Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A few days until LVO!

It is just a few days until LVO and I'm really looking forward to it.  My wife decided just a week ago that she would indeed like to go so those arrangements have been made.  I'm mostly glad she is going as we'll get to hang out at night and certainly I think she'll have fun and be less angry at husband for traveling and leaving her with the kids!  The bummer is I wont get to hang out with the guys at night but that's just the way it is.

This weekend I figured I'd take a better look at my list.  Essentially I made up a list after Feast for 1750 and have just been playing it from memory.  This is what I was recalling from the changes from Feast:
Cut: DA Libby, DA Scouts, Command Squad
Add: +1 Bike to Flamer Squad

Basically the last few months that is what I was playing.  What I totally forgot was I had also added: Combi Flamer, Melta Bombs on All Sergeants, Auspex + Digital Weapons on Commander.

So essentially about 50 points short in all the games I played.  Nicely done!  Of course the bikes still did really well and that is encouraging.

My first thought was I have never used any of that gear so clearly it isn't being missed.  I like the idea of the combi flamer on the flamer squad sergeant.  The rest can go.

Next I thought well lets just add more bike bodies.  Essentially I could get that flamer squad up to 8 guys.  I wish I had another 50ish points to add the attack bike so I could combat squad but alas no.

Then I thought what about adding the scouts back in the list.  The provide that 6th troop and give me the ability to potentially deny getting screwed with my scout move (damn kroot have done it to me)!

After looking it over and thinking about it this is what I think I've got going now.

Khan on Moondrakkan
Chapter Master on Bike, Artificer Armor, PF, Shield Eternal
4 bikes w/ 1 Attack Bike w/ MM, 2 Gravguns, 1 Combi Grav
4 bikes w/ 1 Attack Bike w/ MM, 2 Gravguns, 1 Combi Grav
4 bikes w/ 1 Attack Bike w/ MM, 2 Gravguns, 1 Combi Grav
4 bikes w/ 1 Attack Bike w/ MM, 2 Gravguns, 1 Combi Grav
5 bikes w/ 2 Flamers, 1 Combi Flamer
5 Scouts, Snipers
Stormtalon w/ Skyhammer Missiles 
Stormtalon w/ Skyhammer Missiles
Thunderfire Cannon
Thunderfire Cannon

Essentially it is the Feast list minus the DA libby and the command squad.  I also had to ditch the camo cloaks and one missile launcher on the scouts.  The missile launcher did jack for me in all the games.  The BS3 for a 15 pt missile is just not a great sell compared to a 1 pt sniper rifle.  I would like the Camo cloaks but I think the 10pts for the Combi Flamer may be better.  After all if I can put the scouts in area terrain that I fortify with the Techmarine Gunner then they'll have a decent cover save if they go to ground, and a bonus if there are ruins also.

I had to do a quick bit of painting this weekend for a few bits.  First I never painted the 5th sniper top since I had been using the Missile Launcher top.  Thankfully I had the foresight to magnetize the guy.

So that was easy peasy.  The other two bits I needed to paint was a combi flamer.  Thanks to all the tactical squads I picked up for my Black Dragons I have the bits for the combis, just not enough of the bolt gun parts, but that was and easy trim and fit to a normal boltgun.

A little paint there, and the last bit was to make the SMS for the Riptide.  Anthony is taking my Tau and while I've been running the Riptide with the TL Fusion he thinks the TL SMS is where it is at for the list.  So it is an easy enough quickly that I just knocked it out as well.

The army is now ready to go, and pretty much I think I can pack it up now and make sure I have everything ready to go.

The army still isn't going to win any awards but it does look nice.  Anthony will have my Tau so it will be kinda neat to have two of my armies there.  Plus we are in the doubles assuming we don't make the finals which I don't really have any grand hopes of making.  So that should be a good time.

Hopefully we'll have lots of fun and the traveling with the wife will work out great.  I'm looking forward to the games and even if I do terribly I'm gonna make the most of the trip!

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