Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Can You Own Too Many Marines?

So a bunch of work and travel the last week and it is getting into the holiday season.  I always have the greatest intentions of getting lots of hobby time in this time of year and just never really do. 

Of course I have all the greatest intentions of still getting stuff done.  I'm stilling getting in some pick up games of 40k, largely with my bikes.  They are still a lot of fun and I am planning to go to the Vegas Open in Feb and plan on running them.

The Fantasy League has slowed down a bit.  A few guys are having trouble getting games in so things are a bit stalled.  I think we're going to start 'jumping' games around so this continues, but it means the painting requirement is probably going a bit out the window.  I really want to finish that army to a nice standard but it is hard to get motivated to do lots of Sauri and TG.  The good news is I have almost 2k painted now which is really great to get mostly wrapped up and I plan to get back to the rest soon.

But right now I've been taking on a new project, because we all know I can't keep away from starting new projects before I've finished others.

 So I've had a desire to do something with my drop pods, and I was thinking I might repaint my Templar too.  So I started dorking around with a couple of things and now I'm really wanting to flush out a complete Black Dragon army.

Now I'm not really in a big rush to finish up this army, so I thought I'd try some things that I haven't done before as a means of differentiating from past projects.  I figure that would be a good excuse to do this and try to logic it out as opposed to admit I'm just a frick'n addict.

So I'm trying a lot more lighting on the paint.  I plan on building lava bases and I have some test bases in the works now  I am not sure how much I like the dry brush of grey but I don't want to do lining like I did on my Templar.  But to me it just looks like a big mess.  I think I might actually airbrush grey on directionally then apply washes to darken them up, and I am going to get a test model in hopefully this weekend to try that.  I hope that works because I don't really want to dogo about blending grey to black as I've tried that before also and have not been super thrilled with the results (not to mention the time it takes).  But of course that is the fall back plan.

You can also see there is some conversions going on the model.  The horns and spikes are from Tyranids and I plan on doing them for the Assault guys.  I might do a few smaller horns on the heads or regular marines.

Also you can see the shoulder is custom that was made for me and I'm in the process of casting resin molds.  This shoulder was not the best so I figured I'd use it on this test model but it is nice to have that casted shoulder on there.  It is also hard to see but he has these 'wings' on the knee pad that I've been molding out of resin as well.

They don't come out all as nice but I think if I make enough I can get the pairs going that look correct together and that will be a nice effect as well.  It would have been great to have those details be more like the above picture but the things are so darn small it is hard to get bits that fine and my modelings skills are just not great either.

I also want to make some custom transfers...'cause hey why not.  So I'm hoping to apply a few next week to this guy to see how those come out as well.

So of course I can't just repaint much Templar because... well I'm like that.  So I can redo my pods but I needed to add a few bodies.

So I'm experimenting with resin and trying out a few models and doing some flashing.  I've proxied two games and they were both fun using Salamanders and Vulcan.  I have no idea how I'm going to make Vulcan but I figured I'd build some models first and see how that goes before I tackle his conversion.

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