Monday, February 17, 2014

LVO Raffle Army Paint Match Trial

I think I've decided to hang on to the LVO Raffle army.  Anthony used my "Snow Tau" army at the LVO and will pick them up at the "super friend discount".  That's cool because he'll use it and I'll still get to enjoy it even if I'm always on the other side!  Plus I can do paint updates for new units in the future and that works out well for both of us.

That means making this army mine now, MINE I SAY, so time to put in a little wrench time.  First I wanted to do some paint matching tests to see if I can mimic this paint scheme a bit.   I went up to Frontline on Friday night and picked up the army and was able to get the two riptide sprues (still looking for the Broadside Sprues).

I clipped a couple of bits to try out matching paint and also just a spare base to try to get that going also.

On the left is one of the done pathfinder drones.  I clipped an antennae and two of the bits that go on the Riptide legs to try to match.  I think they came out really well!  The base I just drybrushed a few different color and freehanded the lines to see if I could get close.  I've since got the actual 'recipe' from the painter but it means getting a paint color I don't have. 

It is pretty close as is.  I think after this I did a lighter drybrush too and it is even closer.  Once I get that missing paint I'll give it another go and hopefully it will be spot on with the others.

The other bits match in really well I think.

 No bit on the leg and...

here is the bit on the leg!  Pretty good!

Missing Antennae bit...

Antennae bit added.  Close enough to not really notice the difference I'd say.

So feeling good about some not necessary bits I figured I'd move to the SMS for the riptides.

No SMS goes to...

Again feeling good about getting those right in with the original paint.

I've been going over other bits of the army too, trying to see what else I want to do.  In doing so I noticed the Ethereal was missing his finger, lol!  This was just a finecast bubble issue that didn't get fixed, so a little greenstuff and paint and that was a quick fix.

Of course I'm looking at that picture and realizing the base needs to be painted too.  There's lots of little things in this army like that that I need to get to 'finishing' to my liking.  I know the guys did a great job but had some limited time so there are a few things to wrap up.  Like the wall is mostly done, but the gun and 'middle' sections are just washed metal.  So I'll go back and get those painted fully.  A few other models just needs some touch ups.  None of this will take a lot of time but I'll work on that as time allows just so this army is ready to roll for the summer.  Given how well the matching of paint has gone I feel pretty good about getting models done myself also.  The only immediate thing I think I'll add is another jetbike squad, just to get some more troop mobility in there.  I might cut a few FW or pathfinders to squeeze that in at 1750.

The other bit that is a quick fix is getting the bases magnetized.

Yay for drilling into resin so it is a little time consuming which is I'm sure why they didn't get this wrapped up in time.  Again not really an issue and a nice project to work on after a long day because it doesn't require super attention like painting.  I'm numbering the guys and base too since it is awesome these guys made these display bases to fit right in there!

Super handy!

I also picked up my Mega Matt which is great.  I rolled it out on my office floor to take a look over it and the next thing I knew my boys were playing around on it.  So I told them to stop it!

They proceeded to then 'rest' on it.  Haha, at least they listen!

I've got a few things to work on but the next event is probably Kublacon in May assuming that is happening!

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