Wednesday, March 26, 2014

LVO Tau Additional Jetbikes

So I'm not planning on doing a lot of new work on the LVO TAU.  I did those SMS for the Riptides already, and I still have to do the SMS for the Broadsides.

The one unit I did want to add was a second Eldar Jetbike Squad.  So I picked that up and did my best to match the paint.

Can you tell which 3 I painted and which 3 FLG painted?  The eaiest tell is the free hand as I am just not as steady as they are for such detail work.

Still they look pretty darn close and on the table and mixed in like that nobody will really notice so that is good.

I even got a couple games with the Tau the other week.  There was even a battle report!

I'm thinking I'll be running these guys at Kublacon just so I can do a Tournament with them.  I'll probably want to do something else for Bay Area Open but I have not decided on what yet.

I'm working on lots of projects still: getting the Black Dragons finished modeling, little CSM bits, still last bits for the TAU.  Nothing is a huge priority but I'm chipping away at all of it still!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Lots-O-Hobby Update

So over the last few weeks I have been busy with lots of projects.  I don't really have any immediate events on the horizon, so that gives me time to just work on whatever I feel like for a change.  With the next likely event I attend being in May it isn't really a big reason to make too many plans now as the game can change quite a bit over the next 3 months.

I had started this second Helldrake the when I did the first and managed to get both the base coats done at the same time.  Then I decided to soldier through the first one and the second one has been waiting to get done.  Of course GW since changed paints so a few colors are just a tiny bit different but overall it still looks great.

I did another custom base using a few of the resin bases again from Iron Halo miniautres and it came out pretty well.  There are a few things I didn't like with my Green Stuff work as usual but it still is a pretty cool base.

And next to the first one, which came out a bit cleaner I suppose.

So now I have two hell turkeys to terrorize the sky and give my 1ksons a fighting chance!

For my 1ksons I also wanted to kit bash a Huron model together.  I think in low point levels like 1500 he's a decent HQ and I want to try out a few lists with him.  I picked up some 3rd party bits, a Huron, and used some other bits out of my box to mash this guy together.

I need to clean up more of the Greenstuff once it is all dried up but I think he looks pretty neat.  I look forward to painting him up and seeing how he looks done.  He looks junky right now with the various colored bits!

I continue to work on my Black Dragons project too.  At this point I've converted all the basic tactical marines (60) minus the MM guys.  I need to order some arms so I can pop off the left arms and do them over with the resin shoulders.  Then I can add the other bits.  Still that's a lot of marines!

I also moved on to the command squad.  I used some of those 3rd party bits, the command squad kit, and a sterngaurd kit to make these guys.

You can see the drake cloaks on the back.  They took a little work but I think they'll be a nice touch.  I am not sure how I'll paint them but I'm thinking basically black and then a gloss coat on them to make them look very reptilian.

The apothecary I magnetized the arms.   For events the Frontline guys run I can add another Grav gun to him per their Faq.  There are times I might want to use him as FW Shen Apoth too so that gives me options.

Then there is the man himself, Vulcan.  I really never like the way he held the spear so again I used a 3rd party bit.  I shaved off all the other Salamander icons and am going to try to use decal transfers for Black Dragon iconography.  I'm going to try to free paint the banner which is currently magnetized so we'll see if that turns out to be a disastor or what exactly!

So as far as modeling is concerned I am ready to move on to the assault squad.  I've decided to try my hand again at some green stuff for a chest piece.  It is still pretty disappointing but I guess I'm getting better.

I'll wait a day or two for this to dry and then make a mold and see how it comes out before I commit one way or another.

Either way I figure I'll be wrapping these guys up in the next few weeks, and I do look forward to getting some painting going on them as well!  I imagine this army is still going to take months to do, but I'd like to get them done for an event later in the year if possible!

