Monday, February 17, 2014

LVO Raffle Army Paint Match Trial

I think I've decided to hang on to the LVO Raffle army.  Anthony used my "Snow Tau" army at the LVO and will pick them up at the "super friend discount".  That's cool because he'll use it and I'll still get to enjoy it even if I'm always on the other side!  Plus I can do paint updates for new units in the future and that works out well for both of us.

That means making this army mine now, MINE I SAY, so time to put in a little wrench time.  First I wanted to do some paint matching tests to see if I can mimic this paint scheme a bit.   I went up to Frontline on Friday night and picked up the army and was able to get the two riptide sprues (still looking for the Broadside Sprues).

I clipped a couple of bits to try out matching paint and also just a spare base to try to get that going also.

On the left is one of the done pathfinder drones.  I clipped an antennae and two of the bits that go on the Riptide legs to try to match.  I think they came out really well!  The base I just drybrushed a few different color and freehanded the lines to see if I could get close.  I've since got the actual 'recipe' from the painter but it means getting a paint color I don't have. 

It is pretty close as is.  I think after this I did a lighter drybrush too and it is even closer.  Once I get that missing paint I'll give it another go and hopefully it will be spot on with the others.

The other bits match in really well I think.

 No bit on the leg and...

here is the bit on the leg!  Pretty good!

Missing Antennae bit...

Antennae bit added.  Close enough to not really notice the difference I'd say.

So feeling good about some not necessary bits I figured I'd move to the SMS for the riptides.

No SMS goes to...

Again feeling good about getting those right in with the original paint.

I've been going over other bits of the army too, trying to see what else I want to do.  In doing so I noticed the Ethereal was missing his finger, lol!  This was just a finecast bubble issue that didn't get fixed, so a little greenstuff and paint and that was a quick fix.

Of course I'm looking at that picture and realizing the base needs to be painted too.  There's lots of little things in this army like that that I need to get to 'finishing' to my liking.  I know the guys did a great job but had some limited time so there are a few things to wrap up.  Like the wall is mostly done, but the gun and 'middle' sections are just washed metal.  So I'll go back and get those painted fully.  A few other models just needs some touch ups.  None of this will take a lot of time but I'll work on that as time allows just so this army is ready to roll for the summer.  Given how well the matching of paint has gone I feel pretty good about getting models done myself also.  The only immediate thing I think I'll add is another jetbike squad, just to get some more troop mobility in there.  I might cut a few FW or pathfinders to squeeze that in at 1750.

The other bit that is a quick fix is getting the bases magnetized.

Yay for drilling into resin so it is a little time consuming which is I'm sure why they didn't get this wrapped up in time.  Again not really an issue and a nice project to work on after a long day because it doesn't require super attention like painting.  I'm numbering the guys and base too since it is awesome these guys made these display bases to fit right in there!

Super handy!

I also picked up my Mega Matt which is great.  I rolled it out on my office floor to take a look over it and the next thing I knew my boys were playing around on it.  So I told them to stop it!

They proceeded to then 'rest' on it.  Haha, at least they listen!

I've got a few things to work on but the next event is probably Kublacon in May assuming that is happening!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

LVO Complete and Totally Awesome!

So this last weekend was the Las Vegas Open and man did I have a great time.  My wife decided shortly before the trip to come out for this, plus Anthony's wife went along as well, so that was pretty nice.  They got to walk around and did some shopping in the day while we were free to game.  Then Friday evening we were able to have a great dinner and hang out, and Saturday night we had to ourselves for a date night.  We had dinner and went the the Cirq show Ka and that was a lot of fun.

Of course the 40k was where it was at and even though my record of 3-2 is modest I had a ton of fun.  There was great generals and beer and dice so it is hard to go really wrong from there.

Here is the briefest of recaps of the games I played with my Grav Bike army.

Game 1 was Dawson and his Orks w/ IG.  I think this potentially is a good army as you can fill the holes of orks w/ IG and visa versa so I was interested to see how it worked.  It probably is a fine list but the matchup wasn't really in Dawson's favor and I was able to do well.

