So that will take a bit of work.  I'm hoping I can possibly knock out a quick display board that I can fit in my luggage as well.  Lastly I have been feeling the bikes need a little more color, so I've decided one more decal on the front will help add a bit to the bikes.  So hopefully one good night of decal work can get the army that extra pop.

So time is short but I've got a plan and hopefully I can stick to it!

But wait there's more!

I decided to take part in Frontline Gaming's Fantasy escalation league with my Lizardmen.  I've had this army for two years and I primered it and got no further.  So now with a new Codex and some motivation I got cracking (before the marine dex hit mind you).  The league starts at 500 points and you add 250 each two weeks.  I spent about two weeks and got about 1250 mostly knocked out, so I can basically pick this up again once Feast of Blades is over.

A little bit of paint and my plan had always been to dip these guys with the Army Painter stuff so it will look good but not great.   So away we go!

Sauri with a hero and full command!

A skink Priest curtesy of the Engine of The Gods stegadon kit.

Skirmishers with blowpipes, still need to finish basing.  Yes Javelins are better now but I'm not going to be changing the models.

Chameleon Skinks, these are conversions from normal Skinks.  I'm not paying GW prices for those models, it is insane!

Lastly a pair of Salamanders.  They aren't as great in the new book but they are still nice, and I never had really sold out and taken 6+ of them so two are still a nice addition.

I also started work on a Bastilladon but it has more work to be done.  Still I could put him together now and he'll meet the 3 color minimum needed for the league.

So my hope is to pick this up after Feast as my primary painting project.  It will be nice to build up to the 2500 point army and have a done fantasy army just for giggles.

I'm sure I'll be looking at other projects (like what to do with my Templar) but I'll have bikes ant Tau done for any local 40k events that are competitive so there 'shouldn't' be a big rush to finish up any other projects!

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