I've also got my bases for the LVO Tau so I can finish converting those over and getting them all uniform.  I also picked up another set of windrunner jetbikes so I'd like to get those built and knocked out just so that army is DONE and can be used for any events if I so choose to do so.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Snow Tau Showcase

So after winning the LVO Raffle Army I had been contemplating what to do about it and my exisiting snow Tau army.  It is a pretty sizable collection and painted to a pretty nice standard.  I bought a good clip of this army years ago on ebay so I never picked the scheme and some of the tanks are really assembled not so well.  Still the overall army does look pretty darn nice.

I decided in the end to sell them to Anthony since he used them at LVO and liked them, plus it gives him another useable fully painted army.  I gave him a super deal on it and can help with painting updates as needed, so at least I can enjoy the army still even if I'm staring across the table at it.

So before I send it off I thought I'd get some pictures of it for posterity's sake.

Ethereal, one of the models I painted last year with the new book and I really like this sculpt and the way it came out painted too!

The "Buffbot" Commander.  This was painted years ago but I gave him some touch ups last year.  We had been using him with a squad of Marker Drones which I just converted out of old gun drones.


The Riptide was a pretty fun model to paint last year too.  On these larger models I don't really like the white because it just is way too much space for no gradient but there is no way I'm trying my hand at smooth gradient white!

Crisis suits, also got a quick paint update last year with the new book.  I've got them heavily magnetized so this is just how we've been running them lately.

Stealth suits, which you can see that I have not updated the bases on these guys.  They were always a fun unit though not the best competitively.  The paint scheme isn't executed as well as I'd like but I do like the 'theoretical' I suppose you could say.  Plus it is a nice change up from the rest of the army while still fitting in nicely.

You can see how the bases look terrible with age because I didn't mix enough white into the mix.  Hopefully the new bases will not yellow like this.

Firewarriors, lots of them!  They were once a gun line, then fish of fury, now back to a gunline.  More Firewarriors than you should probably field today.

One of the Devilfish, this one can't be converted and is one of the ebay models I received.  You can see the chasis isn't exactly seemless.  I gave it a bit of paint when I got it to make it a little better and added the decals but it isn't exactly awe inspiring.

Kroot, the first 10 came painted from ebay.  I had to match the other 10 and think I did a pretty good job.  Still I've always not liked that the color was so dramatically different from the army.  It does give some nice contrast but if I did them over now with this snow theme I'd go for and 'icy blue' color I think.

Pathfinders, which are actually just converted Firewarriors!  Yes I had so many I could cut 10 down and repaint them and they look just as good as the over priced GW ones.

Pirahna, which I painted new out of the box a few years ago but I haven't updated them for the new book.  If they ever come back in style I think the bases need updating and a little more highlighting and they will be good to go.

The new Broadsides from last years release.  The models are a nice upgrade over the old models (which I've added below too).  The old ones were a little boring and blah metal.  You can see the old ones are quite chipped up from years of use and I don't think I ever hit these old guys with any protective coating.  Certainly they could be updated with paint but honestly if Anthony really wanted to use Railguns I'd advise getting a new set.  Of course the new models are magnetized too so these guys could be altered too!

The old Broadside beat up and gargh those old bases! 


This is one of my tanks that can be changed up a bit.  I used to run it as a second Devilfish but last used it as another Hammerhead.  The bits are all magneted so it can be changed easily.  It could use some paint help (highlights and the base) if it ever sees use again.

Here is the updated Hammerhead.  I added Longstike last year and he is removable, and I think the chasis can be turned into a 3rd Devilfish as well.

I decided I would try my had and some gradient white work on Farside.  It came out 'ok' but I would never want to do this on a larger scale model!

The Skyray which is still a great tank to use.  The top is magneted so it could also change over to a hammerhead if desired.

I figured to give away the Eldar I have too.  I've used them with this army and my bikes but there really isn't a need to have two sets so off they go.  I was also experimenting a bit to try to do black differently than the extreme highlighting like my Templar.  The effect is not so impressive.

Still the paint is not BAD by any means, it just ends up looking like it is basically black at a quick first glance.  

So there you go, a pretty large army and it looks pretty good.  Off it goes to EXILE but I look forward to playing against it!