Game 2 was against Mike B from Reno who beat my fanny good at BAO last year, and has won plenty of events himself.  Instead of CSM this time he brought Eldar with 3 Wraithknights!  This is the kind of matchup I was looking for and by turn 3 had killed the Knights off.  Mike fought me the rest of the time to make me work for it but it was a bit much to come back from.  

Game 3 was against Jim (Jy2 on Dakka) and his Necrons.  I've probalby played Jim 4 or 5 times locally and he always starts with a 'I'm not sure I can beat this list' and then beats me.  Most of the games are close, and this was no different.  This was actually a bit of a re-match from 2 years ago at the Golden Throne where his Necrons beat my bikes.  Of course the bikes are a lot better and I think I played well.  However about midway though Jim observed 'your dice are giving up on you' and they had.  I was in combat with the wraiths to avoid being shot, but I was failing saves and he was making his so what can you do.  I lost but it was 6-5 so you can't be too unhappy.

Day 2 I'm feeling rested but it was certainly a bit harder to get excited after a long day and night, but I knew that technically 1 or 2 people with one loss could make the finals.  Since I did well the first two games and just barely lost to Jim technically I felt there was a chance however slim.

So Game 4 I pull Steve S who has won lots of tournaments in CA.  He's running an almost identical list.  He's saved points on Anti Air by running 2x2 Hyperious launchers instead of Storm Talons.  He's used those points and the points from my scouts to add an upgraded command squad.  He's also running a libby instead of Khan.  This game was a bit back and forth the first turn or two, then Steve's dice just check out and took a break.  I mowed through his command squad and he failed some LD and his army was on the ropes.  Still he kept fighting and would have kept me to a close win if the game ended but it went on and thus secured me a big victory.

I end up on table 8 so I know this is playing for the last finals spot.  At first they put me up against Israel's Tau and he's a great player but I'm chomping at the bit to go after all those Riptides.  Not that it was auto win by any means because he's a great general, but ya... I was feeling good.

Alas there was an error so I get to instead play Nick (Darkwynn) and his Eldar.  So you know, only one of the most successful 40k generals ever, no biggie.  It was funny because it was the Feast Invitational winner vs the Feast Open winner.  Unfortunately I only had two choices against his army (go after him or retreat a few turns) and I chose the wrong one (go after him).  He basically tabled me over 4 turns and we called it when I had exhausted every angle I could to score/deny points.  I didn't feel like I gave a very good account of my generalship but we laughed the whole time.  I also feel like the experience from that game would aide me in any future rematch to make the game be a lot closer if nothing else.

So I dropped to 3-2 but played some really great guys and the losses didn't really damage my ego or anything so that is always nice.

Day 3 was the doubles and I played with Jason and his Eldar and we had just thrown a list together of what we had brought.  We managed to win our first two games, but unfortunately Jason had to run to the airport to leave.  Luckily our friend Grant was able to step in and Jason left us his models to play on Table 1 for game 3.  We ended up losing to end up in 3rd overall but it was a fun game where we lol'd the whole time so, again, nothing wrong with that.

Of course the most exciting news is that I ended up winning the raffle army.  This thing is pretty amazing.  When you think about all of the models, bases, and case that is probably $1000 right there.  Then the pro paint job is probably another $1000.  So while I don't normally gamble in Vegas that $10 investment in raffle tickets totally paid off for me!

TOTALLY AMAZING.  There is just one little detail that, and keep in mind I'm NOT complaining, that keeps this win from just the absolute freaking perfect thing.

NOT COMPLAINING, but yes I already do have a pretty decent size Tau(dar) army.  This really just adds a few big models (2nd riptide, 3rd Broadside, Wraithnight) from what I could currently run right now.  The big thing is how beautiful the army really is because it is AMAZING.  It is also probably pretty darn good at 1750.  You could run all those models for 2000 pts if you were so motivated or didn't want to add other (ie pay for more) models.  I'm not sure 200 pts of drones is the best option... but you COULD do it should you choose.

You can see more pictures on their website here:

So I'm not entirely sure what to do.  I could try to sell or trade this new army away.  Not that I 'need' the money, but it would be nice to get my Black Dragons pro painted to this level so that could fund/subsidize that endeavor.  I could also just sell my other snow Taudar away and use that money to get a few upgrades for this army and continue my plan on painting the Black Dragons myself.

