Wednesday, March 26, 2014

LVO Tau Additional Jetbikes

So I'm not planning on doing a lot of new work on the LVO TAU.  I did those SMS for the Riptides already, and I still have to do the SMS for the Broadsides.

The one unit I did want to add was a second Eldar Jetbike Squad.  So I picked that up and did my best to match the paint.

Can you tell which 3 I painted and which 3 FLG painted?  The eaiest tell is the free hand as I am just not as steady as they are for such detail work.

Still they look pretty darn close and on the table and mixed in like that nobody will really notice so that is good.

I even got a couple games with the Tau the other week.  There was even a battle report!

I'm thinking I'll be running these guys at Kublacon just so I can do a Tournament with them.  I'll probably want to do something else for Bay Area Open but I have not decided on what yet.

I'm working on lots of projects still: getting the Black Dragons finished modeling, little CSM bits, still last bits for the TAU.  Nothing is a huge priority but I'm chipping away at all of it still!

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