Either way the LVO was a blast and I'll certainly be going every year I can.  It also has got me hungry for games and events, which is always a bit tricky to fit in the schedule but I look forward to getting to those that I can!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A few days until LVO!

It is just a few days until LVO and I'm really looking forward to it.  My wife decided just a week ago that she would indeed like to go so those arrangements have been made.  I'm mostly glad she is going as we'll get to hang out at night and certainly I think she'll have fun and be less angry at husband for traveling and leaving her with the kids!  The bummer is I wont get to hang out with the guys at night but that's just the way it is.

This weekend I figured I'd take a better look at my list.  Essentially I made up a list after Feast for 1750 and have just been playing it from memory.  This is what I was recalling from the changes from Feast:
Cut: DA Libby, DA Scouts, Command Squad
Add: +1 Bike to Flamer Squad

Basically the last few months that is what I was playing.  What I totally forgot was I had also added: Combi Flamer, Melta Bombs on All Sergeants, Auspex + Digital Weapons on Commander.

So essentially about 50 points short in all the games I played.  Nicely done!  Of course the bikes still did really well and that is encouraging.

My first thought was I have never used any of that gear so clearly it isn't being missed.  I like the idea of the combi flamer on the flamer squad sergeant.  The rest can go.

Next I thought well lets just add more bike bodies.  Essentially I could get that flamer squad up to 8 guys.  I wish I had another 50ish points to add the attack bike so I could combat squad but alas no.

Then I thought what about adding the scouts back in the list.  The provide that 6th troop and give me the ability to potentially deny getting screwed with my scout move (damn kroot have done it to me)!

After looking it over and thinking about it this is what I think I've got going now.

Khan on Moondrakkan
Chapter Master on Bike, Artificer Armor, PF, Shield Eternal
4 bikes w/ 1 Attack Bike w/ MM, 2 Gravguns, 1 Combi Grav
4 bikes w/ 1 Attack Bike w/ MM, 2 Gravguns, 1 Combi Grav
4 bikes w/ 1 Attack Bike w/ MM, 2 Gravguns, 1 Combi Grav
4 bikes w/ 1 Attack Bike w/ MM, 2 Gravguns, 1 Combi Grav
5 bikes w/ 2 Flamers, 1 Combi Flamer
5 Scouts, Snipers
Stormtalon w/ Skyhammer Missiles 
Stormtalon w/ Skyhammer Missiles
Thunderfire Cannon
Thunderfire Cannon

Essentially it is the Feast list minus the DA libby and the command squad.  I also had to ditch the camo cloaks and one missile launcher on the scouts.  The missile launcher did jack for me in all the games.  The BS3 for a 15 pt missile is just not a great sell compared to a 1 pt sniper rifle.  I would like the Camo cloaks but I think the 10pts for the Combi Flamer may be better.  After all if I can put the scouts in area terrain that I fortify with the Techmarine Gunner then they'll have a decent cover save if they go to ground, and a bonus if there are ruins also.

I had to do a quick bit of painting this weekend for a few bits.  First I never painted the 5th sniper top since I had been using the Missile Launcher top.  Thankfully I had the foresight to magnetize the guy.

So that was easy peasy.  The other two bits I needed to paint was a combi flamer.  Thanks to all the tactical squads I picked up for my Black Dragons I have the bits for the combis, just not enough of the bolt gun parts, but that was and easy trim and fit to a normal boltgun.

A little paint there, and the last bit was to make the SMS for the Riptide.  Anthony is taking my Tau and while I've been running the Riptide with the TL Fusion he thinks the TL SMS is where it is at for the list.  So it is an easy enough quickly that I just knocked it out as well.

The army is now ready to go, and pretty much I think I can pack it up now and make sure I have everything ready to go.

The army still isn't going to win any awards but it does look nice.  Anthony will have my Tau so it will be kinda neat to have two of my armies there.  Plus we are in the doubles assuming we don't make the finals which I don't really have any grand hopes of making.  So that should be a good time.

Hopefully we'll have lots of fun and the traveling with the wife will work out great.  I'm looking forward to the games and even if I do terribly I'm gonna make the most of the trip!